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Case #7: Reverend Michael J. Carter Reports that a Nordic-type being cured a blood clot in his leg

With the permission of our editor, Reinerio Hernandez and my co-author Preston Dennett, I am posting case histories drawn from Chapter 6 of “Beyond UFOs.” The chapter is titled “Medical Healings Reported by UAP Contact Experiencers: An Analysis of the FREE Data.” The Free Experiencer Survey was a large multinational study of over 4000 self-described UAP…

Rey Hernando Interviews Dr. Michael Grosso on the nature of Consciousness

My friend Rey Hernandez has produce an internet radio show on the role of consciousness in the Contact Modalities. His first guest was Dr. Michael Grosso. He is a professor of philosophy who provides the best straight forward and down to earth discussion of consciousness that I have ever heard. I recommend that all UFO…

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