Science, Counterintelligence and UFOs

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– Science, Counterintelligence and UFOs

               Science, Counterintelligence And UFOs

                          Val Germann

                       Columbia, Missouri

                           (C) 1997


The “UFO” and the issues surrounding it have become extremely

important today, for at least four reasons:

1) The “UFO” is now a mass phenomenon, known to hundreds of

millions of people around the world and the subject of

significant business activity in the form of motion pictures,

television and books;

2) Many people, some with excellent credentials, some quite

wealthy, have gone beyond simple “interest” and have joined

with others in “UFO organizations” or have begun their own


3) The “UFO” has generated a great deal of government interest,

most of it negative in nature, that is, opposing the

“extra-terrestrial” hypothesis and downgrading the importance of

UFO sightings;

4)There is, however, significant evidence to suggest that the “UFO”

is the product of another, non-human, intelligence operating on

Earth with humanity.

After a discussion of the first three items above the fourth one

will be selected for particular attention.  If UFOs are assumed

to be the products of another intelligence then the “scientific

model,” held up as the ideal by many involved in the study of the

“UFO,” is not sufficient for that study and “counterintelligence”

should be added to the model we use.

The paper will conclude with a counterintelligence analysis of

much extant UFO evidence and then go on to generate possible

scenarios from that analysis.  The scenarios are then rated as to

their plausibility, using the rules of counterintelligence.

Reference numbers in the text, example, “[1]”, refer to notes

that will appear at the end of the paper.  These notes will

contain both references and a discussion of those references.


If there is any one constant in UFO research, it is the

never-ending call for ufology to become more scientific.  Over

and over again those of us investigating the phenomenon are urged

to seek the hard, scientific proof that will once and for all

establish UFOs in the world of mainstream science.  The

assumption behind all of this is that the best way to study UFOs

is through science and the scientific method.  But is this

assumption correct?

I maintain that it is not always correct, and I state this even

though I am involved in the sciences myself and have a great love

for science and great respect for many scientists.  But the truth

is that science and the scientific method are dependent on

certain assumptions that may not apply to the study of UFOs,

especially if they are in fact the products of another


The scientific method demands repeatability of either observation

or experiment.  Science assumes the universe is objective, in

effect a gigantic mechanism operating with total consistency over

vast stretches of time and space.  Science also assumes that the

only active intelligences operating in the universe are

scientists themselves and so scientific experiments and

observations can, if rigorous enough, be termed proof. [1]

All of the above implies control (of observation or experiment)

on the part of the observer or experimenter, and blind obedience

to totally consistent laws on the part of the phenomena observed

or experimented upon.  These are the bedrock assumptions upon

which all physical science is based.  However, the plain fact is

that if UFOs are under the control of another intelligence, then

these assumptions can very often be null and void.

This does not mean that science and technology are of little or

no use in investigating UFOs, not at all.  But it does mean that

the assumptions of science are not always relevant where UFOs are

concerned.  And it also means that efforts to make the

assumptions of science the sole rubric for UFO research could

doom all of that research to eventual failure.  Finally, it means

that there may never be available any so-called “proof” in the

UFO arena.  All we may ever have is “evidence.”

Thus it is my position that since we may be dealing with another

intelligence in studying the UFO, we should consider adding the

counterintelligence model to our intellectual arsenals.  It costs

nothing to do this and the benefits might include the

clarification of many issues that have been quite baffling in the


                    The Importance Of UFOs Today

The constellation of phenomena revolving around the UFO have

become quite important today.  Millions of people are interested

in the subject and over the last half-century mass entertainment

has gone to the well of the “UFO” or “aliens” over and over

again.  In the mid-1990s this has reached what might be an

all-time high as ultra-expensive Hollywood movies have depicted

invasions by alien beings who wreaked havoc on our planet before

being defeated.  At the same time, both television and film have

featured the “UFO abduction” and this element of the phenomenon

is now to be seen in comic strips and even in political


This is important because one effect of consideration of the UFO

is collateral consideration of the human condition, particularly

the situation of the one performing the consideration.  That is,

the study of the UFO can change a person, especially one who is

serious about the study and also serious-minded.  The advent of

“aliens” from off-planet, another “dimension” or wherever would

be a huge watershed in human history, huge in ways that we have

no way to truly anticipate.  It is this aspect that gives some of

those who investigate UFOs serious pause about the future, so

great do the uncertainties seem.  Others, viewing the evidence

differently, see only benefits accruing from the arrival of

“others” from beyond.

Involved with the UFO today are thousands of people, most of whom

are not “serious-minded” but are nonetheless interested in the

phenomenon.  This is true of many “hot subjects” in our world

today and is to be expected.  What is interesting about the 1990s

is that the UFO has appeared to rapidly move up the social ladder

and now very wealthy people are spending their money, and large

amounts of it, in public, in the UFO arena.

Why should this be?  Well, one particular twist to the UFO

situation is that the subject is entangled with other very

important human considerations.  That is, the UFO is associated

with “space” and its technology as well as the possible human

future there; it is associated with the possible arrival on Earth

of another “civilization” and what that might mean to us all; it

is associated with “the future” in general, which is of obvious

importance and, finally, because of the magnitude of some

elements of the UFO and our government’s involvement with same,

the UFO is associated with a growing mistrust of all of our

institutions, including the government.

As you can see, this is no trivial list, all the items of some

importance and all of them tending to make one THINK about the

future — and one’s position in that future.  One possible result

of the above could be a change in the way a person thinks and

feels about his own HUMAN condition and how that condition came

to be.  Such considerations, potentially affecting millions of

people as the “UFO” becomes more and more of a mainstream

phenomenon, cannot go unnoticed by those at the top our human

power structure.

Finally, as mentioned before, there is the strong possibility,

supported by very significant evidence, that the UFO and the

phenomena around it are the products of another intelligence, one

operating on Earth with us today.  It is this aspect of the UFO,

and the study of that aspect, that is the primary subject of this

paper, though the other elements are important and will not be

ignored as we move through our discussion.

                  The Case For Another Intelligence

I maintain that any respectable study of the available evidence

will show that there is ample reason to consider that another

intelligence is operating on the Earth today.  The literature is

replete with examples and I will be citing some soon.  Because I

am a witness to a UFO (40+ years ago) I will be selecting

incidents that are important to me, either because they resemble

what I saw as a child or because I have received, firsthand, a

similar account.

As a researcher I have an affinity for accounts that have been

taken from a reputable journal and are so strange that “ordinary”

objects or processes are simply ruled out from the start.  Two

such are discussed in one of my favorite books, Aime Michel’s THE

TRUTH ABOUT FLYING SAUCERS, (1956). [2] On page 26 begins an

account of an enormous shadow that appeared in a thin overcast at

Fort Worth, Texas, in 1913, reported in the MONTHLY WEATHER

REVIEW.  The shadow began as a small dark circle but then quickly

expanded to considerable size, holding its position as the clouds

moved with the wind.  After a time, the shadow began to shrink in

size and in a few moments it was gone the same way it had come.

As Michel says, what else can it have been but a “vehicle” of

some sort, descending from a great height to just above the

clouds, stopping for some time at a fixed altitude, and then

ascending back to the great height from which it had come?  The

year, 1913, rules out a whole group of explanations and the fact

that it was able to hold its position against the wind rules out

a few more.  The conclusion is all but forced.

This is important to me because a similar thing was reported by

a friend of mine, except what he saw was a huge, bright, lighted

area moving swiftly in a thick overcast.  There was no sound, no

meteor reported, and the light was very, very bright.

Another account from Michel concerns a French meteorologist who

was part of a garrison at Adar-En-Abnet, in the heart of the

Sahara.  It was early April, 1942, when one morning someone

pointed out what looked like a small aluminum speck in the sky.

Very soon a small telescope was put into play and forty men

observed something that looked like “a small moon” with “a pale

metallic glint.”  It appeared to be rotating slowly, once in

every two-and-a-half hours.  They watched it off and on all day.

The next morning, it was still there, “immediately overhead,” and

it stayed all of that day!  On the morning of the third day it

was gone.  My readers are invited to speculate on what this might

have been, in the middle of a remote desert during World War II.

Long ago, when I was in junior high school and on the football

team, at practice, I watched several “aluminum specks” hold their

position in the sky to the east of my hometown of Carrollton,

Missouri.  The year was 1962 and I, and others, watched them for

at least half an hour as they just sat, still, seemingly at a

terrific altitude.  Then one moment we looked and they were gone,

nowhere to be seen.

Moving back, to 1951, let’s examine a series of incidents from


report from Kirtland Air Force Base Ruppelt learned that on

August 25, 1951, an employee of Sandia Corporation had seen a

gigantic “flying wing” from his home.  The employee was sitting

in his back yard, near Albuquerque, New Mexico, when both he and

his wife saw a “gigantic airplane” fly swiftly and silently over

their home.  The “airplane” was low, about 1,000 feet, and was

huge, as large as a B-36, and it was delta-shaped, actually more

like a “V”, flying point-first.  The bottom of the craft seemed

to have longitudinal lines on it and the trailing edge had six

blue lights attached.  The Sandia employee included a sketch of

the object and Ruppelt found that he had a high security

clearance.  This report was confidential and was not made public

until Ruppelt’s book appeared.  Even inside the Air Force only a

few people knew about it.

This was important because on that same night, and twenty minutes

later, began the famous “Lubbock Light” series of episodes, in

which several college professors (including one whose last name

was Oberg!) saw a formation of lights move silently overhead on

more than one occasion.  In early September Ruppelt himself went

to Lubbock and interviewed many people who had seen the lights,

some of which were similar to those seen on the back of the

“flying wing” by the Sandia employee.  Then Ruppelt got a real


On his way back to Dayton, on a commercial flight, he happened to

wind up seated next to a retired rancher from the Lubbock area,

who, after talking to Ruppelt for a bit, told the Air Force

officer his story.  It seems that about ten minutes before the

Lubbock professors saw their lights, this gentleman’s wife had

seen, from their backyard, a huge airplane without a body and

with soft blue lights on the trailing edge.  His wife was, the

rancher said, “as white as a sheet” just after she saw this

object, it was so large and strange.

This group of sightings has great import for me because as a

child I saw a large, dark, “V-shaped” object fly over my head

while I was riding a tricycle on our front sidewalk.  I did not

see or hear this object coming, rather I suddenly had the urge to

look straight up, to the zenith, and there the object was.  And

it frightened the daylights out of me.  I remember looking around

for places to hide from this thing and, finding none, I ran into

the house and hid.  So I understand how the rancher’s wife felt!

Our next incident is from the much-maligned Condon Report [4] and

is a perfect example of how that “investigation” was mismanaged.

On page 277 of the Bantam paperback edition is “Case 10” of

Section IV, in which the principal witness, a NUCLEAR PHYSICIST,

and his family had a very frightening experience while driving in

their car on vacation in 1966.  On a dark, rainy and drizzly

night, under a low overcast, they saw a red, pulsating

hemisphere, at treetop height, suddenly turn into a brilliant

white object that lit up the surrounding terrain like daylight

and forced the witnesses to shield their eyes.  The physicist

immediately stopped his car and made measurements from estimated

bearings and distances.

Later, after further study, he concluded that the white object

was the equivalent of a 500-megawatt source.  The Condon “team”

(Saunders and Wadsworth) went to the site with the principal

witness “and an astronomer friend.”  A helicopter and a transit

were employed, to what effect not specified.  Later, the

principal witness spent a considerable amount of time and money

on his own investigation (obviously NOT impressed with what the

Condon team was doing), and ruled out all conventional

explanations, at least in his own mind.  The Condon Report does

not even try to “explain” this case and in the “comment” section

lamely states that the witness’ estimate of the object’s

brightness was probably in error.

Once again, this incident is of great interest to me because over

the last 20 years I have been told of two events of a very

similar nature.  In 1973, a General Telephone employee was

driving, late at night, about fifteen miles northwest of

Columbia, Missouri, when she saw a brilliant orange object lift

out of a soybean field near the Missouri River and head upwards

and out of sight at great speed.  This object lit up the entire

river valley as far as the witness could see — about six miles!

Another such incident was told to me in 1989 and only month after

it happened.  A woman living about twenty miles due west of

Columbia observed, at close range (about 50 feet), a brilliant

white object which lit up the entire valley in which she lived.

Terrified (she had her small son in her vehicle) she drove at

high speed out of the valley and, turning around, saw the object

change to a large orange disk just before she lost sight of it

over a hill.  This lady did not return home that night and stayed

with relatives until her fear abated.

I find these accounts quite persuasive and for my purposes could

stop with them.  But I must include a report from one of my

heroes where UFOs are concerned, Dr. James E. McDonald.  In the

text he filed with the American Association for the Advancement

of Science, in 1969, in conjunction with a speech he gave that

year, he includes a powerful investigation of four very

interesting Condon cases.  We will be concerned with one of them,

from Kirtland Air Force Base, in the year 1957.  It is truly

spectacular.  [5]

On an overcast and drizzly night in November, two air traffic

controllers at Kirtland saw, from the tower, a small, bizarre

object come down out of the overcast and “fly” down the main

runway.  The object slowed quickly and then moved diagonally

across the field, at less than 50 feet altitude, before stopping

over a restricted B-58 Hustler refueling area.  The two

controllers got a very good look at this object, through

binoculars, and found that it was about the size of an

automobile, roughly egg-shaped, and “flying” with its long axis

in the vertical position.  It made no sound.

The object then began moving again, as if its operators were

looking for something, before shooting back up into the overcast

at amazing speed, faster than any conventional aircraft could

have done, according to these two experienced witnesses.  This

object was tracked on radar for some minutes following this

overflight and turned around and came back over Kirtland some

minutes later.

McDonald found that the “Condon Team,” which had included this

incident in an incomplete and garbled form, had never located or

questioned these two men and had “explained” their sighting as a

private plane getting lost on an evening of low visibility, about

as laughable an “explanation” one is ever likely to see.

I think these incidents will suffice to give the flavor of many,

many other similiar ones.  If one will go to the trouble to

examine this evidence, with an open mind, one not influenced by

what others have said about the authors or their works, one

cannot help but be impressed.  This is what happened to me.

Finally, after much consideration, I made the decision that the

evidence for another intelligence operating on the Earth was so

impressive that not to accept it was tantamount to intellectual


That is, I realized that, objectively speaking, there almost had

to be another intelligence operating here on Earth.  And once

this momentous decision was taken, it became paramount to study

this intelligence and what it was doing on Earth, if such a thing

was possible.  It was then that I realized that science was a

useful but insufficent tool for this task and that I needed (and

it was obvious once it came to me) “counter-intelligence,” a

“counter” to this other, unknown, intelligence.

                     Notes To Section One

[1]  For a wonderful exposition on science and how it works see

OVERSKILL, Eugene S. Schwartz, Quadrangle Books, 1971, pp. 12-37.

The author was a biologist and environmental activist.

[2]  Aime Michel’s THE TRUTH ABOUT FLYING SAUCERS, Criterion

Books, 1956, is a favorite of mine.  Many intereting European

sightings are discussed and Michel publishes a terrific critique

of Menzel’s first debunking book.  The Sahara desert series of

sightings begins on page 100.


OBJECTS, 1956, Doubleday.  The events surrounding the Lubbock

Lights are described beginning on page 96.  This book is a

classic and buried within it are many, many fascinating accounts

which could have led to yet another book.  It is too bad that

Ruppelt died so young.


U. Condon, project director, Bantam Books, 1969.  Close reading

of this work reveals that the “conclusions” section has very

little to do with the “case study” section.

[5]  Speech by Dr. James E. McDonald before the American Associ-

ation For the Advancement Of Science in Boston, December, 1969,

available from The Fund For UFO Research.  See also McDonald’s

testimony before Congress in July, 1968, as reported in John G.

Fuller’s ALIENS IN THE SKIES, Putnam, 1969, pp. 64-96.  What is

striking about McDonald’s AAAS speech is his professional

skewering of both Hynek and Menzel, as well as the Air Force and

Edward Condon.  And McDonald, as a world-renowned atmospheric

scientist, had the expertise to make his criticisms truly sting.

It is unfortunate that he killed himself before his first book

could be put into print.

                    [End — Part One of Four]

               Science, Counterintelligence And UFOs

                          Val Germann

                       Columbia, Missouri

                          (C) 1997

                        Part Two of Four

Counterintelligence And UFO Analysis

The assumptions of science, as discussed in Part One, mean that the

great power of science is most properly used in the study of the natural

world, a world considered to be “objective” and subject to totally

consistent laws.  Science and the resulting technology have given us

enormous benefits and powers, most of them involving the exploitation of

this same natural world.  It should be obvious that if another

intelligence moves into that natural world with us then it is no longer

“objective” and that the scientific method is going run into


This is because the activities of this hypothetical other intelligence

almost certainly WILL NOT be what we would call understandable and

consistent, especially in the beginning.  Therefore, when such evidence

as might be created by this other intelligence is presented to science,

to any scientific study, it will most likely be rejected, due to the

inconsistencies and lack of understanding that would probably be

involved.  And this assumes that the other intelligence is NOT

interested in making itself less than understandable, that is, it is not

interested in “fooling” us or distracting us for its own purposes,

purposes which may be, no, almost certainly WILL be, very difficult to

understand under any circumstances.

It is for these reasons that any investigation of the UFO should use

science and technology in a manner quite different from how they are

used by science itself.  It seems obvious to this writer that the

counterintelligence paradigm or model is what we should be using most of

the time with UFOs.  Let us proceed on this assumption and look at

counterintelligence and how it might be used in the investigation of the


A Counterintelligence Method

For the UFO investigator counterintelligence begins with a cold hard

look at his limitations:

1) The investigator is a human being attempting to make sense of actions

that might be due to an equal or superior intelligence, an intelligence

with large resources at its disposal.

2) Because of 1) above, absolute certainty is probably not going to ever

be obtained vis-a-vis the UFO.  That is, the investigator is probably

never going to KNOW what the UFO is and/or is doing.

3) What the investigator is going to have is evidence, evidence from

which possibilities will have to be deduced and studied.

4) From these possibilities one or two will eventually have to be

selected.  That is, a tentative conclusion is going to be created and

accepted, if only as a step toward focusing future research.

5) Finally, action is going to have be recommended or taken based on

that conclusion, to be reached at some future time.

6) Because the investigator is not connected to the government or other

large-scale resource, and he is not a full-time UFO researcher, he has

severe time and money limitations.  Therefore, the research is going to

take some time, probably many years.

7) Because the subject of the UFO is on the cultural fringe in the

United States today, there will be certain risks for the investigator.

His family may not approve, nor may some of his co-workers and or

superiors.  These factors also tend to slow things down and limit the

personal resources available.

8) In view of items 1) through 7) above the investigator has to be very

judicious in the use of his time and money.  He really cannot afford to

“waste” too much of either.  Therefore, anyone who deliberately attempts

to waste his time in the UFO arena is doing some real damage since there

is little surplus available.

9) Through all of the above the investigator is going to have to

maintain his emotional commitment and stability.  This is sometimes very

difficult when the investigator is working alone.  Yet things get little

better if the investigator bands together with others in the field.  UFO

investigators tend to be, due to the nature of the subject, an

independent and sometimes difficult lot.  It is quite easy to become


10) Thus, in the end, the investigator will become an autodidact of a

sort, almost totally self-taught and self-referential.  This creates

more problems, especially in the hoped-for event that the investigator

discovers something of real value.  How would such a discovery be

communicated, and to whom?  That is, who can truly be trusted?  This is

a consideration of consequence if you bother to look at the bizarre

careers of purported UFO “evidence” in the past.  Such evidence is

always attacked, quickly, and by people with standing and money.  This

is always very difficult to take.

11) Then, unfortunately, there are other considerations, ones of an even

more unpleasant nature.  UFO investigators have in the past gotten

themselves into trouble with several of our human “authorities,” either

because the investigator caused them a problem or was indiscreet

vis-a-vis protected information and/or facilities.  And then there are

the “others,” whomever “they” are, IF they are.  It sometimes appears

that “they” take a hand as well, and that can be a BIG problem for the


So, in consideration of the items above, how can counterintelligence

help us?  Well, I believe it can help us in three ways:

1) Counterintelligence is quite comfortable with that bugaboo of

conventional science, uncertainty.  Physics demands that gravity “work”

all the time while counterintelligence can live quite well with

phenomena that “work” only part of the time.

2) Counterintelligence can deal with opposition, with an opponent,

and with the fact that this “other intelligence” is truly unknown,

as are its motives.

3) Counterintelligence is at its heart a defensive methodology,

concerned with security and taking very little at face value.  What

could be more useful if the UFO truly does represent the actions of an

unknown intelligence on Earth?

Upon reflections it seems obvious, the UFO investigator should acquire a

counterintelligence frame of mind, a set of attitudes following from the

weaknesses and uncertainties outlined above:

1) The UFO, if it represents another intelligence, will be very

difficult to understand.  There will be no certainty.

2) This other intelligence, if it exists, is here for a serious purpose,

not to provide nighttime entertainment for human beings or to admire

Niagara Falls.  This must be true no matter “who” is involved or “where”

they are from.  Resources are being expended and this must entail a

cost, in energy if nothing else.

3) While it certainly is possible that this other intelligence is here

for our benefit, it is not likely that this is the principal reason

“they” are here.  That is, the chance that this “other intelligence” has

crossed time and space, and incurred significant costs, simply to help

us out, is surely vanishingly small.  And a little reflection will

reveal that whatever these others might call “help” might mean something

entirely different to us.

4) Therefore, this other intelligence could well be “hostile,” in some

way or other, on some time scale or other, and in ways that might not be

immediately obvious to human beings.

5) Thus, extreme caution must be used, both in evaluation of UFO

evidence and the scenarios and conclusions derived from that evidence.

We human beings truly do not KNOW what is happening.

6) If the UFO is “real” and a product of another intelligence then the

“human/UFO” axis is very important.  The UFO is now known to hundreds of

millions of human beings, and may have been seen (or worse) by millions

of others.  Without a doubt, the UFO is interacting with humans in some

way or other, perhaps in hopes of influencing the actions of those

humans within human society.

7) Item 6) above opens up a counterintelligence Pandora’s box, one that

requires close study of HUMAN culture and society, in particular the

investigator’s own, in search of UFO effects.

8) Thus a possible first step for the UFO investigator would be the

study of HUMAN counterintelligence, in order to learn its methods and

perhaps adopt some of them.  One of the original Office of Strategic

Services (OSS) sections was called “R&A” for “Research And Analysis,”

something any UFO investigator can do, time and money notwithstanding.


Counterintelligence In The Human World

In U.S. corporate and military circles, that is, from the economic,

political and military heights of our society, it is obvious that there

are enemies or opponents at large in the world who are active against

their interests.  For this reason, the elites of our economy and military

use counterintelligence (CI) and spend tens of millions of dollars per

year doing it.  The goals of these programs are several and include

determining who is in opposition to U.S. corporate and military

interests and what those in opposition (both individuals and

organizations) are doing in the way of anti-U.S. activity.

The targeted individuals and organizations include both foreign AND

domestic entities, the domestic targets including, at times, American

citizens going about business lawful under the U.S.  Constitution.  That

is, as has been shown over and over again in our history, the

“interests” of those at the top of our society do not always coincide

with the “interests” of those of us at other levels.  All too often

secrecy and compartmentalization of information have been used to cover

what would later be found to be simple malfeasance or actual crimes,

some of them harmful to thousands of U.S. citizens over many years.  We

live in a complicated world, one in which “white” is sometimes “black”

and vice-versa.  We ignore this fact at our peril, as we all should know

by now.  [8], [9]

In addition, it is unfortunate but true that when “ordinary citizens”

organize to effect changes in national policy the agents of our elites

become very interested in that organization and sometimes use CI

techniques against it.  If the Watergate revelations revealed anything

they revealed this.  During the Cold War years, the FBI, CIA or military

intelligence (MI) had infiltrated nearly every “civilian” organization

of importance in the United States, all a part of their “internal

security” functions, though the CIA supposedly had none. [10]

The post-Watergate era saw revelations of infiltration even of UFO

organizations, the charges made by many in the field, including Raymond

Fowler and Todd Zechel.  [11], [12]

So, how does U.S. counterintelligence go about its business?  Well, the

first step is information collection, both overt and covert,

(“research”).  Then, once this information has suggested a plan

(“analysis”), investigators, infiltrators and even “agents provocateurs”

are placed so as to gather truly important information (“operations”).

All of this requires a large staff, and as was stated above, costs a

great deal of money, especially when powerful opponents are involved.

And that money is spent in some very interesting places, to say the

least. [13]

In the world of counterintelligence, the tools of science and technology

are very important but the scientific method is not the ideal analytical

tool.  This is so even though those involved in counterintelligence know

and understand that top-flight science and high technology have a great

deal to do with who wins and who loses and are absolutely necessary.

But human counterintelligence operatives do not use the strict

scientific method and the strict scientific definitions of evidence and

proof.  If they did, they would never “prove” anything, and their

organizations would be vulnerable to their enemies and opponents and

soon be overrun by them.

Human counterintelligence operatives know that objectivity is never

going to truly exist for them and that they are going to have to act on

incomplete and even conflicting information.  This is true because no

matter how much money and effort is expended the human world is

sufficiently complicated that certainty is rarely even approximated.

Counterintelligence And Its Problems

In any human counterintelligence operation, the keys are in people, the

people in your operation and the people in your opponent’s

organization.  In the final analysis you have to know whose side

everyone is on and if you don’t know that then you are in very serious

trouble.  Thus, in counterintelligence programs everyone is vetted,

checked out, tested, and more than once.  No one can be truly trusted

until nearly everything is known about them, at least everything

considered of importance.  In spite of today’s high-tech toys, those who

“know” understand that it is only through thorough knowledge of people

that true security is obtained.  We will be coming back to this very

important point later in this paper.

Because of this “oppositional” element in counterintelligence things are

done that would be anathema to science.  For instance, if a serious

threat is seen, even from American citizens going about their lawful

business, U.S. counterintelligence has in the past infiltrated agents

into suspect groups, and, believe it or not, even into U.S.

counterintelligence itself!  This is so because the counterintelligence

agency must determine the ultimate loyalty of all the people involved,

or at least as many of them as possible.

And it is true in spite of the fact that the use of counterintelligence

(CI) in this way can lead to problems, some of them revolving around

morale in your own organization (as it becomes suspected that agents

exist within it) and other problems having to do with the reliability of

information returned by your own agents in other organizations.  The

world of CI can become a hall of mirrors where solid information can

become very scarce indeed, in part due to the presence of the many

agents planted up and down the organizations of all the players, by all

the other players, including, of course, yourself!  [14]

Now, what does all of this have to do with the UFO?  Well, it has a lot

to do with it, once you accept that there is another intelligence here

on Earth with us.  At the moment you accept this you should become,

whether you like it or not, a counter-intelligence agent attempting to

discover what the UFO is and what it is doing on Earth.  And you have to

consider that this “UFO agency” is very powerful in a mysterious way,

and here for an important purpose, a purpose that more than likely will

have an impact on human beings!

Now perhaps my readers are starting to see why the UFO is such a problem

for “the authorities” and their counterintelligence apparatus.  They are

used to knowing what is going on in the world, used to doing what they

like much of the time.  And they are used to knowing that they are, in

many ways, the ultimate source of authority and power on Earth.  It

should be obvious that they are not going to be eager to reveal a

different situation to the public at large, especially should that

situation include a mysterious “UFO.”

Yes, indeed, the UFO presents huge problems for the security apparatus

of any nation or national-level institution.  These exist in the main to

protect the economic, political and social status quo, and the UFO could

be a serious threat to social, economic and military stability of both

U.S. and world society.

Put yourself in the position of a human CI officer.  How much truly

solid, reliable information can be gotten on this other intelligence and

what it is doing?  Maybe NONE if this other intelligence is superior to

you and to humans in general, which it could likely be!  What if IT is

in charge of “knowing,” not you?  These are not possibilities that make

for sound sleep among security personnel like yourself.

And, of course, you are NOT going to be able to infiltrate agents into

the UFO organization so as to get better information, are you?  No, even

with all the money and staff you have available this is impossible!  On

the other hand, this other intelligence MAY, under certain

circumstances, be able to place its agents into YOUR organization, might

it not, especially if it had initiated “contact” with human beings,

particular human beings, human beings who might have dealings with

counterintelligence?  Here, if you dared to think about it, were

security problems of awesome difficulty.  That is, what if the UFO

agency was using the same techniques that YOU have always used!  How

could such a program be detected and defeated?  [15]

Thus, we see that our human limitations mean that we in

counterintelligence must deal primarily with other human beings, not

directly with the “others,” should they exist.  That is, we must deal in

the main with the people involved: the people experiencing UFOs, the

people investigating UFOs and the people who oppose and support the

various aspects of the UFO.  Until we understand who a significant

number of these people are, what their backgrounds are and something

about they are doing, we actually know very little about what is going

on, either at the human or UFO end of things.

It is a fact that for human beings in 1997 the UFO comes to us with a

human face, nearly all the time, usually in the form of reports.

Physical science, mechanistic and “objective” as it is, can be of little

real help, conceptually speaking, in this arena.

Thus, a primary part of my research, as it must be for the institutional

counterintelligence officer, is the human side of the UFO equation.  And

right away the world divides into camps, several of them, all requiring

attention if a representative picture is to be obtained.  And so, it is

not enough to investigate only the UFO reports and the people who make

them.  We also have to examine those who promulgate and maintain the

strong resistance on the part of mainstream culture to the possible

reality of the UFO.  You see, for me, as a counter-intelligence agent

without portfolio, I had to consider the possible effects of the

“official” counterintelligence people.  I had to look at ALL the

players: the UFOs, the putative “opposition” (at all levels) as well as

the witnesses and proponents of the UFO.  And they all needed


After all, who could really tell who was who and what was what in this

arena, given that human counterintelligence was likely involved?  As I

have indicated, would it be in the interests of the human

counterintelligence agencies to clarify the situation for people like

me, for private citizens investigating the UFO?  No, it would not.  I

would be a problem for them, someone to be hindered or distracted,

especially if I got onto something good.

In the view of human counterintelligence, and for those who ultimately

employ them, people like me have no “need to know” and will be told only

what “authority” wants to reveal if and when “authority” wants to reveal

it.  [16]

In my case, as a counterintelligence agent without official standing, I

began to examine the opinion leaders and elite members of the scientific

world and then the economic elite of our society at large, the actual

employers of CI in our country.  You see, it is an unfortunate fact that

as a counterintelligence agent without portfolio, I had numerous possible

opponents, among them these “others,” whomever they are, and the several

power structures of my own culture, some of which seemed to stand in

total opposition to the very idea of intelligently-controlled,

unidentified flying objects (and/or occupants), purpose unknown.  It

thus became imperative to determine who some of those people were and

what they had been doing from the heights of their social and economic

positions. [17]

There were some interesting questions to be answered in this area.  For

instance, was the “mainstream” position held in a solid block, across

all-important individuals and groups?   Was it true that ALL elements

our government and military elites were opposed to the idea of the

“UFO,” or were there elements on both sides of the issue?  And what were

they doing about those beliefs?  Was there any reason to think that they

might be dissembling, even lying, about their position vis-a-vis the


No matter, I had to know more about the elites of my own culture:

scientific, military, governmental and economic because these elites

were the source of the worldview that most of us carry around in our

head.  In the end, it was these folks who had the position, money and

time to “do something” about the UFO, and about ME, should they come to

believe that action was necessary.  That is, it was they who were the

chief users of human counterintelligence.  We should never forget that

it is generally true that the ruling ideas are the ideas of the rulers,

one way or another, and that the things they want to happen have an

uncanny way of taking place.

Notes To Part Two

[6] For a very enlightening look at one scientist’s view of the UFO and

the scientific method see page 87 of the July, 1997, issue of the

magazine ASTRONOMY.  The scientist is Dr. James B.  Kaler of the

University of Illinois, who says, “Science depends on the repeatability

of experiment or observation.  The evidence for UFOs being alien

spacecraft, however, is suspect and neither consistent nor repeatable.”

He then goes on to mention the Condon report as an example of how

“scientists have examined the evidence in a variety of studies, and have

accepted their findings.”  I need hardly say more.

[7] See CLOAK & GOWN, Robin Winks, 1987, Wm. Morrow & Co., for details

of the Research And Analysis section of the Office of Strategic

Services.  On page 449 begins a discussion of the work of Yale alum

Sherman Kent, who used outside “R&A” in a scholarly way to enhance

“strategic intelligence.”

[8] One might take a look at A NATION OF SHEEP, William Lederer, W.W.

Norton & Co., 1961, for a revealing (and early) view of how our

“intelligence community” operated overseas and kept the ugly secrets

from the home folks through a cooperative national-level press, which

reported “black” as “white” for many years.  Chapter One of this book,

entitled “The Laos Fraud,” was especially instructive for me, a Vietnam

veteran with an uncle who was nearly shot down over Laos in 1971.  On

page 30 we read, “And most immoral of all-the government and press have

not been honest with us.  Officials hid their mistakes and

simultaneously claimed nonexistent successes.”  Thus it continues today.

[9] Another interesting look at the seamy underside of American life is

to be found in HARRY TRUMAN AND THE GREAT WAR SCARE OF 1948, Frank

Kofsky, St. Martin’s Press, 1993.  Kofsky shows how the Cold War got

rolling in part to keep the aircraft companies busy cutting metal, in

leased plants, at profit rates exceeding 50-percent per annum on

invested capital.  But perhaps of even greater interest is a paragraph

on page 174 reporting that Truman told New York TIMES reporter Arthur

Krock, on April 7, 1948, that the United States was on the verge of an

aviation breakthrough obviating the need of the proposed new air

groups.  Said the President, “We are on the verge of a discovery that

will make obsolete everything now being manufactured.”  One might keep

in mind the purported date of the Roswell vehicle recovery.

[10] THE CIA AND THE CULT OF INTELLIGENCE, Victor Marchetti and John D.

Marks, Alfred A. Knopf, 1974, contains an appendix called “The Bissell

Philosophy,” referring to Richard Bissell, former Deputy Director For

Plans of CIA.  The appendix consists of the minutes of a meeting held at

Pratt House (headquarters of the Council on Foreign Relations) on

January 8, 1968.  On page 393 an attendee states that the CIA’s “real”

charter is still secret and that U.S. labor leaders, among them the head

of the AFL-CIO, Walter Reuther, were in CIA’s pay.  Domestic security,


[11] JUST CAUSE, January 1979, contains an article, “NI-CIA-AP or

NICAP,” outlining possible CIA infiltration of Keyhoe’s group.  Several

top people in NICAP had associations with CIA, including, of course,

former DCI Hillenkoetter.  Immediately after several more had joined

NICAP’s board, including the former head of CIA’s Psychological Warfare

group, Colonel Joseph Bryan, NICAP began to die, going out of existence

in the early 1970s.  Much of this information is contained in ABOVE TOP

SECRET, Timothy Good, William Morrow, 1987.  See especially pages 346 to


[12] CASEBOOK OF A UFO INVESTIGATOR, Raymond Fowler, Prentice-Hall,

1981, pp. 55-67, has more information on CIA and “intelligence

community” infiltration of UFO groups in the United States.  See

especially page 60 for a brief mention of former CIA briefing officer

Karl Pflock, who was chairman of NICAP’s Washington, D.C. group at the

very end.

[13] See AMERICA’S SECRET POWER, Loch K. Johnson, Oxford University

Press, 1989.  The author is a professor of political science at the

University of Georgia and participated in the Church Committee hearings

on the CIA in the middle 1970s. He goes into interesting detail on CIA

use of academics around the world.  See especially page 135 and the

section entitled “Counter-intelligence Comes Home.”

[14] CLOAK & GOWN (see above) contains a chapter on James Jesus

Angleton, the head of counterintelligence for CIA in the 1960s and

1970s.  During the great “mole hunt” of the 1970s the “hall of mirrors”

effect reached its apogee inside the agency.  See pages 409 to 438 for

this story, along with information on the CIA mail-opening programs of

the Cold War years, programs in which the agency opened hundreds of

thousands of letters written by U.S. citizens going about their lawful


[15] For an interesting look down a very dark rabbit hole indeed see

Richard Condon’s THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE, Random House, 1959, a book

with strange “UFO-related” references and odd connections to the Lear

Letters of the late 1980s.  See pages 181 to 190 of the Dell paperback

edition for the strangest UFO-related sequence of all, in which Major

Marco meets the “lady from the stars” and his wife-to-be.

[16] INVISIBLE RESIDENTS, Ivan Sanderson, 1967, has a very fine

introduction which outlines how “officialdom” will talk about flying

saucers in the sky but the minute things come down to earth these same

officials become very, very quiet. On page 9 Sanderson speaks about the

“panic” among officials that can result from UFO activity.

[17] See THE RICH AND THE SUPER RICH, Ferdinand Lundberg, Lyle Stewart,

Inc., 1968, the follow-up to his 1937 book AMERICA’S SIXTY FAMILIES.  In

his 1968 book Lundberg writes at length of how the elite of our country

make the nation’s policy in their private clubs.  See pages 282-290 for

the details.  See also Blum’s OUT THERE (page 152) for imbedded

references to secret UFO policy conversations in the exclusive Brook

Club in New York.


                      End — Part Two of Four

         Science, Counterintelligence And UFOs
                  Val Germann
                       Columbia, Missouri
                       (C) 1997
                Part Three of Four
  The Counterintelligence Use Of Research And Analysis
           In Small-Scale UFO Investigations
In Parts 1 & 2 of this series I outlined my reasons for adopting
a counterintelligence (CI) model for UFO research.  In a
nutshell, I maintained that the assumptions of science about an
objective universe were made null and void if another
intelligence were in fact operating here on the Earth with us.
I concluded that because of this fundamental problem UFO
researchers needed more than science; they needed counter-
intelligence.  I then went on to show that here in America human
CI is a very complicated affair, involving not only our
intelligence agencies but even academics at famous colleges and
universities, all united (from time to time) in domestic spying
operations against U.S. citizens.  Part Two of this series ended
with a statement concerning a needed investigation of the elites
of human society, economic, social and military.
Thus here in Part Three we will return to the "people" aspect
of CI and how that relates to the UFO arena.  The method here
will be a version of "Research & Analysis" (R&A) as used by the
Office Of Strategic Services (OSS) during World War II.  Then,
in Part Four, I will evaluate scenarios that are purported
to explain the phenomena we associate with the "UFO."
                    Research & Analysis
The history of OSS' Research & Analysis section in
association with UFO investigation is relevant to several ways,
some that are not obvious. [18] Important to me is the fact that
the OSS was overwhelmingly 1) male; 2) middle-class to upper-
middle class and 3) white.  If the preceding does not sum
up the prevailing social mix in "ufology" today then I do not
know what does.  American ufology is solidly white and middle-
class in its world view and general social ideology, which can be
a huge problem.  That is, some of the general obtuseness one can
sometimes find in white, middle-class society can lead to blind
spots in certain very important areas relevant to UFO research.
One of these blind spots we have already discussed, that is the
"intelligence community" penetration of UFO groups in the past.
This subject is simply not ever broached in the upper (more
academic) reaches of ufology. [19] But it goes far beyond this.
Certain topics have in the past been "a priori" ruled out for
years by mainstream "ufology" and its middle-class, sometimes-
blinkered outlook.  The whole subject of direct human/alien
interaction is an example here. [20] Also, the concerns of
one-half of the human race, women, are only now getting any
consideration at all.  We will be returning to this aspect in our
scenario analysis in Part Four.
In any event, what do you suppose the chances are that the "UFO
operators" share the values of middle-class, suburban, white,
middle-aged men?  I would think they're very small, wouldn't you?
It is because of the above considerations that we must be very
careful in using R&A in the UFO arena.  We must not let our human
social biases narrow our field.  And when it comes to analysis,
we must keep as wide an angle of view as possible.  We must never
forget that the "UFO" could be more mysterious than we can handle
no matter how careful we are.  So, we must be VERY careful.
Early in the book CLOAK & GOWN, the author states that: "Research
and analysis are at the heart of intelligence."  This is because
R&A can provide 90 to 95 percent of the relevant information
(even in wartime) and it is this information that provides the
context for the "secret intelligence" (documents and such)
ferreted out by spies and agents in place.  Without R&A "secret
documents" cannot speak, cannot be interpreted, certainly not
correctly.  Beyond even this, at the very core of top-secret
programs there usually ARE NO DOCUMENTS, as was true of the
Manhattan Project, where the most secret orders were verbal,
a deliberate policy decision on the part of General Groves.
Security for the Manhattan Project was provided by the Army
Counter Intelligence Corps, it is the Corp personnel who figure
prominently in the events surrounding the Roswell incident.[21]
Many people believe that there exists a "magic bullet" in the
form of "secret documents" that spell out in plain English what
is going on at the secret heart of some clandestine government
project.  But this is hardly ever true and the search for such a
holy grail can be a wasteful distraction from the hard work of
research and analysis, without which it is impossible to evaluate
any "secret document," should you ever actually find one.
It is the function of counterintelligence R&A to sift out the:
1) interesting; 2) significant; and 3) correct information from
the flood of material generated in the world at any given time.
This is not easy, during peace or war.  And if an opponent is
putting out false or misleading information (misinformation or
disinformation), well, the problems are compounded.
As practiced by the Office of Strategic Services, Research and
Analysis consisted of collectors, evaluators, scenario men and,
finally, report producers.  It began with a survey of what already
existed, which, as it turned out, wasn't much, and then went on to
collect what its resident scholars thought necessary. Here was the
crucial first step: What To Collect?  Well, at first you try to
collect everything!
Thus, OSS was trying to index and collate thousands of pages of
information per DAY by the end of 1941.  By the middle of 1942
they were contracting out various collection jobs to civilian
universities, such as Stanford, Cal Berkeley, Columbia, Princeton
and Yale.  No surprise here since the overwhelming majority of
OSS men were from the Ivy League, and most of them from Yale.
History and economics dominated the OSS R&A bureau.  The crying
need was for an estimate of the capabilities of the enemy
countries and where those capabilities lay.  For instance, the
invasion of North Africa in 1942 required an enormous effort on
the part of OSS in collecting and distributing information to the
military on the geography of the place, as well as on the culture
and societies of the people who lived there.  This type of thing
was in constant demand throughout the war as U.S. forces pushed
their way around the globe.
The denizens of R&A did some amazing things.  Using the serial
numbers from destroyed German tanks and combining them with
information garnered from the German press (smuggled to the U.S.
through Sweden and Norway), OSS was able to determine with great
accuracy the numbers of German tanks produced.  The German press
also gave information about the Eastern Front from the obituaries
it published as the war proceeded.  The R&A economists were able
to use open sources to determine which rail lines the Germans
were using to ship petroleum, and fighter bombers were vectored
to those lines using that information.
The output of R&A was an important check on the information
produced using electronic and human intelligence in
World War II.  That is, material returned by spies could have
been (and sometimes WAS) part of a deception campaign, as could have
been intercepted radio signals.  The picture built up by R&A gave the
analysts of OSS an independent way to judge the accuracy of
secret intelligence, something of overwhelming importance during
a shooting war.
At the higher levels of the OSS debates were conducted on the nature
of R&A itself and about the relevance of "objectivity."  Some
held that the collector and analyst should hold no beliefs at all
and make no judgments, a position that Arthur Schlesinger thought
was nonsense since all good research involved both.  Many within
R&A held that the independent judgment of one analyst, who had
steeped himself in the subject, was the most reliable method to
determine such imponderables as "intentions from capabilities"
vis-a-vis a particular nation.
Research and analysis is the technique that most closely resembles
what the lone UFO investigator can do.  He can steep himself in the
subject, try to collect everything relevant, and then be fearless in
where that material leads him.  This may sound like "no big deal," but
for those who take the work seriously it is anything but trivial.
In many cases the information relevant to the UFO can lead down
rabbit holes where no respectable person would want to go.  But
down the hole the investigator he must go, or he will not have the
perspective needed to judge the relevance of information.  As for
me, I began serious UFO work in 1987 and by the end of 1991 I had
assembled a great deal of information into a UFO chronology, a
"chron" in intelligence terms.  This was to prove very useful
indeed in organizing information and evaluating the constant
stream of material produced in the UFO field.
By the beginning of 1992 I had examined several hundred books
(buying more than 250 for a personal library) and had read
hundreds of articles in various journals and magazines.  I also
had performed a few small-scale investigations and followed up
local leads whenever I could.  It took about three years for this
to reach "critical mass" and I could at last begin writing small
essays that made sense both to me and to others.
As I continued this research I began to wonder about the back-
grounds of the well-known figures in the UFO arena. My look into
U.S. intelligence had shown that most of these people were alumni
of one elite school or another and that many of them were well-
born, even wealthy.  Would the "UFO men" fit in with this group?
That is, were those prominent in UFO investigation mostly
associated with small public colleges or state universities, and
during World War II were most of them ROTC cadets or enlisted
men who had served in military backwaters -- or were they a lot
more interesting than that?   Could they even BEGIN to fit into
the group of government employees and academics we have already
looked at in this paper, those high up in the world of secret
science, intelligence and counterintelligence?  I had no idea.
But if it were true that the "UFO men" resembled "somebodies" and
not "nobodies," well, that was significant.
Thus, when I began my background work it was mainly for the
record.  That is, I had no particular reason to think that their
histories would be all that interesting, but it was something
that had to be done.  Well, I was in for a little surprise as I
began to gather biographical information about the careers of
those prominent in the UFO world, where they went to school and
who they had worked for, at least publicly.
Among the elite institutions in American science are Yale,
Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, Cal Tech, M.I.T. and
The University of Chicago.  All of them have significant
connections into the world of intelligence and counter-
intelligence.  In England the elite schools are at Cambridge and
Oxford where the connections into British military intelligence
are equally strong.  All of the U.S. institutions above were
founded all or in part by wealthy donors and ALL are supported by
the Foundation System, an interlocking group of agencies, backed
by huge blocks of stock in our largest corporations, which truly
rules the roost in academia today. [22] Of the public figures
associated with UFOs, I was surprised to find that many, many of
them had, not degrees from some state university (as I do) but
sheepskins from these named elite institutions, as well as
contacts in the world of secret science and counterintelligence.
These connections clearly show, to those who will take the time
to look, that U.S. science serves a dual role in our culture and
very often finds its practitioners doing things that would shock
and even horrify the rest of us.  None of this was generally
known until the 1970s and Watergate, which opened many doors.
Those we discuss below may be heroes, they may be villains, we
don't really know yet, nor can we know.  We are in the realm of
counterintelligence and it is often not possible to know if
someone's public persona is in fact the TRUE person!  And don't
forget that the winners write the history, making the glass
sometimes very dark indeed.
We can start with Donald Menzel (Harvard), who was a famous solar
astronomer and a top-secret National Security Agency consultant
[23] at the same time he was excoriating Donald Keyhoe (himself
an Annapolis graduate and long-time government official) and
other "believers" in UFOs. [24] We can continue with Allen
Hynek, who was closely associated with Menzel academically, and
who spent time both at Johns Hopkins (where he worked on the top
secret proximity fuse) and at the University Of Chicago, where he
got his PhD. [25]
Hynek's secret investigations of his fellow astronomers are now
matters of public record.  For years he headed the satellite
trackers for the Smithsonian Institution and thus was the one the
press and Congress asked about those UFO reports from the
tracking network, which were always denied.  As mentioned,
earlier, Hynek was number two in the mid-1950s Moonwatch Program,
in which hundreds of civilians tracked satellites using small
telescopes.  Dr. James McDonald accused Hynek of lying to
Congress about the capabilities of the 1960s radar satellite
tracking network, linked to NORAD and the military.  Dr. La Paz,
meteor expert at New Mexico State University and a military
consultant, also accused Hynek of being part of a large-scale
cover-up, in the wake of the Zamorra affair in 1964.  [26]
Jacques Vallee, trained in France in astronomy, came to the USA
in the 1960s and was a protege of Allen Hynek for many years.
Vallee became interested in computers early in his career and has
worked in computing for Northwestern, Shell Oil and Stanford,
where, at Stanford existed a node of the Defense Advanced
Research Projects Agency Network, DARPAnet, which became, over
time, you guessed it, the InterNet. [27]
Dr. James McDonald was an M.I.T. grad, taught at Chicago and had
secret Navy projects on his resume when he died. [28]  Well-known
ufologist Ivan Sanderson was a Navy counterintelligence officer
during World War II and had earned a degree from Cambridge. [29]
Charles Berlitz (Bermuda Triangle, Philadelphia Experiment) was
independently wealthy, earned a degree from Yale and was in the
U.S. Counter Intelligence Corps during World War II. [30]
Thornton Page, member of the Robertson Committee and a secret
scientist, got his degree from Oxford, in England, and then
taught at the University of Chicago.  During World War II he was
a Commander in the U.S. Navy. [31] Silas Newton, a source for
Scully's composite character Dr. Gee, was a very wealthy oil man
and a Yale graduate. [32] Desmond Leslie, George Adamski's ghost
writer, was a graduate of a posh British school and a wealthy
cousin of Winston Churchill. [33]
George Van Tassell, a '50s contactee, was a personal flight
instructor for Howard Hughes from 1941 through 1943.  [34] The
Hughes companies have made the drill bits for every American oil
rig in the world dating from the 1920s when Howard's father
invented the things.  By 1955 The Hughes Companies had become a
manufacturing arm of the CIA and NSA. [35] The mid-50s also saw
two of that era's most well-known ufologists, Jim and Coral
Lorenzen, founders of the Aerial Phenomenon Research Organization
(APRO), both working in sensitive positions at the White Sands
rocket base. [36]
Dr. Howard P. Robertson, head of the Robertson Panel that white-
washed UFOs in 1953, was in charge of Operation Paper Clip which
brought the German rocket scientists to the USA after World War II.
He was quite willing to work with those who had been SS officers at
Mittelwerke, where slave laborers were worked to death by the
For more than twenty years Robertson helped develop weapons for the
American military and intelligence agencies. [37] Lloyd Berkner,
another member of the Robertson panel and an "objective
scientist," was a member of secret CIA and NSA advisory groups
for more than two decades, was the "father of the International
Geophysical Year" (during which the first U.S. satellite was
launched) and made a great deal of money from the space program
and as a director of Texas Instruments. [38]
Even Stanton Friedman, of "Cosmic Watergate" fame, is a veteran
of top-secret military nuclear programs and a Chicago University
grad. [39] UFO debunker James Oberg got his start in the Air
Force at Kirtland AFB's top-secret nuclear weapons lab.  Oberg is
a Northwestern grad (near the University of Chicago) and Oberg
was there at the same time Dr. Hynek headed Northwestern's
astronomical observatory. Kirtland AFB is, some say, home to
several secret UFO programs. [40]
It is a fact the world of elite power in the USA includes the top
echelons of science and the leaders of the various top-secret
intelligence groups.  Detlev Bronk, for many years one of the
most influential scientists in the USA, was also for years
president of Rockefeller University, where human genome programs
are currently running and funds are more than adequate. [41]
Averell Harriman, former governor of New York (just before Nelson
Rockefeller) for many years had enormous influence within CIA,
especially so during the post-Watergate era when CIA was in
trouble (and George Bush was Director of Central Intelligence!).
[42] And it was no coincidence that Nelson Rockefeller headed the
commission that Gerald Ford appointed to investigate the Agency
in 1975.  There was no one better qualified since Nelson and his
family had helped found OSS and CIA in the 1940s.  [43]
Thus, it is clear that many of the well-known figures in the UFO
community have connections to elite institutions and/or elite
individuals.  At the very least this indicates, in this writer's
opinion, high-powered interest in the UFO phenomenon, something
amply depicted in Ruppelt's aforementioned book, "The Report On
Unidentified Flying Objects."  He is blunt about the interest
among "great men" of the scientific, industrial and military
worlds, something all subsequent reviewers of his book have
managed to miss. [44]
It became public in the mid-1990s that Laurance Rockefeller,
active in American national affairs since the middle 1930s and
THE man in the high-tech, venture-capital arm of his family, is
interested in the abduction phenomenon and UFOs in general.  He
has held a conference on UFOs at his ranch, is one of those
financing John Mack's work through PEER, and has funded other
personalities in the paranormal field, including Scott Jones and
Stephen Greer. [45] Rockefeller was also the prime mover behind
the "Best Available Evidence" document that was presented to
members of Congress in late 1995.
This is not surprising to me and I suspect that Rockefeller
interest greatly predates this public entry into the arena.  Is
such a thing far-fetched?  I do not think so.  If you look at the
preface of the Condon Report you will see that two of the eleven
members of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
panel that vouched for its accuracy were on the faculty of Rockefeller
University. [46]
In closing this section, it is obvious to this writer that the
"UFO" is important, very important, and there is little doubt
that if this is true then those who are in nominal charge of our
civilization are not just sitting back calmly observing events
but instead, are trying to find out what is going on--with a view
toward taking action if action seems to be required.
                     Notes To Part Three
[18]  CLOAK AND GOWN (see note [7]) is the source for most of the
information on Research & Analysis in the Office of Strategic
Services.  See especially pages 71 to 91.
[19]  See again AMERICA'S SECRET POWER, note [13], page 147, "The
CIA And The Groves Of Academy," for this quote from a former
member of the CIA Operations Directorate, "We exploit our
territory [the campuses] as effectively as possible."  On
page 301, in a note relating to this subject, Johnson says that
the CIA funded research centers on individual campuses and paid
for foreign travel on the part of cooperating academics.  Harvard
professor Richard Pipes is quoted as saying that the CIA
analytical bureaus are "filled with American PhDs in all of the
sciences," hard and soft, and with engineers.  In this writer's
personal case, I was once a teaching assistant for a professor
who was a former OSS man and was continuing to provide
information to the government into the middle 1980s.
[20]  For instance, UFO abductions were a hot topic in South
America a full decade before becoming generally known in the
United States --  even though the Lorenzens, Jim and Coral, were
receiving information from about 1955.  See FLYING SAUCER
OCCUPANTS, New American Library, 1967, for most of the story.
This book "caught up" American ufology on what the Lorenzens had
been unable to publish since the middle 1950s.
Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 1995, for the story of how General
Groves set up information security inside the Manhattan Project.
Pages 601-606 are particularly instructive.  It seems that Groves
created a system under which the most important orders were given
verbally and transmitted by messengers.  Then, if a report were
necessary, it was hand-written, if possible, and only one copy
was allowed to exist.  Groves took thousands of documents with
him when he left the project and these documents have never been
seen by any researcher.  The important item is that at the very
core of the project there were no documents, only verbal orders.
Harry Rowe Ransom, or information on the Army Counter Intelligence
Corp role in providing security for the Manhattan Project, page 102.
[22]  Ferdinand Lundberg lays this out most forcefully in his two
SUPER RICH (see note [17] above).  Chapter X of FAMILIES is
called "Education for Profit and Tax Exemption."  The 1920s saw
America's top college and universities become financial
extensions of vast fortunes and, as Lundberg says on page 377 of
FAMILIES, "These schools aim to turn out graduates of pecuniary
value to the upper class in its exploitation of American
society."  See SUPER RICH, Chapter Ten, pages 382-432, entitled
"Philanthropic Vistas," for an update of foundation control of
U.S. higher education.
[23]  See page 259 of ABOVE TOP SECRET, Timothy Good, William
Morrow, 1988.  The information of Menzel was first developed by
Stanton Friedman.  Good's book is dedicated to Donald Keyhoe.
[24]  On page 171 of Margaret Sachs' 1980 THE UFO ENCYCLOPEDIA,
Perigee Books, is an excellent summary of Keyhoe's career.
Sachs' book is a relatively small and packs a great deal of
useful information into one volume.  Highly recommended.  Good's
ABOVE TOP SECRET also contains much information about Keyhoe and
his involvement in UFOs.
[25]  See pages 153-154 of Margaret Sachs THE UFO ENCYCLOPEDIA,
1980, for a fairly detailed look at Hynek's career.  In Brad
Steiger's 1976 book PROJECT BLUEBOOK, page 268-310, there is re-
printed the report that Hynek did for the "Air Force" concerning
his fellow astronomers.  He queried a large number of them in
1952 at a meeting the American Astronomical Society.  The
astronomers were, as Hynek says, ". . .not aware that anything
more than a personal private talk between astronomers was going
on."  In the middle 1950s Hynek visited Coral Lorenzen, along
with an Air Force officer, and as Mrs. Lorenzen said, "He let me
do all the talking."  This is reported in THE GREAT FLYING SAUCER
HOAX, Coral Lornezen, William Fredricks Press, 1962, page 273.
As anyone who does much reading on the history of the UFO soon
realizes, Hynek was everywhere, talking to people and filing
reports.  Yet Vallee says his files were a model of dis-
organization and were woefully incomplete.  See page 254 of
Vallee's 1992 book FORBIDDEN SCIENCE for a look at the condition
of the files, kept in shoe boxes and wicker baskets.  But all the
"real" information had to go somewhere, did it not?  Was it
really all "lost?"
Hynek always had money, money to travel, money for telephone
calls, etc.  Much of this money came to him through the
McGraw-Hill company, in fact, through a subsidiary, this
procedure known in some circles as money laundering, though not
of the "illegal" type (how could it be illegal since Hynek was
working for government!); it's just a little odd.  All of this is
revealed on page 289 of FORBIDDEN SCIENCE.  Vallee elsewhere
comments that by the early 1960s many, many people had forgotten
all about Hynek's former association with the Air Force and
assumed he was now simply a private citizen interested in UFOs.
[26]  Hynek took a trip to Socorro, New Mexico, in March of 1965.
See THE PROJECT BLUEBOOK REPORT, Brad Steiger, Bantam Books,
1976, for the details.  On page 128 begins a Hynek report (to
BlueBook, and to someone else?) on that visit, including a talk
with Dr. La Paz (Univ. of New Mexico) who still had not put the
Green Fireballs (1948-49) to rest and remained convinced that
they represented a secret program of some kind, more secret even
than the Manhattan Project.  Hynek wrote that Dr. La Paz, and
many other people in both Socorro and Albuquerque, believed that
Hynek and his bosses in Dayton (Wright Field) were all part of a
massive government cover-up.
[27]  The dust jacket of Vallee's CONFRONTATION, states that the
author was a former principal investigator on Department of
Defense Computer networking projects, this at Stanford.  Vallee
got a phd in computer science at Northwestern (where Hynek was
director of the university observatory) in 1967.  See Vallee's
interesting 1982 book THE NETWORK REVOLUTION for the view of a
computer networking veteran, years before the hoi polloi began to
roll onto the information superhighway.
[28]  See note [5], Fullers' ALIENS IN THE SKIES, page 34, for
the credentials of Dr. McDonald.  Looking closely at his career
you will see that this gentleman went from an assistant professor
to full professor in six years.
[29]  Ivan Sanderson's life and career are summarized very well
in Sach's ENCYCLOPEDIA (see above).  Born to a well-to-do family
in Scotland, a graduate of Eton and Cambridge, and then, during
World War II, a U.S. counterintelligence agent, Sanderson lived
several interesting lifetimes in only 62 years.  See his 1967
book INVISIBLE RESIDENTS, pp. 119-120, for a glimpse into his Navy
career in counterintelligence.
[30]  Berlitz was the grandson of the founder of the Berlitz
language schools, an organization with occasional relationships
with CIA.  A Yale man (magna cum laude), 1936, he was also a U.S.
counterintelligence officer, in Europe and South America.   Once
again, Sachs' ENCYCLOPEDIA supplies great information, p. 34.
[31]  See Sachs, ENCYCLOPEDIA, page 237.
[32]  In 1963, Frank Scully wrote a book called ARMOUR BRIGHT,
Chilton Publishing.  Chapter 18 is entitled "Flying Saucers,
Where Are you," and here is discussed the origin of Scully's Dr.
Gee and other issues surrounding his BEHIND THE FLYING SAUCERS,
quoted on pages 130-143 in UFO CRASH AT AZTEC, Steinman and
Stevens, 1986, UFO Photo Archives, La Marda, California.
[33]  Desmond Leslie was a very interesting fellow.  See page 53
of ABOVE TOP SECRET for the information on his relationship to
Winston Churchill, to the other "royals" and the tidbit that he
was an RAF fighter pilot during World War II.
[34]  See page 352 of Sachs' ENCYCLOPEDIA.  Van Tassell is
another "minor" UFO figure, though he was world-famous in the
1950s and his Giant Rock get-togethers drew thousands.
[35]  The Hughes Companies built billions of dollars worth of
equipment for CIA, and for The National Security Agency and
National Reconnaissance Office.  See Chapter X, "The Soviet
Jeffrey Richelson, William Morrow and Company, New York, 1987.
[36]  Once again, Sachs' ENCYCLOPEDIA has excellent information
on these two.  See pages 180 and 181.
[37]  ABOVE TOP SECRET, page 336.
[38]  Lloyd Berkner is also a very interesting person.  He was a
Navy captain in World War II and a very early advocate of
putting up an artificial satellite.  See THE HEAVENS AND THE
EARTH, Walter A. McDougal, Basic Books, 1985, for much useful
information on Dr. Berkner, who was good friend of the first NASA
administrator James Webb.  Berkner had a great deal to do with
the promotion of manned space flight.  See especially pp. 315-16.
[39]  See Sach's, ENCYCLOPEDIA, pp. 115-116.
[40]  Ibid, pp. 226-27.
[41]  Detlev Bronk was very closely connected to the Rockefeller
family, serving as President of Rockefeller University and as a
trustee of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.  In 1969, Bronk
traveled to South America with Nelson Rockefeller and the
chairman of IBM, Arthur K. Watson, there to advise our friends to
the south as how they might "develop" the Amazon basin.  Bronk
was by this time at the very pinnacle of "power science" in the
United States.  See THY WILL BE DONE, Gerard Colby and Charlotte
Dennett, Harper-Collins, 1995, pages 511 and 634.
[42]  George Herbert Walker (Walker Cup) Bush; Yale,'49; Skull &
Bones,'47, was the son of a "Bonesman" and a close associate of
Texas Oil magnate Clint Murchison.  Bush has been a member of
both the Trilateral Commission and the Council On Foreign
Relations and was chairman of the Republican Party on the day
that Richard Nixon resigned the presidency.  In reviewing his
life you will find a three-year span (1960-63) when not much
seems to be happening.  In 1988, documents were discovered
linking a "George Bush" to the JFK assassination and the Bay of
Pigs, two events that occurred during this hiatus in Bush's life,
a hiatus that could cover CIA activity.  Bush would be made
Director of Central Intelligence by Gerald Ford in 1976.  See
"Shots From The Bushy Knoll," chapter 14, in CRIMES, COVER-UPS
AND CONSPIRACIES, Jonathan Vankin, Paragon House, 1991.
David Horowitz, Holt, Reinhardt & Winston, 1976.  Of great
interest is Chapter 16.  Nelson Rockefeller has had enormous
influence in U.S. "intelligence" since the 1930s.  As a principal
owner among the Standard Oil companies, Nelson had contacts
around the world and financial or professional relationships with
John J. McCloy (DCI under Kennedy), C. Douglas Dillon (United
Fruit, Dillon & Read law firm), James Forrestal (SECDEF under
Truman, Dillon & Read law firm), Robert Paterson (SECDEF under
Ike), both of the Dulleses, John Foster and Allen, and Walt
Rostow, Zbigniew Brzezinski and Henry Kissinger, these last two
being former staffers of Nelson.  In addition, Nelson ran his own
intelligence service in South America during World War II and
two of his cousins served in OSS, one of them as head of the
Research & Analysis branch.
Ruppelt speaks of the many scientists who got briefings on the
UFOs from the Air Force's Air Technical Intelligence Corps in
early 1952.  He says the names read like a page from "Great Men
Of Science."
[45]  Laurance and Greer, see the archives of the UFO Updates
listserve for June 3, 1997 for several messages concerning Greer
and Rockefeller, as well as another very well off person, one
Mrs. Galbraith, whose maiden name is DuPont.
[46]  See pages VIII and IX of THE SCIENTIFIC STUDY OF
UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS, Edward Condon, project director,
Bantam Books, 1969.
                    [End -- Part Three of Four]
UFOSearch essay #9: Science, Counterintelligence And UFOs
             Part One   - Abstract and Introduction
             Part Two   - Counterintelligence And UFO Analysis
             Part Three - The Counterintelligence Use Of
                          Research And Analysis In Small-Scale UFO
             Part Four
                   4a   - Evaluating UFO Scenarios Using
                   4b   - (to be released)
                          UFO Scenario Analysis: THE KEYHOE SCENARIO
                   4c   - (to be titled)
                   4d   - (to be titled)
Gary Alevy
         Science, Counterintelligence And UFOs
                  Val Germann
                       Columbia, Missouri
                       (C) 1997
                  Part 4a of Four
       Evaluating UFO Scenarios Using Counterintelligence
In Part Four (a, b, c and d) we are going to analyze three UFO
and THE STRIEBER SCENARIO (1989).  All three of these are based
to some degree on leaks purporting to be from "the government,"
in particular a part of the government said to have something to
do with UFOs.  These leaks were powerful enough and credible
enough that full adults with something to lose put them into
print over their real names.  It is thus possible that there
might be something to these leaks, though heaven knows what.
The questions are many, among them:
1) What methods can one use in evaluating such extreme
possibilities as these?  They seem so outlandish!
2) What information is available that might help?
3) Are there any situations in the "real" world that in any way
resemble these three scenarios?  That is, can we find any overlap
at all between the above scenarios and what we know are "real-
world" events?
4) Can these "leaks" be in some way counterintelligence related?
That is, can a "theory of leaks" be applied to them as well as to
events we "know" from the "real world?"  Does this analysis lead
to the acceptance or non-acceptance of the leaks as accurate?
I will attempt answers to the above questions as we move along in
Part Four.  But first we have to take a look at a few more
interesting and arcane counterintelligence principles and
techniques.  I believe my readers will soon see their relevance
to the very deep CI water we find ourselves in when we begin to
study the UFO carefully.  Our own "government" may in fact be
using CI techniques in the UFO arena, for various reasons, not
all of them having to do with UFOs.  We will explore this idea as
we move along.  But now, back to counterintelligence.
         Some "Advanced" Counterintelligence Techniques
One of the principles of the CI trade is that there is an
opponent of sorts who must be first identified and secondly
thwarted.  Implied here is that the CI agent has the money and
staff to DO SOMETHING about this possible opponent.  Thus, true
counterintelligence, the whole gamut, is always the tool of those
with money and resources, that is:
1) The government, state and federal, plus the regular military.
2) The "other" government, that is, our intelligence apparatus.
3) Corporate interests including private security firms.
4) Well-off individuals such as H.Ross Perot, who use CI.
We must never forget that the use of intensive CI methods is very
expensive, in both time and money, and therefore these methods
are not available to the individual UFO researcher.  In fact, as
we have seen, the UFO researcher, as a private citizen, can
sometimes be the victim of such CI techniques, as I myself may
have been in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
That is, in my particular case, by the middle of 1989 I was
publishing my findings locally and to a few contacts around the
country.  I was also making numerous long-distance phone calls
around the nation exchanging views with other researchers.  I had
been on a three-hour telephone hookup on a radio station in
Alaska!  Then the day came, in the summer of 1990, when I drove
home unexpectedly about 3 p.m. and found a "telephone man" climbing
down from a pole on the back line of my property.
He muttered something about a computer finding a problem on my
line as he walked quickly past me and around my house to the
front yard.  I stood puzzled for about 20 seconds, remembering
that I had NOT seen a telephone truck in the street as I had
arrived home.  I hurried after this fellow but when I got to the
front yard he was nowhere to be seen!  He had disappeared in
less than a minute.  The phone company had no record of anyone
being sent to my house to fix any problem, or so they said.
Was this a crude and obvious attempt to tap my phone?  Well,
something was going on because from this time until early in 1991
I had continuous problems with the telephone and several of my
UFO contacts told me they thought my phone "sounded" tapped, in a
very crude and transparent way.  During one intense conversation
with a UFO researcher we were actually cut off abruptly during
an exchange about the tapping of my phone!  I took this as con-
firmation of something, probably not just bad luck.
About this same time I made the acquaintance of several people,
some in person, some over the telephone, who wanted to know more
about what I was doing.  The large majority of this, no doubt,
was simple curiosity, based on the fact that some of my work was
going around the country.  But some of it was truly different.
I had developed a "source," one with a CI background, who told me
on the QT (don't ask, don't tell) that he had seen a "flying
disk" up on huge wooden blocks at an Air Force base here in the
United States in the early 1970s.  This gentleman lived some
distance away but came to Columbia over and over again to talk to
me.  In the end I gave him a copy of nearly everything I had
written up to that time.  And I did this knowingly.  That is,
even though I had reason to believe this person was some kind of
operative I did not really care.  I gave away what I had because
I did not want any mistakes to be made.  I wanted this guy's
bosses, if he had any, to get the thing right, directly from me,
and not have to rely on this fellow's hand-written notes.
I had also developed another source, also ex-military, who told
me an even wilder story, a frightening story, one not too-dis-
similiar from the "Lear Letter" scenario but with significant
differences.  My readers will be hearing more about this later.
Yes, those were strange times for me, very strange.  For
instance, I was told by someone who might know that I was
"marked" by my childhood experiences with UFOs.  The implication
was that I myself was involved in THEIR program in some way.
This was reinforced by another strange sighting I had, right in
my front yard, in 1991.  But, that's for later.
It has been said that we Americans have no one-word name for a
reasonable, continuing fear.  Well, I was in need of one then and
by mid-1991 I was quite convinced that the counterintelligence
model was the one that made sense and that the assumptions of
objective science were not up to the task.  I learned that in the
real world, surveillance, infiltration and the agent provocateur
were fundamental tools of the counterintelligence operative.  In
fact, I might have been finding some of that out personally.
Another thing I found out was that simple surveillance, if
carried out crudely by people with money and time, is itself
intimidating.  There was no need for Black Helicopters to fly
overhead or for large, dark-colored sedans to park along my
street.  One visit from a "phone man" and some continuing trouble
with the telephone were quite enough, thank you.  I discovered
right away that the "fun quotient" for subjects of possible CI
activity quickly plummeted to very nearly zero.
Taken together these events shocked me greatly.  What could be so
important that my involvement in it could bring such attention so
fast?  Sending agents to tap my phone and interview me (if that
was what was happening) was expensive, extremely so.  I was
amazed, amazed because I really am "nobody."  That is, I have no
pedigree of any particular kind.  I am not rich nor am I related
to anyone who is.  My ancestors are all from Germany and England
and came over to North America with very little.  If, as it
seemed possible, BOTH the powers behind the "UFO" and its human
investigators had the resources to deal with ME, a nobody, just
because I was getting seriously interested, well, that was more
than a little scary.  That was more than I wanted to know.  It
meant that UFOs were very likely BIG, very BIG, with someone.
There was no doubt, someone had something to protect.  And as we
should remember, implied in the CI process is that the agency,
institution or individual using the technique has something to
protect.  This is so because the bedrock function of counter-
intelligence is security, security of personnel, facilities and
operations.  It is for this reason that people are vetted and
classification systems set up.  Only when good security exists
does the CI team turn to offensive action against the opponent,
usually involving the passive collection of information followed
by more aggressive actions, the placing of agents, etc..
Could it have been that I was "onto something?"  Could it have
been that one of my sources was legitimate?  I thought it was
possible and I spilled my guts, minus the names, because I don't
want any mistakes being made.  I am a loyal American, an Army
veteran, as well as being a husband and father.  I don't want any
trouble.  But, at the same time, I would like to know what in the
blue blazes is going on in my life and in the wider world as
well!  But I never, never reveal names, nor enough information so
that one could get a name, unless one had an ENORMOUS amount of
money and time, which, no doubt, some do!
It should be obvious by now that though some counterintelligence
methods can be seen as relatively benign, most are not the kind
of things you do to your friends, at least, not if you want to
keep them as friends.  This is because the basis for many CI
techniques is deception, pure and simple, and deception under-
mines trust.  This last is one of the reasons that DOMESTIC
counterintelligence operations, that is, against U.S. citizens at
home, conducted by FBI, Military Intelligence, NSA, CIA, etc.,
were such a deep secret in the pre-Watergate years.  The extreme
erosion of trust in our government that we see on the American
scene today is one of the results of Cold War spying on U.S.
citizens by our alphabet soup of "intelligence agencies." [47]
Today's CI techniques begin with the simple collection of
information, from both open and covert sources.  Many target
organizations have publications that reveal, for the general
public and the spy, valuable information.  Where these are
lacking or incomplete, one can either approach a current member
for information (quite innocently and above board) or infiltrate
an agent into the target organization.  Or you might PAY a
current member for really important information, that is, pay
that person to betray his friends, turning that person into an
"agent in place."  It is usually best to have some personal dirt
on such a person before approaching them, this making the
"hooking" (as such recruiting is called) go much more smoothly.
And if the target member has financial problems, all the better.
The IRS sometimes comes in handy here for the Federal CI boys.
And sometimes a "good cop -- bad cop" approach works very well.
That is, two approaches might be made at the same time, one of
them threatening, one of them more gentle, and seemingly from two
different organizations.  It is amazing how much good information
can be gotten this way, even from people who should know better.
For instance, Whitley Strieber refused to give the "intelligence
community" any information about the authors of the some 140,000
letters he has received since 1987 and COMMUNION. [48]  But,
at the same time, he turned over to Congressional staffers very
similar information to that which the secret agents were after,
as well as character sketches of prominent ufologists and others
in the field.  As one should know, giving things to Congress is
hardly the way to ensure their protection from spies.
I ask you to consider that if UFOs are really important then
there is an "internal security" aspect to them.  That is, UFO
investigators and organizations simply must be of interest to the
FBI and military intelligence, the organizations primarily
charged today with maintaining internal security.
July 17, 1995 Mr. Charles Swett, Assistant for Strategic Assessment,
Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations
and Low-Intensity Conflict stated that MUFON bore careful watching
because it "has its own computer network with a gateway to the
Internet. Much of the traffic on this network refers to U.S. military
operations that members believe relate to investigations and
cover-ups of UFO-related incidents, and other messages contain
details on MUFON's efforts to conduct surveillance of DoD
installations and to obtain information on UFOs that they believe
exists in classified form."]
Consider as you read the next several paragraphs whether or not
there is any evidence of CI in the UFO arena.  First, consider
the known and possible players in the UFO game:
1) Government agencies (some of them with secret internal
security responsibilities);
2) Former government employees and military officers (some with
secret documents to release);
3) High-powered academics, most of them with ties to the military
or even intelligence community agencies.  What could some of
these people have learned about CI in the normal course of their
professional career?
4) Private citizens, seemingly unconnected to any government
agency, but actually working for one or more them.  William Moore
comes to mind here, as does (possibly) Allen Hynek, who, as
Vallee says, was thought by many not to be associated with the
Air Force by the early 1960s.  [Editor's Note: There are those
who say that in the late 1980's several members of European
royal houses began to put money into American abduction research
because they believed that members of their family had been
abducted.  Both these research programs and their results are not
intended to be made public.  In the 1990's Robert Bigelow, a
prominent but reclusive Nevada millionaire, sponsored the research
work of several ufologists and funds the National UFO Reporting
Now, consider again the evidence presented in the first three
parts of this paper.  I believe that any objective analysis of
this material will call for further work in this area.  That is,
it seemed there just HAD to be CI effort in the UFO arena.  But
what was its exact nature and who was behind it?  Is this type of
activity still ongoing today?  These are very difficult questions
to answer, though we already have much to go on based on what I
have already presented.  Scenario analysis helps a great deal
here, helps put together large accumulations of data and helps to
organize that data.  Luckily, by the time I needed a scenario I
had at least THREE to work with, an abundance of riches.
So, today, after nearly a decade of hard work and a great deal of
research and analysis, I still have not answered with certainty
any of my fundamental questions about the UFO.  That is, I do not
know exactly WHAT the UFOS are; I do not know for sure WHO is
operating them; I do not know exactly WHAT "they" are doing here
or WHY they are doing it.  But I have some IDEAS about these
questions, some HYPOTHESES, concerning these questions, which we
will be exploring in the final sections of this paper using the
method of scenario analysis.
                        Notes To Part 4a
[47]  AMERICA'S SECRET POWER, see note [13], contains the text
of an interview with Thomas Huston, of the infamous Huston Plan,
(on page 157) which, says the book's author, "called for
lawlessness on the part of American intelligence agencies."  But
the problem was, Huston says, that the programs he suggested in
1973 were ALREADY underway and Top Secret!  Says Huston, "We
didn't know about the CIA mail openings.  I didn't know about the
FBI's COINTELPRO.  These people were conducting these things
without the President's knowledge.  In retrospect, we looked like
damned fools."  Yes, indeed, truth IS stranger than fiction!
[48] In Whitley Strieber's 1995 book BREAKTHROUGH (Putnams) we
read that he refused "recruitment" by "intelligence operatives"
in the 1980s.  But then, after MAJESTIC appeared (1989, Putnams)
he was approached by "Congressional staffers," unnamed, who
eventually were to get from him information on his sources for
MAJESTIC as well as "character studies on various UFO researchers
they asked me about."  See pages 227-28 and pages 249-53 of
BREAKTHROUGH for the details on this interesting affair.
                    [End -- Part 4a of Part Four]
           Val Germann = Val Valerian?  NOT!
                     Val Germann
Back in the late 1980s I was sent some material from an
organization called "The Nevada Aerial Research Group," (NARG)
whose head honcho was a guy named John Grace, who, I am informed,
is a real person, who used to live in Nevada and maybe still
does.  That is about the extent of my knowledge of Mr. Grace
other than that he appears to reside at the far right of the
political spectrum in the United States and believes in so-called
conspiracy theories that would make a Turk blanch.  Oh, well.
As I perused the "NARG" material I noticed that Mr. Grace was
sometimes said to write under the name of "Val Valerian," the
name of a 1950's contactee, or actual alien, some said, who was
ensconced in the Pentagon!  Oh, well.  Years later when I began
posting to UseNet, I wondered if anyone would bring up this
"similarity" in names.  No one did.  Then last year I was
informed that in Volume III of Jerome Clark's UFO ENCYCLOPEDIA I
was IDENTIFIED with John Grace and Val Valerian, that is, my name
was said to be another pseudonym for Mr. Grace.  I have tried to
correct this impression by writing to the publisher of the
ENCYCLOPEDIA, with what result I do not know.
Though some of what I have written may in some elements resemble
the output of Mr. Grace and NARG, I think that any objective look
at what I have written will clearly show a vast difference.  But
this is, after all, the UFO arena and the standards of scholar-
ship are, shall we say, not what they could be.  Oh, well.  Few
of us are getting paid for doing what we are doing and mistakes
are going to get made.  It's a tempest in a teapot.
If you are reading these words, you likely have a computer with a
Web "Who Is" search engine.  Put my name in the hopper: Valentine
H. Germann.  There are two of us in the United States, me and
my father, who lives in Waverly, Missouri.  I live in Columbia,
Missouri and you can read my phone number right off your screen.
If you like, you can call me up and talk to me.  I will probably
answer most of your questions (if they are anywhere near
reasonable) and will likely be polite as well, although when I
called the administrator of this list the other day I have to
admit that I WAS less than polite, though I called back later in
a more tractable mood!  It was because of that little note.
At the top of part 4a of my "Counterintelligence" series, which
appeared on August 8th, the list administrator had put a little
note repeating the ENCYCLOPEDIA error, which was not garnered
from the book but by word of mouth, and stating that my work was
to be judged "with that in mind," or some such.  I wonder who
notified the list administrator of this information, which is not
exactly highlighted in the ENCYCLOPEDIA?  I myself would hate to
guess "in public" because I could be wrong.
Some people say that there is no such thing as bad publicity, and
there is a grain of truth in that.  At one level it is much
better to be thought of as "an associate of John Lear" rather
than what I am, some guy from Missouri.  If a big enough brouhaha
could be made over the Lear issue, and if Mr. Lear could be
dragged into the fray, well, that would be very good for me, at
one level.  What I mean is, more people might wind up reading
what I have written as a result of it being "associated" with
John Lear rather than it being the mere scribblings of some
nobody from one of the nation's backwaters.
On the other hand, I am not John Grace and never have been.  And
I do not know or "associate" with Mr. Lear, though I do admire
him for what he has done.  So, let the record be straightened,
Valentine H. Germann of Columbia, Missouri is NOT John Grace of
somewhere out west, wherever.  And that's an end to that.
For awhile I thought about remaining silent on this issue and
letting it go where it might.  It was sort of interesting being
called an associate of John Lear; it had sort of a cachet.  But
it's not correct and Mr. Lear could swiftly set the record
straight, which would be his perfect right.
So, you'll have to go ahead and read the series with the sad
knowledge that the work is independent of any of the "big
hitters" in ufology, even if these big hitters are from Mr.
Clark's "Dark Side."
At the end of the day none of this is very important.  That is,
those who CAN do are going to DO what they are going to do,
regardless of what anyone says.  Though the sun may be shining on
Mr. Clark's side of the ufological street, it has been raining
pretty steadily on mine.
Valentine H. Germann
Columbia, Missouri
August 9, 1997
The following summarizes the titles and parts of the
essay released so far:
Science, Counterintelligence And UFOs
             Part One   - Abstract and Introduction
             Part Two   - Counterintelligence And UFO Analysis
             Part Three - The Counterintelligence Use Of
                          Research And Analysis In Small-Scale UFO
             Part Four
                4a   - Evaluating UFO Scenarios Using
                4b   - UFO Scenario Analysis: THE KEYHOE SCENARIO
                4c   - The Lear Scenario And UFO History
                4d   - The Streiber Scenario and The Future of The UFO
         Science, Counterintelligence And UFOs
                  Val Germann
                       Columbia, Missouri
                       (C) 1997
                  Part 4b of Four
      UFO Scenario Analysis: THE KEYHOE SCENARIO
In the final three segments of this paper, I will analyze three
different scenarios which purport to explain aspects of the UFO
phenomenon.  They are:
1) THE KEYHOE SCENARIO, in which "others" from another solar
system are here because they may need the Earth as a new home due
to problems with their current planet.
2) THE LEAR SCENARIO, in which a number of groups of "others" are
here, some with special needs, which elements of our elites have
proceeded to meet under the rubric of a "secret deal," a deal
involving the abduction of and experimentation upon U.S.
citizens.  In addition, this "deal" has lately gone bad and led
to friction and even violence between our "dealers" and "them."
3) THE STRIEBER SCENARIO, in which the "visitors" are here to
help us, to transform us, up to a new level of consciousness as
we prepare to take our place in galactic civilization.
Why have I selected these scenarios?  Well, because if true they
would mean major future changes in human attitudes and culture.
For this reason, I care about whether or not these scenarios have
any basis in actual fact.  You see if it is true that UFOs are
here only to fly around at night amazing human beings, just for
the sheer entertainment value of it, well, I don't care about
that, even if it's true.
Indeed, if "others" with incomprehensible technology are here
merely to engage human curiosity, well, that's just OK with me,
more power to them.  But if you have even minimal brain function
you must realize that the chances of this being true are a
million to one against.  It is much more likely that these
"others" are here for a reason, probably a very important one.
Either that or they have resources to throw away on pointless
exercises on other planets or in other dimensions, or whatever.
Does any of that make sense?  No, not on any level.
In looking at these three scenarios we will keep in mind that
much of what we see might NOT be what it appears to be.  This
unfortunate state of affairs is often encountered when leaks and
counter-leaks are in use and the meaning sort of up for grabs.
In such environments the leakers intended meaning has probably
not gotten through without distortion, if only the distortion of
repeated telling.  This is so because, like the Manhattan
Project, the core of any government UFO program is likely to be
verbal and very few genuine "smoking documents" actually exist.
This does not mean, however, that the contents of any particular
"leaked" document are false, not at all.  I simply mean that any
such document is likely to be a very, very good forgery produced
for a very good reason.  We'll come back to this later.
In UFO scenario analysis we have to go with what we have culled
from the public record, with what we have developed on our own
through local field research, and on what others around the
country are willing to tell us about what they believe to be
going on today.  Using all of this information the investigator
hopes to come up with a scenario or an evaluation based on
"fact," or on deductions that can reasonably be made from fact.
But we must never forget that things can deteriorate rapidly when
we are dealing with the UFO.
                    THE KEYHOE SCENARIO
In early 1953, just as the Robertson Panel was beginning a "final
solution" to the UFO problem, Donald Keyhoe was given a report,
or an analysis, by his source in the Pentagon, Al Chop, who later
was to be a NASA official spokesman.  The report was said to have
been authored by an Air Force "intelligence Colonel," named
O'Dell, who Keyhoe professes to know, or at least know of.  The
document was "cleared" Chop says and Keyhoe is invited to show it
to various editors in hopes of getting it published.  The proviso
was the Colonel's name and rank could not be mentioned.
Thus, this scenario is based on what I call an "official leak,"
that is, a leak promulgated by "authority," or at least one
branch of it.  You see, in any large organization under stress
there are those who don't like the program, who have lost the
internal battle and yet feel mistakes have been made.  In such
cases the last-ditch weapon of the bureaucratic loser is the
leak (to friendly members of the press or to other arms of
government) of damaging or interesting information, in hopes of
influencing events within the bureaucracy through external
pressure, pressure brought about due to the leak.
You might consider the Watergate-era source now called "deep
throat," who was no doubt a composite of several people, all of
whom were upset with then-current government policy but not in a
position to do anything about it. . .at least in the open.
Then, of course, there is also the "official leak" that is put
out by the bureaucratic winner, both to vitiate and undermine the
other "official leak," the one put out by the insider losers, and
to bolster the winner's case with outside power interests.  It's
an interesting game inside the Beltway, leak and counter leak.
Such things happen every day and it is very difficult to sift the
wheat from the chaff.  Consideration of this problem can lead to
a "theory of leaks" that might be of considerable value to anyone
trying to evaluate UFO scenarios, as we will soon be doing.
Let us assume for the sake of discussion that there really is a
great secret behind the "UFO" and the U.S. government has more
than just some information about it.  That is, let's assume that
the "UFO Program" has some real dimension and involves at least
several hundred people.  Finally, let's assume that the first
people to "figure out" what was going on were based somewhere
within the USA's intelligence apparatus and that they received
some assistance from our nation's scientific and academic worlds.
Given the above, the UFO information would have at some point
been reported up the information chain which, as we have seen,
includes representatives of our moneyed elites, who always seem to
exist in government.  What would have happened next?
Well, as Ruppelt reports in his book, by the early 1950s the Air
Force had briefed many "great men" of science and industry on the
UFO problem. [49]  Also, we know now that an absolute hotbed of
UFO activity was Latin America, where Nelson Rockefeller had his
own private intelligence network during World War II.  It seems
more than possible that by 1950 or so quite serious scientific
and intelligence work had already been done on UFOs (in secret)
and that numerous of our real decision makers were fully
informed.  The next step would have been a decision, as to how to
proceed, that is, who to inform and who not to inform.  This is
strongly implied by what I call "the first crackdown," which is
also spoken of by Ruppelt in his book. [50]  That is, the UFO was
to continue to be a "Top Secret," or even above.
So, we are almost ready to begin looking at The Keyhoe Scenario.
All we have to do is review the tools we have at our disposal,
the fruits of a great deal of research & analysis of the UFO:
1) A wide-ranging picture of the UFO arena, one reaching back
into the last century (at least) and including follow-ups into
more mundane subjects and sections of our culture and society.
Some 500 books have been read to build up this picture, as well
as hundreds of magazine and journal articles.  This work has
taken five years and resulted in hundreds of pages of notes.
2) An extensive chronology, reaching back as far as relevant data
could be collected, to several thousand years before the current
era.  However, this chronology is most detailed for the period
beginning in about 1890, and includes the world-wide Airship Flap
of 1896-1914, the "ghost squadrons" of the 1930s and numerous and
very modern sounding "UFO sightings" over the same time period.
3) The results of several local investigations, a couple of which
have returned some spectacular results.  The implication of these
investigations have been that the "UFO Phenomenon" is very deeply
embedded into the people of the United States.  A mere modicum of
effort has brought first-person reports from all directions, some
of them genuinely frightening and delivered by frightened people,
some of them neighbors.  Then, of course, there is the fact that
this investigator himself has been a UFO witness, and on more
than one occasion.  This has tended to focus his attention.
4) The beginnings of a theory as to how the UFO would be handled
by our government, our intelligence community and by our social
and cultural elites.  That is, history has shown that something
of this importance would have been kept from the mass of us, who
would have been misinformed, disinformed and generally shut out
of the information flow.  As part of this effort multiple cover
stories would have been put into play, only in part to confuse
the public.  Many of those on the inside would have been given
cover stories as well, as was done in the Manhattan Project,
where only a few had direct information as to what was actually
taking place.  Here begins "the wilderness of mirrors" that those
of us in counterintelligence usually face.  But we also have R&A.
So, let's move on to Keyhoe and his 1953 scenario, one that I
will call, for soon-to-be-obvious reasons, "Planet Earth,
Host To Extraterrestrial Life."  The technique I will use will be
to quote sections of Keyhoe and then respond to them in a
bracketed paragraph set into the text.  I have found this to be
very effective in scenario analysis, the "stream of conscious-
ness" dimension sometimes allowing new associations to come to
the fore, as if from nowhere.  Keyhoe, it turns out, can be an
oracular device, if you have some R&A experience.
Before we begin let me make a few clarifications.  Al Chop I have
already mentioned.  Keyhoe is writing about what happened to him
early in 1953, just after the aforementioned Robertson Committee
had met, though no one knew of it at the time.  The "Utah Film"
was spectacular, taken by a military photographer, and to this
day has never been seen in its entirety by the public, even
though people like Ruppelt spent a lot of effort trying to get
that done.  A "PIO" was a Public Information Officer.  "Riordan"
was a fighter pilot friend of the Major's.  Once again, my
comments will be inside brackets [ ], Keyhoe's text inside
quotation marks.  Here we go.  Begin Scenario [51]:
   "Reaching into a desk drawer, he brought out a manila folder.
As he opened it, I saw several typed pages.
    "This script," he said carefully, "has been approved for
publication--on one condition.  I'll tell you what it is after
you read it."
   "He handed me the pages and I looked at the title:
      ***  Planet Earth--Host To Extraterrestrial Life  ***
   "I stared at Al, then read the beginning.  The key paragraph
repeated a statement which several scientists had made: In some
far-off future, when the earth cools or our sun expands, Man's
only chance for survival will be escape to another planet.  This
situation, the script went on, can be expected on any inhabited
   "Then one line seemed to leap from the page:
   "'Granted that superintelligents in another solar system are
looking for a suitable planet for a second home, why would earth
be singled out?'"
   "I looked at Al in amazement.
   "This is dynamite.  You mean the Air Force wants this made
   "It's not an official statement," he said quickly.
   "Then what is it?"
   "It's one person's opinion--a man named W.C. Odell."
   "Not Colonel Odell, in Intelligence""
   "Well--yes.  But his Air Force connection can't be used on the
   "You'll never keep it secret, if this gets into print.  The
boys in the press will dig it up.  When that hits the wires,
it'll raise holy hell."
[Yes, exactly, that's exactly what would have happened.  Except
this particular leak did not get into print until Keyhoe's book
came out.  That is, the Robertson Committee counterattack killed
any chance of this scenario "hitting the wires" in the months
that immediately followed the decision of that panel. (52)]
   "The Air Force would say it was simply one man's opinion."
   "But an Intelligence colonel!"  Why take the risk--now!"
[What was so stressful about "now?"  Well, it was because the
year 1952 had seen the rise of near panic within some of the
uniformed military due to the Washington, D.C. sighting wave.
The Air Force had calmed the public down but many on the inside
knew better.  Keyhoe was alert to the fact that this scenario
would resonate most strongly not with the public but with many on
the inside, who were looking for an end to the secrecy or at
least something to hold onto. (53)]
   "Odell has the right to express a personal opinion, if it
doesn't violate security."
   "For heaven's sake, Al!  You know what this means.  If this
invasion idea gets out after you show the Utah film--"
   "It won't be published then, no magazine could get it on the
stands that quick."
   "You think they'd sit on it that long?  The minute the Utah
story breaks out, they'd resell it to a wire service, with joint
   "Al was silent.
   "You want me to show this to TRUE Magazine--is that it?"
   "Yes, or any other magazine you write for.  But make sure it
is clear that Odell's Air Force rank can't be used."
[What is the purpose here?  Why do some on the inside want this
"explanation" out?  For the public?  I don't think so.  I think
this was really aimed at those close to the secret but not in
possession of the truth.  Ruppelt and Keyhoe both implied that
some of these people were VERY upset about the UFO program and
the threat was that these people would leak.  So, how to stop
some of them?  Well, you could put yet another story into the
bodyguard of lies around the UFO, and Keyhoe is the vehicle.  He
has credibility and contacts and what he says and writes has
impact within the bureaucracy.  Under my self-generated rubric,
if a leak is mainly for internal consumption, I call it a
"tactical leak."  But if goes farther, out into the public realm,
I call it "strategic."  This is an example of a strategic leak.]
   "Look, Al, I've got to know what's back of this.  Does the Air
Force want it out as one of the possible answers?"
[Sure, Don, that's what they want!  But think about it, who would
REALLY pay attention to this scenario?  Well, I know who, someone
who had a little information and was worried about what he had
found out or been told, and wished to hell he knew more because
he didn't like the implications of what he knew!]
   "Al shook his head.  "I told you it was just one man's idea.
Security Review passed it.  That's all I know.
   He put the script in an envelope, along with the February
cases he'd cleared.
   "Show it to your editors, and let me know their reactions as
soon as you can."
   I went out, still astonished.  Even if Al were telling the
truth, it was incredible that Colonel Odell's suggestion should
be made public now.  On the face of it, the Air Force was
throwing caution to the winds.  But knowing the fight against
even the film showing, I couldn't believe it.  There must be some
other answer.
[Yes, Don, there was another answer, one I think you probably
knew but were in no position to reveal!  That is, the bodyguard
of lies needed some reinforcement, not that this story was simply
a lie, not at all!  The implications are awesome, are they not!
I think so.  In some ways this account is more explosive than the
so-called Lear Letters.  For instance, does the word "visitor"
fit in with the probable intentions of the entities under
consideration here?  I don't think so, do you?]
   Stopping under a corridor light, I read over the entire
script.  It was quietly written, the invasion suggestions
sandwiched between discussions of space travel and astronomy.
There was no hint of a violent occupation of the earth.  But
nothing could reduce the impact of Odell's suggestion.
   If he were right, unknown beings from a dying planet were
considering the earth as a possible haven--a new home in which to
perpetuate their race.  Possibly, as Odell said, the long survey
would prove our world was not suitable.  Otherwise, Planet Earth
might become--willingly or no--a "host to extraterrestrial life."
[Yes, indeed, here we are.  Let us suppose that some very strange
rumors were circulating within the "UFO program," within our
military and intelligence agencies.  Let us further suppose that
these rumors were shaking the faith of some "in on" parts of the
real story.  They were wavering, in danger of breaking their
sworn oaths and going public, out of concern for the general
public, the mass of humanity, or even worry about their jobs.]
[They needed some strokes, something they could hold onto and
would allow them to sleep.  "Ah, yes," the wavering insiders
might have said after reading this, "Here it is!.  These
"others," that we KNOW are here (and doing things we can't figure
out), are actually here because they are weak and dying.  If we
are "helping" them it's only out of pity and consideration for
another life form and civilization.  And there is no immediate
threat, nothing to really worry about, nothing for me to go to
the wall about!  Wow, am I glad of that!"  I think this could
have going on back in the early 1950s.]
   "On the way to the airport, I thought over Odell's suggestion.
The mass migration idea wasn't new--it had been used in dozens of
stories and plays.  But I'd never taken it seriously; moving any
large number of people from a distant planet seemed impossible.
[And still does.  But, of course, there are other ways to crank
up population in a faraway place, aren't there?  Genetic ways.]
   "Of course, it could be done gradually, over a period of time.
Even then, the problems seemed enormous, though they might not be
barriers to a race which had long ago mastered space travel.
[And it could take quite a while using "genetic" methods, too,
and it would take large resources, which you probably could not
bring with you.  But you might get them from the folks on the
scene, might you not -- especially for an emolument?]
   "How would Man, in some far-distant age, go about migrating to
another planet?
   "In that far-distant time, Man would certainly have mastered
interstellar flight.  Long before the earth becomes unbearably
hot or cold, our descendants would begin to look for a new home
in the universe.
   "Since no solar system planet has a climate like earth's, the
nearest star systems would be explored first.  Perhaps a twin to
the Earth will be found; if not, the explorers would search
farther and farther.
   "During a long exploration more than one earth "twin" might be
found.  If the nearest one were inhabited, our descendants might
choose a more distant planet, especially if the planet race were
strong enough to resist invasion.
[Or didn't have the right genetic "mix" to help us out!]
   "Once an Earth II was selected, bases would be set up and an
occupation force gradually brought in.
[Would we tell the "natives" what we were doing, if what we were
doing would involve the paving of the place and the building of a
Howard Johnson at every InterState exit?]
   "On a planet similar to this, evolution probably would have
produced fish and fowl, also animals which the colonists could
domesticate.  If not, small numbers could be brought in to start
such life.
[Or, more likely, genetically create or re-create such life!]
   "Even with giant spaceships, moving most of the earth's
population would be impossible.  At first, probably, migration
would be limited to technicians, builders, defense forces and
their families.  It might take hundreds of years for Earth II to
be fully occupied.  Migration might be voluntary, but probably it
would be restricted to younger age groups--except for key
scientists and various experts.
[Yes, they would be the ones who would set up the reproduction
facilities and negotiate with the local population, who would
supply energy and material in sufficient quantity to get the job
done.  Of course, you would not TELL the locals what you were
actually doing, and you would give them a few trinkets, telling
them more might be coming if they cooperated.  The best way to
keep a secret is to pretend to share one, so said Allen Dulles!]
   "But if the planet were inhabited, a different plan would be
used.  The choice of such a planet might be forced on the
Earthlings; it might be the only one on which they might
survive.  Or it could be a cynically deliberate choice--the
homes, industries, farms and mineral supplies of the planet race
might be short cuts to colonization.
[I rather think "would be" can be substituted for "might be."]
   "Either way, the fate of the planet's inhabitants would depend
on the character of future man.  By then, a wiser human race may
have outlawed war, or they may have degenerated into scientific
[Of course, we are super-civilized today and our elites' motives
vis-a-vis our own population and that of the rest of the planet
are as pure as the driven snow, are they not?  Well, maybe, but
there are the continuing revelations about the radiation
experiments and nuclear testing outrages that date from the same
time period we are dealing with here -- the early 1950s.  But, of
course, nothing like that could be taking place today, right?]
   "If our descendants were peaceful, they could suggest a
friendly coexistence to the planet race: the earth's scientific
advancement might be held out as an inducement.
[Yes, folks, the year is 1953 but elements of the Lear Scenario
were in the mind of someone in the Air Force, weren't they?]
   "But if future Man is a cruel materialist, he would take one
of two steps:
   1)  Destroy the inhabitants and take over their world.
   2)  Conquer them and use the captive race as forced labor.
[Well, Don, that's not ALL they could do.  Much worse is quite
possible if one takes the time to think about it. ]
   "Even if the earthlings desire peaceful occupation, it might
not succeed.  A race too weak to resist would be no problem but
an advanced race might fight.  If the planet were the only
possible choice for Earth II, our descendants would probably have
to use force if reason failed.  Once in control, they might
persuade the inhabitants to cooperate in exchange for their
[What an awesome imagination this "Air Force" Colonel had back in
the early 1950s.  Just awesome.  Or perhaps was something more
than simple "imagination" involved?  It's worth a thought.]
   "When I went into the airport terminal, there was no sign of
Riordan.  He came in a few minutes later, as I was leaving the
American Airlines counter.  We went up to the deserted mezzanine
section and I told him about Colonel Odell's migration answer.
   "Good Lord!" Riordan said.  "Does the Air Force really believe
   "I don't think so, but I'm puzzled at their letting Odell say
[This, of course, is exactly the proper response and a question
that Keyhoe does not really answer to my satisfaction, perhaps
because if he did he might have to think about what HIS role was
in all of this!  Was Keyhoe the knowing last link in a chain?]
   "Riordan skipped through the typescript, pausing at the key
   "It's fantastic," he muttered, "If an Intelligence colonel
hadn't written it--" he stopped.  "There's one thing for sure, if
any other race tried to muscle in here, there'd be one hell of a
   "It would depend on their weapons--"
   "We'd fight anyway," Riordan said.  "I can't see Americans--or
the rest of the world, either--letting themselves be pushed off
onto reservations like the Indians.  They'd have to finish us off
before they could settle here."
[Yes, indeed, so they would. . .wouldn't they?  But maybe not,
especially as "we" didn't find out before it was too late and
those providing the resources to these "others" had their spots
in the new regime all lined up in advance!  At that point "we"
would become expendable and would be expended, if only to make
room for the New Earthers, who would live happily ever after in
blessed Communion with the descendants of those humans who had
helped the settlers-to-be so much!  Interesting, is it not?]
   "I still think one of the other answers is more likely.  But
even if it's true, it doesn't mean they've definitely decided on
the Earth.  They may be considering some other planet.  They
might have trouble with our atmosphere; if they find they can't
adjust they might give up.  There could be a dozen reasons why
they'd have trouble settling here."
[Yes, exactly, it would take quite a while to find out if the
genetic engineering was going to work.  It might take a decade.
It might take a century.  But most likely it would take a lot
longer, perhaps thousands of our years.  But then, when things
proved out, you might want to move fast, very fast by your
standards, and wrap things up in, oh, say, 50 or 75 of our years.
After all, you have made a considerable investment with a long
payoff horizon.  But when it's time for the payoff. . .]
   "Even if they did select the earth, it could take them years
to be able to start migration.  And if they tried it on a small
scale, we could handle them.
[Well, yes, unless these "others" rolled into town offering MAJIC
beans and an alliance, and pleading extreme need and weakness, in
effect "handling" us!  That might allow them to operate here with
very small numbers, if the technology was sufficiently high. ]
   "Also, we might have space ships by then, maybe new weapons to
hit them with."
[Perhaps.  But in any event we'd sure LIKE to have them, wouldn't
we?  Yes.  Which is all the more reason we'd be eager to make
some kind of a "quid quo pro" deal, if one were offered, right?]
   "Of course, if the earth was their only choice, they might
rush things."
[Yes, just as they appear to be rushing things now, in 1997!]
   "Riordan made a face, "Damn it, I still say it's fantastic,
intelligence colonel or not!"
[Well, Jim, you're not supposed to believe it, you don't know
enough.  But to someone with a little knowledge this would have
had the ring of absolute truth, would it have not!?]
   "The thing that bothers me," I said, "Is the Air Force
clearing this thing."
[Yes, Don, that IS the question -- and why won't you speculate?
Is it because if you did, you might induce the READER to
speculate?  I think that was the case.]
   "As my airliner droned over Baltimore, I looked down over the
sprawling city.  Would this and other American cities be coveted
by unknown space races?  Would they offer the homes, industries
and food that these mysterious beings required?  Or would their
needs be totally different?  Even if they closely resembled us in
form, they might have developed a civilization so strange that
ours would be totally useless to them. . .
[That's right, and even this would take a long time to overcome,
a long time to establish communication, a long time to establish
the kind of relationship required.  It might take many years.]
   "For two days after my return from New York, I heard nothing
from the Pentagon.  Finally I called Chop, but a PIO told me he
was in a conference.
   "I left word for him to call, and a little later the phone
rang.  But instead of Al, it was Henry Brennard, the man who had
tipped me off to the Utah pictures.
   "Did you hear about yesterday's blow-up over the saucers?"
   "No," I said, "What happened?"
   "There's been a rush of new sightings."
   "I know that.  Chop told me."
   "Well, most of them have been kept quiet. . .then on top of
that an Intelligence colonel got an article cleared."
   "You mean the Odell piece?  They let me see it."
   "That set off another row. . .it's another argument for
slamming down the lid tight."
[Here we see it, the bureaucratic winners are perhaps angry about
the leak, which they might see as too much.  This would lead one
to believe that Keyhoe is a conduit for those upset with policy.
But, you never know, the crackdown could have been just for
effect.  That is, if the real power were behind the leak, either
by proxy or directly, they MUST crack down on it at some point or
the mark, er, the target audience, might begin to catch on to the
possible truth about the source of this leak.]
   "You mean they've done that?"
   "No, but the Central Intelligence Agency recommended it,"
Brennard said.  "At least that's what I heard."
[When this book was published the "CIA" was almost unknown to the
general public.  But to a government insider, it was different.]
   "How did the CIA get into this?"
   "The Air Force gave some of their top men a secret briefing.
The CIA people advised them to put out a new report, debunking
the saucers the way they did in '49--tell the people the project
was ended, and then carry it on underground.  It'd probably be
top secret."
[In 1949 occurred what I call the "First Crackdown" and everyone
at Wright Field was fired or transferred. . .except Hynek.
(Editor's note: the "First Crackdown" was marked by the transition
between Projects Sign and Grudge).  Now, I invite my readers to
make of this what they will.  In any event, the 1953 crackdown
was SERIOUS, and it finally did the job of all but killing the
UFO with respectable Americans. (54)]
   "They'd never get away with it--not with all they've let out
now!    I don't think they'll even try.  Some of the boys are mad
at the CIA for even suggesting it. . . "
[That is, the regular military is mad -- at the CIA, those Ivy
League bunglers and spies!  And why shouldn't they be mad!  The
whole thing probably stunk to high heaven to some of them,
perhaps even to a young Lt. Corso, who might have known something
even then. . .though he admits to little in his new book.]
   "I had barely had time to put down the phone when it rang
again.  This time it was Al.
   "I've resigned," he said bluntly.  "You'd better come on in
and meet my relief."
   "Look, I heard there's been a big row over the Utah film."
   "I don't want to talk about that now.  Come on over to my
place tonight and I'll tell you what I can."
   When I saw Al that night he told me that there were two groups
deadlocked over the secret film. . .one group wants to say the
objects might have been reflections."
[The insiders are viciously fighting over the UFOs.  Why?  Can it
really be all about "lights in the skies?"  I don't think so.]
   "But the analysis!" I said.  "Those speeds and maneuvers
proved the things couldn't be birds or balloons--or even jets.
Both ATIC and the Navy agreed on that."
   "It's not my suggestion--don't get mad at me. . .they honestly
think they're right--that it's better to keep the thing quiet and
not stir up the people."
[Yes, indeed, they don't want to stir anyone up!  They might
begin to do some analysis, ask questions, maybe the right ones! ]
   "It's a dangerous gamble, Al.  What if something happens and
the public isn't prepared--"
[Can you believe it, at this point Keyhoe thinks "invasion" might
be imminent and wants to guard against panic!  And Chop doesn't
blink an eye.  What must they have known.]
   "I know, but it isn't settled.  We may yet win."
[Of course, we know now that they DIDN'T win, the censorship boys
did.  And today, the public is about 40 years behind in the
information game, a lag that could prove to be deadly as the next
century unfolds.  Take a look at Keyhoe's closing paragraphs.]
   "If there is any proof that attack or invasion is planned--we
should be told at once.  The American people have risen to
supreme heights before.  They would undoubtedly meet this danger,
after the first hysteria, as bravely as they have faced all of
our great crises.
   "All of us--every nation--should be told the truth and be made
ready for the saucer landings.  Even if we are fully prepared,
there will be tense moments.  We must accept the possibility that
the saucer creatures will differ from us in form.  Even if they
are utterly friendly, their strange appearance could cause panic.
But there may be no such problem.  These beings from another
world may resemble us closely, in form if not in size.
Regardless of their appearance, we must be ready to match the
friendliness of any strangers from space.  Those first dramatic
moments may decide the fate of our world.
[Yes, Don, we must be ready to "match the friendliness" of these
others.  But how will we know if they're "friendly?"  Do we just
ask them. . .and then take their word for it?  I don't think so.]
              ** End Quotations from Keyhoe **
Well, that was quite a roller coaster ride, wasn't it?  But there
were significant items glossed over or not discussed, among them:
1) If the leak is accepted as "true" then elements of the U.S.
government, its military and its intelligence apparatus must have
had intimate communications with these "others" before this time,
that is, before 1953.  Notice the word "intimate" and think about
what that means.  How long does it take a human anthropologist to
figure out a human culture encountered for the first time?  Well,
it can take decades!  Can we really believe that in only a few
years "the Air Force" had these "others" figured out so well that
their motivation and condition were known?   I don't think so.
2) If "the Air Force" was communicating with these "others" then
it had to be at "their" pleasure.  That is, THEY were the ones
with the high-speed vehicles shooting out of the atmosphere at
will, not us.  So, whatever "the Air Force" was told by them was
what THEY wanted us to know and nothing more. How could WE have
validated THEIR communications.  I don't know, unless certain
representatives were taken to their home planet and shown the
situation, as today North Korea takes westerners around and shows
them the environmental devastation rampant in that country.  But
if such a thing were true who would be the ones going?  Who would
authorize it?  Who would organize it?  How secret would THAT
program be, do you think?
3) And do not miss the fact that strongly implied in this
scenario is the idea that these others need help and that we on
Earth have the ability to give them help.  How much of a leap
is it then to a "quid pro quo" of some kind?  Not much perhaps.
4) With the above in mind let's think about the Roswell "crash."
We are asked to believe that a "flying saucer" went down out in
the desert and the "others" JUST LEFT IT THERE, the same way ET's
parents flew off and left him.  Well, that simply won't wash.
Why didn't they return and pick up their vehicle and its crew?
There is only one reason, in my view, and that revolves around
the idea that Roswell was not any kind of "crash" at all, but
rather something else entirely.
5) So, think once again about the Roswell "crash."  What if THEY
were already looking for a "deal" in the middle-1940s, and were
in a bit of a hurry and working with a slightly obtuse bunch of
military and intelligence officers.  One way to get our guys'
attention really fast would be to drop a "flying saucer" near,
say, our nuclear testing grounds, an area crawling with
military personnel yet remote and easy to seal off.  It might be
days before these sharpies caught on but once they did, oh, boy!
In this scenario the "crash" is the opening gambit that leads to
communication and the setting out of terms and conditions, as
well as demonstrating the possible benefits to anyone who plays
ball.  This would be a situation tailor-made to appeal to those
at the upper end of our society, both military and civilian.
Wrapped around any such arrangement would be a onion-like cocoon
of cover stories, some of which THEY would have helped us put
into play.  That is, there is a BIG difference between picking
something up off the ground, by accident, and accepting something
from "others," isn't there?  Yes, there is.  Getting the Roswell
vehicle after a "crash" would have short-circuited all kinds of
messy questions about the origin of the thing, and allowed all
sorts of "limited hang-out" leaks to be promulgated, all without
doing any damage to the REAL story, which would seem to be denied
by the facts themselves, facts which would also seem damaging to
our higher-ups in the military and intelligence.  This is top-
flight Black Propaganda, good enough to have taken four decades
or so to crack, if this scenario is anywhere near the "truth."
With this we leave THE KEYHOE SCENARIO and prepare to deal with
the one suggested ten years ago by John Lear and the people who
were leaking to him.  Prior to 1987 and things like The Lear
Letters and Communion, UFOs were "fun" for me, an intellectual
game of great interest, on a par with high-tech statistical
baseball or the making of optical surfaces, two pursuits in which
I also indulge.  But after Lear and Strieber the "fun" started to
go out of ufology and a grim sort of reality began to creep in
around the edges.  Then, in 1988, that grim reality began to pour
in, through every nook and cranny, and UFOs stopped being fun at
all, at least for me.  You will see what I mean as we continue.
                     Notes To Part 4b
[49]  On page 109 his REPORT (see Note [3]) Ruppelt talks about a
group who, ". . .due to their association with government, had
complete access to our files.  They were scientists, rocket
experts, nuclear physicists and intelligence experts.  They had
banded together to study the UFO because they were convinced that
some of them represented interplanetary space ships."  See Note
[44] for Ruppelt's "great men" statement.
[50]  Ibid, beginning on page 56 and continuing through Chapter
Five, "The Dark Ages," Ruppelt documents the crackdown.  On page
58 Ruppelt says, "The change in operating procedure was so
pronounced that I wondered if there wasn't a hidden reason for
it."  Ruppelt goes on to say that this happened at a time when
the UFO reports were getting better and better, not worse and
worse.  Then he states, again on page 58, "Maybe I was just
playing the front man to a big cover-up."  On the next page he
says, "Early in 1949 there was a 'new look' in UFOs, just as
there was in women's fashion.  The new look was to 'cuss 'em."
[51]  These quotations are taken from FLYING SAUCERS FROM OUTER
SPACE, Donald Keyhoe, Henry Holt & Company, 1953.  The book
covers the same basic time frame as Ruppelt does but from two
different perspectives.  And Ruppelt's book came out three years
later, and shows it.  Ruppelt's book is crafted.
[52]  See ABOVE TOP SECRET, previously cited, pp. 335-339 for
details of the Robertson Committee or Panel.  On page 209 of
Ruppelt's book he begins to describe his experience with what he
calls "our panel of experts."  It is most interesting.  The text
of this group's report would not be seen by the public until the
late 1960s, and even then only the summary was released.  The
recommendation of the panel was that since there was really
nothing to UFO reports they should be debunked mercilessly in the
public prints.  And this was made so.
[53]  Keyhoe discusses the tensions of this time in Chapter Four
of his FLYING SAUCERS, a chapter entitled "The July Crisis."  In
Ruppelt's REPORT, on page 152, he writes about "one group getting
dead serious" about the rise in UFO reports and wanting something
done.  Then Ruppelt says, "The enthusiasm of this group took a
firm hold at the Pentagon, at Air Defense Command Headquarters,
on the Research and Development Board, and at many other agencies
throughout the government."  Now, read that last sentence again.
[54]  Frank Edwards, listed in 1953 as one of the three top radio
journalists in the United States (along with Edward R. Murrow and
Lowell Thomas) would be fired in August, 1954 because, Edwards
was to say, "I talked to much about flying saucers."  See FLYING
SAUCERS, SERIOUS BUSINESS, Lyle Stuart, 1966, page 197.  For a
fine look at Edwards' career, see Sach's ENCYCLOPEDIA, previously
cited, pages 90 and 91.
                   [End -- Part 4b of Part Four]
: Science, Counterintelligence And UFOs
   Part One   - Abstract and Introduction
   Part Two   - Counterintelligence And UFO Analysis
   Part Three - The Counterintelligence Use Of
                Research And Analysis In Small-Scale UFO
   Part Four
     4a   - Evaluating UFO Scenarios Using
     4b   - UFO Scenario Analysis: THE KEYHOE SCENARIO
     4c   - The Lear Scenario And UFO History
            4c-1 The Lear Scenario: Introduction and Background
            4c-2 The Lear Scenario: Analysis
            4c-3 The Lear Scenario: Notes To Section 4c
     4d   - The Streiber Scenario and The Future of The UFO
We apologize for the endless proliferation of parts;
however, this essay has grown far beyond the original
intent.  Unfortunately, we still don't know how long it
will ultimately be as it is still being completed.
                Columbia, Missouri
        Science, Counterintelligence And UFOs
 Part 4c-1: The Lear Scenario And The History Of The UFO
                   Val Germann
With this scenario we at last step off the cliff and out into
space, at least as far as many in "ufology" are concerned.  This
has always struck me as a bit odd, the intellectual equivalent of
a geologist trying to study a rock with a ten-foot pole.  That
is, we ARE looking into the possibility of "others" operating
here on Earth, aren't we?  Yes.  Well, where are the limits to
that?  Are we to build artificial fences around an inquiry that
could be of vast importance?  Apparently so.  It's that middle-
class-respectable mentality again; some things are just taboo.
"Well, yes, I seriously consider the possibility that "others"
are here on Earth with us today," some seem to say, "but they
just fly around in their vehicles and don't actually DO
anything, other than perhaps crash occasionally."  Such people are
to ufology what Bill Clinton is to marijuana smoking.  That is,
they are tarred with the brush of illicit consumption without
deriving any benefit from it.  The idea that you can be a
"respectable ufologist" by avoiding the unpleasant elements in
the field is akin to thinking you can be "a little bit pregnant"
by saying "no" a day late.  If you doubt my take on this look at
the current issue of ASTRONOMY magazine and see what the next
generation of scientists is reading about us.  [55]
Are strange beings from other worlds or dimensions here on Earth
doing things?  And if they are, are they just playing around or
are they here for a reason, a reason of importance?  And if
they're here for no significant reason, why do you care?
When the Spanish missionaries moved into North America to "save"
the natives from paganism there were millions of those Indians
running around.  And they had their own culture with an ancient
history and literature.  Twenty-five years later, with the cross
triumphant, death and devastation ruled the scene.
As a Catholic I sometimes wonder if those millions of souls now
reside in heaven or hell.  Thomas Aquinas, a "father" of the
Catholic Church who helped rehabilitate the ancient Greeks for
Medieval Europe, once wrote that the only people who couldn't be
saved are those who wouldn't be dragged into heaven with wild
horses, or something like that.  (He was very ecumenical.)  I
tend to side with the great Aquinas on this and so put those
Indians with the saints in heaven, where they no doubt have to
rub shoulders with their killers from this life.  Or, maybe not.
In any event, I have steeped myself in UFO lore, ALL of it, for a
decade now.  I thus consider myself a "UFO analyst" (in the OSS,
R&A sense) of some ability, though this is hardly a recom-
mendation in the wider world.  And I state from my exalted
position that it is disgusting but true that elements of
the Lear Letters "fit" with other information I have gathered
over the years.  And the Letters explain, where little else will,
certain aspects of the UFO phenomenon.  Does this make them true,
whatever that means?  No.  Does it make them interesting?  Yes.
I tend to believe in a sort of "zeitgeist" existing at any given
time in history.  We all sense this, that every historical period
has a motif that dominates, a "spirit" that defines it.  My term
for the Post World War II period in American history, as set out
in my Chronology, has been "The Age Of Betrayal." [56] That is,
in spite of all of our recent material development, which has
been a boon to most of us (and to ALL male, middle-class ufolo-
gists), the basic lesson of the last 50 years is that the
improvements we little people have seen were at the convenience
of our betters (and are being reversed now) and that our health
and safety are in fact quite incidental to other operations.
I grew up in Carroll County, Missouri, in the 1950s, and we got
pasted several times with fallout, as did much of the rest of the
northern half of our state. [57]  Several of my friends from
school are already dead of cancer and two of my three sisters
have developed the disease.  Two cousins of mine have died of
cancer, one of them at the age of 15, after a horrible battle
that lasted several years.  Thus, I am on my guard.
I believe that if you will study the record carefully you will
find that where the rubber meets the road the individual citizen
is quite expendable, at least as far as our economic elites are
concerned.  Recent history abundantly shows, if you will take the
time to examine it, that the moment any one of us becomes a
burden to some of our top dogs, or becomes inconvenient to them,
well, we are very likely to soon be gone, sometimes displaced,
sometimes injured, sometimes even killed.  And all the claptrap
about Constitutional rights and such are of no consequence.
Those of you who follow the "open source" U.S. press are no doubt
aware of the following information, all of which was "in the
news" of late and should be easy to find if desired:
1) When the government wanted to test the effects of radiation on
infants, Black women from the south were enticed into programs
under which they were given metered doses of various radioactive
substances, provoking one upset researcher to write that the
program had "the Buchenwald touch."  Information about this
program was released voluntarily by the government and it must be
noted that it is nearly of a "control" type, that is, very low
doses were involved.  But almost without a doubt the "real" data,
what they were REALLY after, and what they REALLY got, will never
see the light of day.  That program is STILL a very deep secret.
2) The Tuskegee syphilis studies, involving Black male prisoners,
ran for decades and effected hundreds of people but generated
career-advancing data for many, many government and private
researchers, nearly all of them white.  The fact that it wreaked
havoc on hundreds of Black families did not become an issue for
3) In St. Louis, the early 1950s, the Army proposed to spray a
"harmless" bacteria into the air over the city and then sample
the population to see how the bacteria was propagated and
absorbed.  The city fathers reluctantly agreed -- to let the Army
spray the material over the Black parts of town, which was done.
Here in the Midwest what used to be called "miscegenation" is
still very strongly frowned upon.  I am referring to interracial
marriage.  Many, many Black men in the United States have met
with bad ends as a result of marrying a White woman, as have some
of the women who married those men.  Let me see, what was the
racial status of the first couple known to be abducted in the
United States?  I find that datum most interesting.
4) The U.S. Army and the Atomic Energy Commission knowingly
exposed tens of thousands of U.S. soldiers to huge amounts of
radiation during nuclear tests in the 1950s.  This is on a par
with what was done to the Navaho uranium miners, who were allowed
to work without safety equipment, for years, in conditions that
were KNOWN (thanks to "liberated" Nazi data) to have killed
uranium miners in Europe by the hundreds.
5) In 1992 I had a student in my class, a recently discharged
Marine, who had spent many months in Kuwait during the Gulf War
of 1991.  He told me he was quite ill much of the time, as were
several of his Marine buddies.  This scandal, of thousands of
U.S. military personnel exposed to toxic substances and then
discharged with no medical benefits whatsoever, harks back to the
Spanish-American War, when similar scandals (involving hundreds
of U.S. soldiers stranded in the Far East) led to the creation
of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. [58]
In other countries, where local interests come up against our
multi-national corporations, the situation can be truly awesome.
The recent book THY WILL BE DONE, [58], shows how various
American organizations, operating mainly under Rockefeller aegis,
have killed hundreds of thousands of "native" South Americans,
all in the pursuit of oil, minerals or grazing lands, since the
First World War.  Then there was Vietnam. [59]
So, for me, the Lear Letters were shocking and disgusting but
hardly outside the pale.  This was because I already was a
witness to the unspeakable (produced by human beings) and
suspected that something large, something unspeakable, something
TRULY "alien," was behind the program these "others" were
running.  The Lear Letters were no worse, in many ways, that what
was on the public record, if one was willing to examine it.
I first saw the Lear Letters in January, 1989, which was not a
good time for me, ufologically speaking.  The reasons were:
1) A horrific "cattle mutilation" flap had just ended here;
2) I was getting frightening information from several sources.
No doubt about it, the Lear Letters fell on fertile ground, in
part because I had been hearing summaries of the Letters since
mid-1988, just before animals had started dying under mysterious
circumstances, out in the county and even right here in Columbia,
in one case only blocks from my house.
On the national scene interest in UFOs was on the rise, due
primarily to Whitley Strieber's COMMUNION, which landed him on
Johnny Carson and in The New York TIMES.  The Lear material never
went "national" in the same way, at least not with the public.
But to those seriously looking into UFOs and paying attention to
the literature, the Lear Letters caused a sensation.
The gist of the Letters was that the United States government has
known about "aliens" since the late 1940s, has been in contact
with them since 1964 and has been ALLIED with one group of them
since the 1960s. [60] But that wasn't the heart of the matter.
It seems that our higher-ups were said to have a made "deal" with
these "aliens," a deal that traded the bodies of U.S. citizens
for certain esoteric vehicles and technology.  Thousands of
people were said to have been abducted and experimented upon.
The visible source was John Lear, son of the founder of Lear
Instruments and a military and airline pilot extraordinaire.
Included in the first Lear Letter was an update of the Keyhoe
scenario, one that depicted the "Grays" as being in very deep
trouble and needing human genetic material to both sustain
themselves and to reproduce.  One human mutilation was written of
by Lear but it was stated that many more had been done and that
in facilities shared with "them" there were "huge vats filled
with amber liquid" containing human body parts.  Lear's sources
went on to say that when it was discovered that some of the
nation's "runaway children" were being used for nutrition by the
Grays, an attempt was made to terminate some operations, with
disastrous results for our side.  Here was a gruesome detail all
but guaranteed to put this information beyond the pale with
nearly every respectable ufologist.  Who could believe this kind
of horror story!?  Well, I could -- at least entertain it.
Lear went on to outline what he called "the Grand Deception"
which was a large-scale psych-war program to both hide these
operations from the public while at the same time preparing that
same public for a possible full confession by our elites, should
the situation requires it.  This left him wide open to standard
charges of "conspiracy theorist," which in some circles are magic
words ending study and discussion.  But not for me. [61]
The first Lear Letter was apparently circulated in the fall of
1987, at about the same time as COMMUNION was climbing the
best-seller charts.  The second letter, a summary of the long-
rumored "Grudge 13" material, appeared just about the same time
(late '88) as a cable program called "UFO COVER-UP, LIVE!" aired,
which could have been viewed as an "anti-Lear show," speaking as
it did of strange yet friendly aliens guesting in underground bases
out West, eating strawberry ice cream and telling us all about their
civilization.  It was sort of like "ET" had grown up and was now
instructing us in his alien ways. [62]
At this same time, I met a former Army man who told me that he had
seen something that looked for all the world like a flying
saucer, up on large wooden blocks, in an Air Force hanger.  For
25 years he had kept the secret but now, with all that was taking
place, he wanted to tell someone.  "Thanks a lot," I said.
And then I met another ex-military man who gave me a story that
put the one above into the shade.  It was a doozy, and it fit
much better into a "Strieber-esque" world than into the world of
Lear, although there was some overlap.  More on this in Part 4d.
But it was the local animal deaths that were absolutely chilling.
In one local case several cattle were found dead, lined up in a
field, with the typical "mutilation" marks.  More than thirty
gallons of blood was missing and nowhere to be seen.  In another
case a calf, a family pet, was removed from a locked pen near the
house and deposited the next morning, dead, directly in front of
the house, similarly "mutilated."  In the latter case local law
enforcement, shocked to the core along with the owner of the
animal and his family, formed a 1/4-mile-long skirmish line and
swept a circle one-half mile in diameter, finding not one clue as
to how this crime was committed.
Needless to say, the local area was in an uproar, though all most
people heard was nonsense about "Satanic cults."  But in spite of
intense investigation, including helicopter-borne reaction teams
and state police support, no one was ever charged with any of the
horrible animal deaths that occurred. [63] In their desperation
the sheriff's department arrested a kid from Centralia, up the
road, and told the press that he was part of a Satanic gang that
was being broken up.  But he had an alibi for everything and in
the very nasty affair that followed one deputy sheriff was fired
and the arrestee accepted a settlement from the county.  And
that's where it has stood through all the years since.
The topper, for me, was a cat, found in my neighborhood, flayed
alive.  That is, the elderly woman who owned this cat heard it on
the front porch, and upon opening the door, found the animal
standing up, shaking, without any skin, even on its head!  It
died in agony minutes later and the police were called.  But what
could they do?  It happened in broad daylight, in a part of town
where everyone knows everyone else.  No one had seen a thing.
So, as you can see, I was set up for the Lear Letters and they
lit my afterburners in a big way.  I redoubled my research
efforts and in the middle of this work my phone seemed to get
tapped, as I related earlier.  By the very late 1980s I had been
on the "Dark Side" of the UFO for quite a while and there was no
end in sight.  The Lear Letters fit right into this situation.
The first version of the scenario you are about to read was
written in 1990 and then revised somewhat in 1991.  I am
expanding it for this publication and taking the time to explain
some of the references to the Letters themselves, which many
readers may have never seen in the original.  By the way, I got
my copy from a gentleman who worked at the time for Digital
Equipment Corporation (DEC) and he took it off his company's
computer bulletin board!  But I believe that ParaNet was the
original medium through which this material was made public.
What I am going to do is use the Lear Letters as a controlling
framework for a "new look" at the 50-year history of the UFO.  Are
the Lear Letters "true?"  Who knows?  Do they explain some things
that are otherwise unexplainable?  Maybe.  See what you think.
The Lear Letters do not have the cachet of the Keyhoe material.
The original information, relayed verbally to John Lear, was
given by unnamed sources.  The second installment, a summary of
the so-called "Grudge 13" material, was leaked by someone named
Bill English, who apparently is ex-military but not anywhere near
the standing of an Air Force Colonel on active duty at the
Pentagon.  Thus, the letters are way down the food chain compared
to the information Keyhoe was given.
However, the contents of the letters certainly imply that someone
fairly high-up in what I have called "the UFO program" had to be
involved.  But this material reflects well on NO ONE, anywhere,
and that is another huge difference between this leak and the one
transmitted through Keyhoe.  That is, only in the very direst of
circumstances could you imagine ANYONE, bureaucratic winner OR
loser, leaking this material.  It is that damaging.  But after
examining the contents of the letters, well, "dire" is rather
mild for the situation they describe.  Could such things be
leaked by insiders frightened silly by what they knew?  I had to
conclude that is was possible.
And remember, there is a rule in our American bureaucracy:
            Almost Everything Leaks -- ONCE!
It is what happens next that determines whether or not the
"secret" is kept.  This is very important.  For instance, back in
the 1940s, if you were paying attention, doing your research and
analysis, you could have deduced the existence of a project like
the one that led to the atomic bomb.  The clues were everywhere,
if you were looking for them!  There were even a few leaks, which
were not allowed to "resonate," that is, get picked up by the
mainstream press and commented on in editorials, op-ed pieces and
on the radio, where most Americans then got their news. [64]
In the great world outside, absolute secrecy is NOT necessary to
carry on a TOP SECRET project.  The thing can be shot full of
leaks, but if none of them "resonate," if the damage is limited
to the original publication, then nothing will get done
about the project, whatever it is.  Insider leakers sometimes
find to their sorrow that getting the word out does not magically
result in relief.  If the leak does not resonate, is not picked
up and talked about by opinion leaders in the press and public,
the story will soon die. . .and so also may the leaker, who is
likely to at least be looking for another job. [65]
With this in mind ask yourself, "What effect have the Lear
Letters actually had?"  Well, when you think about it, not very
much.  A few in "ufology" have paid attention to them, and they
have "resonated" out into the "conspiracy-nut" sections of the
populist right wing, but that's about it.  The general public
knows nothing about them and they have had no visible effect on
the debate about UFO secrecy and our government.
In fact, upon reflection, their main effect has been to hold the
ufological field up to ridicule, at least in some quarters, which
explains why some in "ufology" would like to make them go away.
There are many who would rather rule in a comfortable ufology
than live in one thrown into ugly uncertainty.  But I believe we
have to be fearless in "ufology," and sometimes we have to take
some risks.  Remember, "He who will not risk, cannot win."  So,
let's bite the bullet and move on to the "letters" themselves and
to where they might take us.
John Lear, the visible source, whose father was mentioned by
Keyhoe has having some UFO connections, claimed as he published
the "letters" that the people who gave him the information were
in a position to know something. [66] One of these people may
have been the aforementioned Bill English, who apparently is a
real person.  But it almost does not matter.  That is, once
information this explosive is out in the world, things take their
own course.  In the atmosphere of the late 1980s the Lear Letters
were like a match struck in a telephone booth full of gasoline
vapor.  Something was going to go boom, and quickly, at least
among those who were seriously involved in UFO research.
Were the Lear Letters a form of Black Propaganda, intended to sow
disorder and confusion among ufologists, all the while holding
them up to ridicule?  It was certainly possible.  They followed
by several years the leaking of the "MJ-12" documents, which
at the time were causing a huge uproar among the ufologically
inclined. [67]  Were the Letters intended to divert attention
away from the MJ-12 leak?  That was possible, too.
Or was this whole business what I call an "inoculation?"  That
is, were The Lear Letters a way to hide a version of the truth in
plain sight, by leaking them in such a way as to be ridiculed and
denied, thus making the subject off-limits to any "respectable"
investigator?  Stranger things have happened, though not much.
And was it possible that the Letters were simply a malicious
prank, the kind one could imagine a cynic like James Moseley
(Saucer Smear) [68] playing on everyone, just to watch the fun.
The ufological world was certainly vulnerable to such a prank,
many of its practitioners conditioned to disaster and looking for
the REAL reason for all the secrecy and denial.  What a mess.
But to me it didn't matter.  I was already in a mess and I was
looking around for an explanation.  Considering the bizarre
things that had already happened to me the Lear Letters were not
outrageous at all.  In fact, they were in some ways a guiding
light, illuminating some dark corners and allowing some muddied
texts to be read, perhaps for the first time.
So, with the Lear Letters as a rough guide let's go back over the
50 years of the UFO Phenomenon and view some of what we know as a
counterintelligence operation protecting a set of secrets, some
of them deadly ones.  I hate to say it but this scenario makes
some sense more often than I would like.  On that happy note, let
us begin our analysis.
                [End -- Part 4c-1 of Part Four]
Science, Counterintelligence And UFOs
   Part One   - Abstract and Introduction
   Part Two   - Counterintelligence And UFO Analysis
   Part Three - The Counterintelligence Use Of
                   Research And Analysis In Small-Scale UFO
   Part Four
     4a   - Evaluating UFO Scenarios Using
     4b   - UFO Scenario Analysis: THE KEYHOE SCENARIO
     4c   - The Lear Scenario And UFO History
            4c-1 The Lear Scenario: Introduction and Background
            4c-2 The Lear Scenario: Analysis
            4c-3 The Lear Scenario: Notes To Section 4c
     4d   - The Streiber Scenario and The Future of The UFO
NOTE: These essays are posted with the permission of the
author, Val Germann.  If you would like tocorrespond with
him I have arranged a temporary internet email address
that will forward the correspondence to him.
              Science, Counterintelligence And UFOs
      Part 4d: The Strieber Scenario And The Future Of The UFO
                           Val Germann
The acronym "UFO" says it all: "ufology" is about things,
objects, that is, TECHNOLOGY, technical things flying around in
the sky.  It's all about MACHINES and how they fly, not really
about who might be flying them and what they might be doing here.
However, a little reflection should reveal that the machines are
purely secondary, or even tertiary, behind the problems of "who"
is "flying" them and what in heaven's name "they" might be DOING
here, on Earth, to US, right now!
Ivan Sanderson, previously cited, spoke of this thirty years ago,
saying that various "officials" were happy to talk about things
in the sky but when the "UFO" was brought down to Earth these
same people clamed up immediately.  That is, as long as "flying
saucers" were just that, mysterious "vehicles" providing snappy
dinner conversation, only a few people got upset.  But let the
questioner try to get some information on what might be happening
ON THE GROUND, and things would get very dicey very fast. [101]
And it's about the same today, with each "investigator" drawing a
line in the dirt and saying, "This far and NO farther," creating
a situation where huge blind spots seem to exist everywhere you
look.  This ufologist won't look at anything except "sightings"
in the sky, this one won't even THINK about "crashes," and this
other one is repelled by abductions and won't have anything to do
with them.  And as for "mutilations" and so-called "conspiracy
theories," well, those are off-limits to nearly all in the field.
The main issue seems to be one of CONTROL, with many in ufology
wanting to have it their way in a UFO game that is seen
as interesting without being threatening.  That is, the possible
advent of "others" from beyond is going to be treated the same
way that something like a "cold-fusion" breakthrough would be,
in a "Gee Whiz, isn't this interesting!" sort of way.  Well, that
isn't even CLOSE to being adequate if "others" really ARE here
messing around on Earth today.  That is a scary thought, folks,
and to deny and downplay that is intellectual dishonesty.  The
proper reaction IS fear and caution, along with a burning desire
to see ALL of the evidence in an effort to determine what this
"other" intelligence might be doing, to US, on Earth, NOW.
Almost from the beginning "ufology" has been, in my opinion, just
"horsing around," ignoring the real issues by endlessly chasing
after lights in the sky and piling up reports of same.  In the
defense of the non-professionals it must be pointed out that the
top dogs have in the main done all they could to encourage this
sort of time wasting, through their ridicule and denial of nearly
any information beyond a "nuts and bolts" view of the
problem.  Some of this has likely been due to a combination of
fear and denial, a natural human reaction to a strange situation.
But some of it has been something else entirely.
>From the beginning you can see it, the desire of nearly everyone
visible in the field to keep everyone looking up, "watching the
sky," because that's where "they" were doing whatever it was that
they were doing.  But this was nonsense from the start and it is
amazing that no one has ever been called on it.  Well, I'm
calling many of you on it now: Many of you are wasting your time
piling up those piles of "sightings."  The "proof" you seem to
want has existed for FOUR DECADES if you simply will accept it
and move on!  But, no, today's ufology seems to want to
reinvent the stone axe for the umpteenth time.  Why?
Because many seem to want is CONTROL, control over the "UFO" in
the minds of others.  This is a huge scourge in "ufology" but it
is true most of all for "the government" and the elites behind
it.  No matter what the true situation these elites want the
ILLUSION of CONTROL to exist in the minds of their rank and file.
It is this factor that explains many of the leaks about secret
government programs and such.  That is, whether or not these
programs REALLY exist is quite beside the point.  The
"government" wants some to THINK they exist and that they have
given "the government" superior, secret information that puts
them IN CONTROL, more or less, of the situation.  The greatest
secret of all is that our government and elites are NOT in
CONTROL of anything, not at all.  And it is this that they cannot
stand.  If there is some sort of "deal" it is a very unequal one,
with our top dogs very much the "underdogs" in comparison with
THEM.  And Captain Kirk isn't going out into the galaxy
copulating with dozens of alien women.  No, rather the reverse
might be true, something that our power-driven, male-dominated
system cannot contemplate at all.  Yes, let's all get back to
thinking about UFOs as a "machine problem."  That's a lot better,
isn't it?
As the years have gone by and the program being run by these
"others" has gained momentum, the side-show has had to be
enhanced and now we are all worried about whether or not some
secret document is real and whether or not some vehicle
"crashed" at Roswell.  Folks, it's all a dodge, even if it's
true.  It's not really important, and everyone "in on" the true
situation KNOWS this.  The machines are window dressing.
This is why the KEYHOE, LEAR and STREIBER scenarios interest me.
They at least TRY to explain what is going on with "UFOs" in a
non-machine context.  I like this because I don't really give a
rat's rear end WHAT technology these "others" might be using --
except as it might impinge upon human beings, that is, upon me
and upon mine.  And to illustrate this let me relate what I call
the "Lake Victoria Motorboat Story."  [102]  It goes like this:
Beginning in the 1950s, the fishermen of Lake Victoria, who had
been successful at their craft since time immemorial, were given
motorboats (under U.S. auspices) so they could catch more fish
and perhaps escape the "poverty" in which they then lived.  Never
mind that the "poverty" in which they lived was in fact fairly
comfortable for them.  Yes, they had to work pretty hard but that
work was episodic and gave them time in between for what we in
the West call "leisure," which to them was time to raise their
children and perform the cultural activities that bound their
group together, thus guaranteeing their continued existence.
These fishermen accepted the boats, which were FREE, in the
beginning, and the FREE (in the beginning) fuel to run them,
because there was no doubt that the boats were faster and did in
fact allow them to catch more fish.  And they had a simple faith
in the people who gave them the boats, that those people were
really trying to HELP the fishermen, that they really had the
interests of the fishermen at heart and those boats would be an
unalloyed benefit to them and their families.
Well, what has happened?  I think you can guess.  After a while
the boats and fuel stopped being free and had to be paid for with
convertible currency, which required someone to either sell fish
on the commercial market or "go to work" in the Western sense.
So, more fish had to be caught than before and some of the young
fishermen had to go to the city and find work.  And, of course,
before long fewer and fewer youngsters wanted to build or sail
the "old-style" boat and so the skills that allowed such craft to
be built were allowed to deteriorate.  Before long the young men
were not interested in the "old culture" at all and began to wear
loud shirts and take transistor radios with them as they roared
out of their villages to fish with their motorized boats.  The
Western advisors smiled as "progress" worked in its magic way.
At the same time, more fish eventually meant more fishermen and
within twenty years or so the lake began to be over fished, a
situation which has reached crisis proportions today.  We won't
mention the pollution that goes along with oil, gas and large,
two-stroke motors exhausting into the water.  No matter, there is
now little doubt that in another twenty years there will be few
reasonable-sized fish to catch on Lake Victoria, and the culture
of the fishermen (and women), which has existed for centuries,
will have been destroyed.  And all because we in the West wanted
to "help" them!  With such "friends," who needs enemies!?
You see, those fishermen had no idea how an outboard motor worked
or how an aluminum boat was made.  And they didn't care, either.
They saw how the stuff did the job and so they began to use it,
lock, stock and barrel, or in this case: boat, motor and fuel.
Their faith in the White Man precluded any thoughtful examination
of what it might mean in the long run to be at the far end of a
five-thousand-mile supply line that originated in Florida and was
fueled by the U.S. dollar.  No one ever told them the effects of
that and they had no way to know  -- and they were not capable of
resisting those motorboats.  And now they are going to pay.
So, don't get me wrong, I think the technical end of the UFO is
important, but only because of the possible effects it might have
on us and on our culture.  This is doubly true when we begin to
talk about MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY, which is now part and parcel of
the UFO phenomenon, at least for some.  You see, a new, off-
planet "outboard motor" for 21st century humanity is bad enough
to contemplate.  But something REALLY new in the field of say,
human reproduction, well, that puts anything purely "technical"
in the shade.  And this gets us to THE STRIEBER SCENARIO.
                      THE STRIEBER SCENARIO
                    AND THE USES OF "FICTION"
Once again, the technique will be to first set my comments inside
quotes from a book in this case, Whitley Strieber's 1989
novel MAJESTIC [103].  Then I will take a look at Strieber's 1995
book BREAKTHROUGH [104] for a full treatment of the situation he
seems to think exists.  In MAJESTIC we have references to more
"leaks" from a government agent, this time a long-service officer
who is dying and in possession of many TOP SECRET documents.  In
BREAKTHROUGH, the "government" is involved as well but in a
different way, as impeding these "others" in bringing a golden
age to us peasants, an age of "hyperconsciousness" that might
seem to many to be the New Age equivalent of perpetual motion.
"But MAJESTIC is just a novel," many say, "How can you take
anything in it seriously?"  Well, that is a good question, and
the answer is that in many cases a so-called fiction book is in
fact much like an Office of Strategic Services (OSS) "scenario"
produced by a person who has every reason to know what he is
talking about.  You see, "fiction" is often what an author
resorts to when he can't publish the information straight,
something that has happened even to me.  Some of the contents
of MAJESTIC hit me very hard and the only way I could deal with
them was through a "story."
              ***  An Semester To Remember [105] ***
Hal Johnson had just come out of the darkroom with a print (wow,
was this new resin-coated paper great!) when he saw her, camera
bag over her shoulder, blond, dressed all in black.  Before he
could actually think she was talking.
"Are you Hal?" she asked.
The print was dripping water on the floor, on his shoes.  He
smelled like hypo and his eyes were still adjusting to the light
of the hallway.  She was very nice looking.
"Yes, that's me," he said, "sorry about this mess."
She looked at the print.  It was an attempted solarization of a
DC-9 taking off from Municipal Airport in Kansas City.
"I want to take pictures for the paper," she said.  She had a
very expensive Nikon FB-6 bag.  Hal had an FB-5.  Hers was only
the second other bag in the BF series Hal had actually seen
carried by anyone.  They were very expensive and not many working
stiffs carried them.  Usually it was doctors who had them.
Hal said, "Sure, there's lots to do.  You're ahead of the game
because I haven't even run an ad yet."  The semester had just
started and Hal had just got the chief photographer's job for the
University newspaper.  It looked like a bear of a position.
"I'm headed out right now to shoot a football practice," Hal
said, "Want to go?"
She said, "Sure."  To Hal's amazement she had in her FB-6 one
Nikon F2 body with two lenses -- a 24mm super wide angle and a
300mm super telephoto. . .the two lenses Hal needed to complete
the set of lenses he had, which extended from 35mm to 200mm.
Hal thought that was odd. . .no photographer he had yet met owned
such a strange combination of lenses.  It was almost like. . .
The shoot at the practice went very well and pretty soon Hal and
Anne, that turned out to be her name, became the shooting team
for the PANTHER, the university's student newspaper.  They
began to spend a lot of time together, a lot of time, and Hal,
who was just coming off the messy end of a long-term relation-
ship, took a while to realize that Anne was attracted to him.
But once things got going, they moved with amazing speed and when
the inevitable finally happened Hal was, well, transported.  He
had never felt such emotions, had never WANTED any girl as much
as he wanted Anne.  And she was so absolutely calm, so focused
on him, he was amazed and flattered by that.  As a result, he was
not jealous, not worried about her at all that way.  For the rest
of the semester Hal and Anne took photographs and made love.
Then, in May, she said she was leaving school, going home.  And
the way she said it, the finality of it, Hal knew he wasn't in
the picture, not at all.  He was sad, upset, surprised, but not
crushed as he had been before.  He accepted it stoically, to his
own amazement.  And when he got a last letter from her, post-
marked Los Alamos, New Mexico, he read it without a tear.
Anne Howard's father, James Howard, looked at the picture of Hal
that had been handed to him by the director.  "So, she liked this
guy, is that right?"  James was, as usual, upset, and the
bitterness and resentment in his voice was palpable.
"Yes, she liked him quite a lot," the director said.  "As much as
she is repulsed at what she has to do she really had a wonderful
time for a while.  We all know how difficult this business is for
her.  She was feeling tremendous guilt for so many reasons.  All
of the project people thought this guy was actually in love with
Anne and maybe that went both ways.  This one has been
especially hard on us all."  The director was wringing his hands.
James Howard was almost shaking now.  "Are you going to see THEM
again soon?" he said.  His eyes would not focus.
"Yes," the director said, "At the same relative time.  You know
how much we hate this.  But this could be the last time."
James Howard thought of the submachine gun he had just bought
and said, "I hope to God you're right, for all our sakes."
On the way home the director was on the scrambled phone to his
headquarters.  "I want that house watched and I want Anne under
24-hour protection.  Understand!"  Old friend or no, he was not
going to let James Howard mess up this thing now.  The child was
going to be born and it was going to be delivered, period.
Morgan looked into the zone and swore.  What in hell were they
putting in there now?  Do they really expect me to figure out
what on God's Earth that thing is?  An hour later he had put on a
suit and walked into the zone.  He could see his contact there,
in the haze, looking at him with THAT look.  It was all Morgan
could do to keep from turning and running.  "God," he thought,
"I would die if I had to stay in here more than five minutes!"
The alien looked at him and said, "We think you will really like
this one."  And then it was gone, back into the haze.  Morgan
looked at the document that the alien had handed to him.  Written
on it, in plain English, were the words "RNA/DNA Modification."
Morgan's head hurt.  "I should blow this whole project up," he
thought.  "This is not right!"  But he turned and left the zone,
five minutes later handing the document to the director.
As the alien ship gained space Anne Howard cradled her baby and
looked across the compartment at Hal, unconscious and lying on
the floor.  That was a nasty bruise!  They said she could have
two years with John, that was her name for her newest baby, but
that was all.  But the next one, well, that one was hers.
So, how did you like that little bagatelle, huh?  Is it true?
Well, some of it is while some of it is what I think MIGHT be
true, for reasons I have no intention of putting on a public
forum.  Why do I reproduce it here?  Because I want some of my
readers to THINK about some things they might not have thought
about before, to open up a little. . .or maybe a lot.
Is anything in MAJESTIC "true?"  It's possible, and you have
already seen why one reason why I can say that.  Our world is a
very complicated place, and for many human beings not a very nice
one. We here in the West are used to having it good, used to the
house, the boat and the car, to yearly vacations to sunshiny
spots where little brown people cater to our every whim.  We pay
$5,000 for a Caribbean cruise and come back amazed at how good it
all was.  What can be wrong in a world like that?
Well, very little, on the surface.  But as we all should know by
now, surface appearances can be totally deceiving.
                  A Look At Strieber's MAJESTIC
MAJESTIC is a novelization of Strieber's experiences with the UFO
phenomenon and the genesis of it may have been described in
his 1988 book TRANSFORMATION [106].  A "film maker" spent a day
with Strieber in the mid-1980s, telling of his experiences trying
to make a documentary on UFOs.  Someone from the "Air Force" had
let the film maker see a set of documents supposedly laying out
"the facts" about UFOs.  These "documents" must have had a strong
resemblance to the "MJ-12" information and to the material John
Lear and others would begin talking about in 1987-88.  And then
there were also resemblances to things that Strieber felt were
personal to him (in the same way that MAJESTIC would so disturb
me several years later).  Strieber went on a binge of research
into the UFO after talking to the film maker and realizing that
he had strange connections to the "UFO Phenomenon."  Soon after
these events came the events that later became the best-selling
book COMMUNION. [107]
MAJESTIC is the story of how "contact" with "visitors" has become  a most secret Secret.  It is also an explanation of Strieber'sview of that contact.  At first glance, of course, it is too
fantastic to even consider.  It is very easy to dismiss.  But
what if some of it's true, or very near the truth?
Strieber seems to be saying that these "visitors" are in the
process of creating a new "hybrid race" of half-human beings
whose purpose is unknown.   Strieber says that EACH of us will
meet these visitors face to face when the time is right, that
they are "contacting" us on many levels.  Finally, Strieber
states that the "visitors" can move "souls" to genetically
altered human fetuses as well as "artificial" human bodies, a
kind of medical technology we can only dream about, or have
nightmares about, take your pick.  As you have seen, this book
become very important to me in the 1989-90 period.  That is,
there came a time when MAJESTIC made my blood run cold.
                         BEGIN ANALYSIS
    ** Strieber's text from MAJESTIC inside {  } brackets **
             ** My comments inside [  ] brackets **
P. 17 - {"When we called them terrible, that is what they became.
We have become lost on our long journey back to the woods.  When
we detonated atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki we
distorted history, setting ourselves on a path that leads not to
the forest but to extinction."}
[It seems that our post-war top dogs interpreted the advent of
"others" as a hostile act, as per Corso, [108] if you read his
new book carefully.  But how are they "hostile" since we all seem
to be more or less still here some 50 years later?  In an
interview not long after this book appeared Strieber said the
"visitors" (his word) were running a very deep disinformation
campaign, one using our own military and intelligence people
against humanity at large, but for our ultimate good, of course.
That is, while our economic and military elites have been wasting
their time with MAJIC beans and "crashed flying saucers," these
"others" have been "contacting" us individually, bypassing the
institutions in our culture that would give meaning to such
enormous events, institutions owned and/or controlled by these
same elites.  Never mind that this technique would provide a new
definition for "expensive," especially when you consider that
Strieber believes EVERYONE will eventually be directly touched by
"THEM," sooner or later.  They're doing it like Merrill Lynch
says they do it -- one investor at a time!  But at what cost?]
[And it would have to take a LOT of faith to believe that any of
this was "good," providing that you really believed in "others"
and that they were here doing things on Earth, right now.  What
can one make of the "forest" reference?  Well, we might remember
Einstein's comment when asked what he thought might be the future
weapons used to fight a Third World War.  Einstein said, "I don't
know about the Third World War but I can tell you what the
weapons of the Fourth World War will be: sticks and stones."]
P. 17 - {"If we surrender to the wind and the rain they will
become our saviors.  This is the message of the others.  They
thus represent absolute and total change, the collapse of
economic civilization and the end of days.  They are freedom, the
soul in the open sky."}
[Absolute and total change?  The collapse of economic
civilization?  Surrender?  Whoa, there!  Not bloody likely and
"THEY" must know it.  Remember the Keyhoe scenario and the Air Force
officer who says we would fight to the last ditch if an "alien"
group tried to establish itself here.  But who is "we?"  What if
"they" offered a "deal" to trade "technology" for Lebensraum?
What would our crypto-Nazi CIA do then?  I can guess.  They would
even hide it from their real bosses, our hereditary elite and the
(almost totally NON-Jewish) trans-national bankers.  It would be
a "deal with the Devil" they would jump to make, one that would
offer to give THEM the actual mastery of the planet, if the
arrangement were to actually go through!]
P. 40 - {"When the history of this era is written, it must
certainly be called the Age of Secrets.  I will state the matter
simply: EVERYTHING IMPORTANT IS CLASSIFIED.  Public knowledge has
deteriorated into a form of entertainment." }
P. 41 -  {"Official secrets are the snare of modern life.  If you
don't know them, you're helpless.  If you do, you're trapped.}
[Yes, and THEY know this better than we do.  Like a praying
mantis hypnotizing a grasshopper, these "others" might occupy our
betters with TOP SECRET trinkets while doing their REAL work
elsewhere. . .to large numbers of US!]
P. 86 -  {"They were watching him, had been since he was a child.
He was their man in Central Intelligence, picked from an early
age to do their work."}
[Here we have what I earlier had called "The Lear Scenario with
bells on!"  Once again, see Richard Condon's THE MANCHURIAN
CANDIDATE [109] for how such a horror show might play out!]
P. 109 - {"I have reconstructed what happened over the next
twelve hours from the reports contained in Will's files.  These
start in 1947 and end in 1956, when all the members of 2nd Squad
were hypnotized to uncover hidden memories.  That was the year
Dr. Steven Reich discovered that the amnesia induced by the
visitors could be broken in this way.}
[See THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE for more.  Was something like this
known from the late 1940s, from the time Secretary Forrestal met
his end at Bethesda Naval hospital?  His actions just before his
death seem to me to mirror what might happen to someone who has
just realized he is a contactee!  Did others know or suspect?]
P. 114 - {"You will be married soon, Jimmy.  The union will be
with your childhood mate Kathy.  Together you will conceive five
new ones.  The last two of them will be for you, the first three
for me.  Is this understood?"}
[This type of thing broke into ufology about a decade ago.  Our
culture and its morbid fear of sex have kept this played down yet
it likely is at the core of the whole thing.  That is, some sort
of "reproduction" may be the high purpose of the whole "program."
My only question is: "WHOSE reproduction: ours or THEIRS?"]
P. 116 - {"A girl came, walking toward him across the broad room.
She was wearing a thin summer nightgown with yellow flowers down
the front.  Tears of recognition sprang to Jimmy's eyes, `Kathy,'
he said, `Kathy O'Malley.'"}
P. 181 - {A Flush entered her cheeks and her whole body became
covered with dampness.  This dampness melted certain particles
that had been dusted on her in the night, and they released
subtle chemicals.  She began to smell of an ancient essence."}
[Once again, this kind of manipulation is foreign to the "nuts &
bolts" world of ufology but it may be the key.  The problem is
that most of the people in the "field" are hardware-types who are
bone ignorant of larger issues.  There is a lot more in this
section of the book, material that will melt most plastics.  Are
human beings undergoing some sort of genetic manipulation for
reasons unknown, and are "ordinary people" a large part of it?]
P. 113 - {"Apparently certain people are leading double lives,
unknown even to themselves.  They are the facilitators, the ones
who help the others with the rest of us, who are much wilder and
more difficult to control."}
[You are head of counterintelligence for the "UFO Program."  What
would this mean to you if it should have some basis in fact!?  Do
you think that such a person might want to have access to those
letters in Strieber's files?  I think so, as you have read in an
earlier section of this series.]
[It is here I must include the story my second ex-military source
told me in 1989.  He said that he had, in effect, lived most of
his life with THEM in it, that his mother had been involved with
THEM since the 1930s and still "ran errands" for THEM!  The lady
in question, then in her late '60s, had been frightened for
decades by what she knew, yet at the same time was proud to have
been "selected" by THEM for the jobs she did.  This contact was
also the SECOND person to tell me, straight out, that THEY are
occasionally to be seen on the streets of our cities and towns,
as bizarre as they look on close inspection.  But, he said, when
they are on the street no one ever looks closely at them -- they
have ways of seeing that this does not happen -- unless they WANT
it to happen!]
P. 168 -  {"I at last understood that I wasn't looking at an
accidental crash.  This disk hadn't crashed at all.  It had been
put here, and the bodies along with it.  It was bait.  And we had
taken it, and were wriggling on the line.  In some murky place
our struggles must be ringing a bell.  Somebody had heard the
sound and grasped the line and set the hook.  And now they were
going to reel us in."}
[In the spring of 1989, before I had seen or even heard about
MAJESTIC, I sent a couple of people (including Strieber) a long
letter about Roswell and other incidents.  In that letter I
commented that the "Disc Crashes," including Roswell, were all
"staged" to send messages to our elites.  I also said that the
"release" of information to people like Stringfield was part of a
campaign of both information and disinformation.  In support of
this I made a trip to New Mexico.  Then MAJESTIC came out and it
was shocking to see that Strieber had been on exactly the same
trail a few months before. [110]  Just coincidence.]
P. 176 -  {Once they were sure that I was genuine, they became
warm, friendly and open.  The Jim Collins who had never heard of
any aliens and thought that flying saucers were "crazy" was
transformed into a knowledgeable individual with considerable
information about the visitors.  His wife claimed ongoing
contact, and said that some of their children were involved.}
{What I wanted to know was whether or not Kathy had ever given a
baby to the visitors.  When I asked her, she grew furtive.
Although shocked by my question, Jim and Kathy were fascinated
that I wanted to know more about their personal contact with the
visitors.  In all the years that they had been in contact with
MAJIC, the secret group that controls human/alien affairs, they
had never once been interviewed about this aspect.  I wanted to
concentrate on Kathy's childbearing years.  Why would the
visitors WANT human children?  The issue of their first night
together miscarried exactly three months later.  I do not believe
that this baby died.  My strong suspicion is that it was taken
from its mother.  Months later it reached its strange maturity.
It takes many generations to create the gold of a new species out
of the clay of the old.  Kathy O'Malley called it in her secret
heart Seamus and in tears told me that she knew that it lived."}
 [Taken together with other sections of the book, this part of
MAJESTIC raised the hair on the back of my neck.  It brought back
some memories and they staggered me, memories that eventually led
to the short, short story that you saw earlier.  It was years
before I could really think about what those memories might mean
in connection with Strieber's book.]
P. 260 -  {"Truman leaned back in his chair.  "More ethical?  Now
you've really scared me.  I fear men who don't know history.
Auschwitz is more ethical than something we did before?  I would
say that we're getting less ethical.  If they are more advanced
than us, I can make a case that they will be monsters."}
[At The Core Of The Issue: Is what the aliens are doing really
any worse than what we do to each other every day of the world?
This is a major tenet of the book--the humanity of `inhumanity.'
Do we have a brief against these "aliens" if they eventually take
the Earth away from us?  Do the Sioux have one against us for the
taking of part of North America away from them?  If so, in what
court would this brief be filed, and who would act as judge?]
Pg. 281 - {Her body was roaring, the heart fluttering like a tent
in the wind.  He would love her as a boy, but when she grew old
he would abandon her.  His love for deception would replace his
love for her and so she would die alone, her breast weakly
shuddering, on a cot in a public cancer ward.  I wanted to help
him, to offer him some word of comfort but I could not.  We are
all betrayers.  He saw waves of ships crossing the highest air.
They were gray disks and the streets below rang with screams.
But more people were singing than were screaming and chains lay
abandoned that had weighted their shoulders.  `The lamb will lie
down with the lion.'  The rat will perish of love as the owl's
talons pierce his heart.  Beyond fear there is another world."}
[I think Strieber is really onto something here.  But this is
not really the Age Of Secrets, it is rather the Age Of Betrayal.
Most of our troubles revolve around betrayal.  We make treason
the worst of all the sins and at the same time institutionalize
deception and betrayal throughout society.  We all will one day
submit to the lie detector and the blood test.  No one can be
trusted--all betray.  This IS the end of civilization and one of
the main elements in MAJESTIC, in my view.  It is too bad that
one can see Strieber himself as a betrayer, based on some of the
downright silly contents of his last couple of books.]
                   ** End MAJESTIC Analysis **
Well, now that everyone is happy, let's move on to BREAKTHROUGH,
[111] about which I have a different take.  Let's use as the
vehicle for our analysis the first chapter of this book, called
"Something Very New."  Strieber begins by making a couple of
points that are absolutely undeniable:
1) Over the last 50 years "the government," along with the press
and the sciences, have lost much of their credibility.
2) Most Americans know, or have heard about, someone who has had
an experience with those Strieber calls "Visitors."
These two points are important because as Jacques Vallee pointed
out in his 1979 MESSENGERS OF DECEPTION [112], the modern world
has produced much confusion and people everywhere are looking for
answers, simple ones, that solve the world's problems and at the
same time tell these same folks that they're just A-OK.  American
politics today are being driven by exactly such attitudes -- with
a vengeance.  And the prisons are overfilled as a result.
Strieber then goes on to say that his overt contact phase began
in 1985 and that the Visitors were "subtle and highly ethical"
with him in their relationship, though this last might be hard
for an outside observer to believe.  But, relevant to this, on
Page 5, Strieber says he had to know two things:
1) That these Visitors were not an "evil force," which required a
"deep understanding of their aims and methods."
2) How long-term contact with Visitors would change human beings.
Then he says that these questions have been adequately answered
(in his mind) and thus we have the following:
1) The Visitors may be "what the force of evolution looks
like when it applies itself to the conscious mind."  We are being
challenged to "change" and if we do then our future is "full of
potential more wondrous by far then we have ever dared
speculate."  Thus, the Visitors are here for our ultimate good.
2) Contact with them is "safe but extremely challenging."  This
contact is designed to "direct us toward a power that lies
undiscovered within us" leading to a "hyperconsciousness" of a
type that THEY already possess.  Strieber says that "there is no
compelling evidence that people are being hurt, kidnapped or
killed" and that "contact with the Visitors will inevitably lead
to our rediscovery of the richness of all religion."
3) Strieber says he knows "how they propose to enter our lives
and what they regard as important."  He says they are contacting
people one at a time on a vast scale, bypassing the institutions
of our culture and society as well as our elite structures and
their information and educational systems.  They have done this
because their initial attempts at contact, with official America,
did not elicit a coherent response but instead led to secrecy and
denial in an attempt to totally control the contact process.
4) Thus the Visitors have gone directly to "the people" and what
government does is of no consequence any longer.  Strieber says
that "they understand us better than we understand ourselves."
5) The Visitors are doing something in relation to the human soul
which is actually a physical thing, it can be measured.  Strieber
says that as soon as we can get back into contact with the soul
we will "burst into the same hyperconsciousness that the Visitors
possess."  Then will come heaven on Earth, or something like it.
6) Strieber says, "No authorities, leaders or bureaucracies stand
between the individual and contact and all of its benefits.  The
visitors place a premium on the individual and the family, and
that is where the foundation of our relationship with them will
begin."  He later says, "We must work as individuals, as
families, and as a species all at once, because personal gains
and general gains occur together.  This is not for leaders or
followers.  It is for the free."
7) Then we read, "Obviously, as this process comes to include
most or all of humanity, our world is going to be dramatically
altered."  Strieber says then, "These are issues which must be
explored in the light of reason and calm reflection."
8) Finally, "What the visitors possess is superior knowledge,
which is why so much of what they do seems like magic of the sort
that is repudiated by science as "psychism" and "supernatural."
He then says, "It is not magic, it is a whole new continuum of
mind and science, and if we could not learn its secrets equally
well, THEY would not be here."  Can it be that these Visitors are
true democrats, small "d?"  Seems so.
The above is most interesting, is it not?  Yes, it is.  Now, it
would be valuable for me to explore each of the points above from
my viewpoint and give my readers some hints as to how to analyze
Strieber.  Or, in a less valuable scenario, I could just ridicule
him, as many do.  But I take Strieber much too seriously to do
either of those two things.  What would be really valuable would
be to look at what Strieber has to say from the vantage point of
those at the top our economic and social pile, the vantage point
of those who count, those who suddenly in the last few years seem
to have money, a lot of money, to spend on the UFO and its
investigation.  Could Strieber's work have sent them a signal,
too?  It is possible.
Let us assume for the moment that we have a sharply defined group
of very wealthy and influential people who de facto run the
United States.  Let us further assume that they have now taken an
interest in Whitley Strieber, John Mack, et. al., and that there
is really is both large-scale support and investigation of Mack
and others.  If the above were to be more or less the facts then
things get very, very interesting.  Let's look at each of the
eight items immediately above, all taken from BREAKTHROUGH, and
see how our social and economic betters might view them.
1) Strieber is talking about the Visitors bringing changes,
wondrous changes, etc..  Sounds pretty good to those at or near
the bottom of the stack, like the typical contactee.  But what
about someone at the top of the stack?  Do they necessarily want
ANY change, wondrous or not?  And even if they were to be
dissatisfied in some way, our elite want the changes THEY want,
not those of mysterious Visitors, provenance unknown.  Elites are
not in the business of sharing such power with anyone else.
2) Let us assume for the moment that a few members of elite
families have shown up as contactees.  This is strongly implied
in the work of John Mack [113] and this is, in fact, why I
think the folks at the top are interested.  If these Visitors are
in fact "visiting" everyone, at all levels, then our nominal
leaders want to know what is going on -- without a doubt.  They
are not in the business of sitting around waiting for events to
take their course.  These people ACT.
3) What could be more threatening to entrenched elites than a
force that can contact the lower orders directly, changing their
viewpoints on life, love and their place in the world?  Well, I
don't know WHAT could be more threatening and if I were one of
the top dogs I would not let such a phenomenon go unstudied.
And I might even try to get a handle on it, to infiltrate it, to
see what was making it tick. . .perhaps to take it over and bend
it to my own ends, if that were possible. [114]
4) Yes, 20,000-plus letters to Strieber in the first year should
have gotten someone's attention.  Strieber's book MAJESTIC ought
to be required reading for all of us because it is written, in my
opinion, from the distilled essence of that first burst of reader
letters and leaks.  There could be bombshells in there.
5) To hear Strieber talk the millennium is going to be upon us as
the Visitors uplift the human race to hyperconsciousness.  It
takes a lot of guts to say something like this when nearly every
contactee we know about has been totally betrayed by the Visitors
when the chips went down.  Or so it seems.
6) In this writer's opinion any force that contacts human beings
in secret, one at a time, is by definition a sinister force.
This is so because humanity advances through the collective
agency of our social institutions, flawed though they may be.
The subversion of those institutions, world-wide, all at the same
time, is very threatening -- doubly so to our top dogs who in the
main control said institutions in the developed world.
7) If the world is going to be dramatically altered then our
elites are not interested in the light of reason but other kinds
of light, such as the ones given off by nuclear reactions.  That
is, they would not be interested unless they were going to be cut
in on the deal first and thus keep their positions.  Then, well,
that would be different.
8) Ah, yes, there is no doubt that they are superior in one way
or another since they seem to know more about us than we know
about them.  But there is little reason for our social betters to
believe that these Visitors are here for humanity's benefit.  We
should remember that human beings tend to project onto others
their own secret desires and beliefs -- and we know what those
are among our elites, don't we?
All in all, then, I think that the big boys have put the wheels
in motion toward making a final decision as to what OUR role is
going to be in all of this, as far as they are concerned.  In the
interim the leaks and counterleaks are being promulgated full
blast, the purpose being to keep everyone looking in the wrong
directions, AWAY from where the action REALLY is, in close
proximity to US, though the mass of us don't have any clear idea
about what is happening.
To me there is little doubt that THEIR program has gained huge
momentum in recent years and that it is building to a peak in the
fairly near future.  Will this program come to completion without
our ever knowing for sure what was happening?  Could be.  Will
they just up and leave one day, having never told us anything
about what they were actually doing?  It's possible.  Or are they
here for the long run, or even forever, as Keyhoe and Lear have
implied?  And if this last is true, what will our place be on
Earth with them?  Will it be "peaceful co-existence" or will it
more closely resemble what we did to the Sioux?
Perhaps in the book I am working on I will address this issue,
that is, what the parameters of such an "alien" program might be
and what that program could mean for the rest of us.  That might
be a very GOOD subject for a book!
Meanwhile, you should read MAJESTIC and BREAKTHROUGH.  They might
be, in part, a lot less "fictional" than you think.
With this segment the series SCIENCE, COUNTERINTELLIGENCE AND
UFOs comes to an end.  I hope you have found it of at least some
marginal interest.  Am I through writing about UFOs, about
science and about counterintelligence?  Hardly.  The world does
not stand still and neither can the UFO analyst.
Valentine H. Germann,
September, 1997.
                       Notes To Section 4d
[101]  Ivan Sanderson, INVISIBLE RESIDENTS, op. cit., Note [16].
[102]  This account was given to me by an Missouri University
faculty member who had worked in Africa for USAID, The Agency For
International Development.
[103]  MAJESTIC, Whitley Strieber, 1989, G.P. Putnam & Sons.
[104]  BREAKTHROUGH, Whitley Strieber, 1995, HarperCollins, Inc.
[105]  This story "came" to me in 1995, in the middle of the
night, after I had woke up from a very bad dream, one that kept
me awake for a considerable time.  So, I made a few notes about
what I remembered from the dream and out of those notes came the
tiny story you have read here.
[106]  TRANSFORMATION, Whitley Strieber, 1988, Beech Tree Books.
[107}  COMMUNION, Whitley Strieber, 1987, Beech Tree Books.
[108]  See Corso, THE DAY AFTER ROSWELL, Rosewood Books, 1997,
pp. 119-130, concern the "aliens" and our "war" with them.
[109]  Richard Condon, THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE, Notes [15],[95].
[110]  I am not implying that Strieber may have "stolen" my
ideas, not at all.  We were just on the same research path.
[111]  Parts of BREAKTHROUGH are insipid and one can almost
imagine the large alien-implanted key sticking out of his back.
But parts of it are right to the point, as you see here.
[112] Jacques Vallee, MESSENGERS OF DECEPTION, And/Or Press,
Berkeley, California, 1979.  This book is hard to find on the
used book market, especially for me.  That is, as this article
was being prepared I found that I had misplaced my copy.  Much of
what Vallee has to say has relevance to the subjects discussed in
this series.
[113] John Mack, ABDUCTION, 1994, Charles Scribner's & Sons, see
pages 369-386, Chapter 15, concerning "Arthur," who obviously has
a great deal of money.
[114] See the UFOSearch paper, HUMANITY, ELITES AND UFOs, in
preparation, and soon to be seen on our web site which is
currently under development.
                          [End of Essay]

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