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Telepathy, “Random Sightings” and “The God Hypothesis”

MECHANISMS OF CONTACT, Joseph Burkes MD 2022 On my social media and my Contact Underground” WordPress web pages I have promoted the idea that there is no such thing as a “random sighting.”  Dr. Jacques Vallee and others have asserted that sightings are “staged events.” If this is true then such a mechanism has profound implications.Continue reading “Telepathy, “Random Sightings” and “The God Hypothesis””

I Was Allowed to See Just One “Flashbulb” on Request

Contact Network History Project: Support for the Virtual Experience Model, J. Burkes MD 2020 Within the CE-5 network during the mid 2000s, multiple observers during field investigations started reported the appearance of a particular type of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. These were small circular strobe like flashes of very bright light that were labelled “flashbulbs.” TheyContinue reading “I Was Allowed to See Just One “Flashbulb” on Request”

Why Do UFO Intelligences Deny Experiencers Quality Videos of Close Encounters?

Joseph Burkes MD 2019, edited 2021 UFO sighting reports number in the thousands every year. Many of these “objects” appear suddenly without warning and the sightings often last only a few seconds. Such conditions make obtaining photographic documentation challenging. But what about contact experiencers that have frequent sightings? This group reportedly can actually request sightings,Continue reading “Why Do UFO Intelligences Deny Experiencers Quality Videos of Close Encounters?”

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