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High Strangeness Galore Described in a 3rd interview with James Iandoli

Program Notes for “Engaging the Phenomenon” Show #15 with Joseph Burkes MD

This in-depth interview allowed me to discuss High Strangeness aspects of staging HICE/CE5s. This included the bizarre events experienced during a CE-5 training at an old mining town in Arizona. A phenomenon that I called “invisible footsteps” was reportedly experienced by multiple contact activists.

While preparing to carry out contact protocols, the sound of what was thought to be a person slowly moving through the brush was heard. Nevertheless, no human or animal could be seen producing these sounds. Some of the “footsteps appeared to “walk” right up to the witnesses causing fear and confusion. There was a bizarre interactive component as well. When witnesses stated that they were becoming afraid and asked the “footstep maker” to stop, the approaching sounds reportedly could no longer be heard. Then, when witnesses stated that it was “OK” for them to approach, the sounds resumed. 

In 1993, I was part of a CE-5 team that witnessed a large triangular craft at the base of Popocatepetl Volcano. When I returned from that expedition, I personally experienced a bizarre ringing tone in my right ear each time I spoke to friends and co-workers about UFOs generally and specifically that journey. This lasted only a few weeks at most. I could not discount the possibility that my thoughts were being monitored and that the ringing was induced by a nonhuman energetic targeting of my auditory neurocircuitry.  

During a fieldwork investigation of Wayne Peterson’s Phoenix CE5 team, a High Strangeness Event reportedly occurred that suggested UFO intelligences have access to experiencers’ full treasure chest of memories.  In a blog about this contact event, I wrote the following:

“During one field investigation in the Arizona desert at night, Wayne and his team experienced an event of High Strangeness. The sky was reportedly clear with the tremendous visibility that one can experience in the desert far from city lights. Wayne told me that he had become quite familiar not only with the appearance of various planes going overhead, but also the sounds that they made as the moved across the sky. On this night, Wayne and his team heard the roar of what he identified as a 747 Jumbo Jet moving slowly overhead from horizon to horizon. To his surprise they could not see any of the FAA required lights on what they initially thought was surely a commercial aircraft. 

Things got even stranger when a while laterthe sound of a Mack truckslowly tracked overhead. They reportedly saw no lights in the sky associated with the pounding engine sound. In the final event of what may have been “the extraterrestrials’” version of the kindergarten exercise “show and tell”, Wayne’s team heard a sound moving from horizon to horizon that no one, except Wayne, had ever been heard before.  He recognized it immediately as the clanking sputtering of his grandfather’s old diesel tractor that he used to ride on as a child during visits to the family farm. As in the other examples, the anomalous sound tracked from horizon to horizon. Again, there were no lights in the sky associated with the unique sound.  Wayne was certain that it was exactly like the clanking he heard coming from that ancient piece of farm equipment. Wayne told me that when this happened, he realized that the unseen intelligence that our contact teams were interacting with, probably had complete access to his entire store of memories. 

Perhaps they chose that memory of his to make a teaching point concerning the role of illusion in the contact drama and their extraordinary psi capabilities. If they could do this with Wayne, then by inference they might have access to any targeted individual’s treasure chest of memories.”

In this interview broadcast July 29, 2021, the discussion starts with the reasons why I believe the term HICE (Human Initiated Contact Event might be superior to the popular designation CE-5 (Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind):

  1. HICE is a description of the activity itself CE-5 instead requires a detailed explanation. I point out that the Peruvian contact network Rama (now called Rahma) got started two decades before the CE5 Initiative was launched. People all over the world are being contacted mentally to stage Human Initiated Contact Events without having to learn the meaning of the CE5 designation, so why not use a direct term.
  2. Using the CE-5 term necessitates an explanation of the Hynek-Vallee categories CE-1 thru CE-4.
  3. These Close Encounter designations are part of a supposedly “scientific” ufological schema.
  4. But is “ufology” a science or a pseudo-science? In science researchers attempt to rigidly control the conditions of experiments, but in UFO related encounters, the underlying non-human agents responsible for the phenomena control where, when the sightings will occur and how many UFOs will be made visible.  Via telepathy they can specifically target who the witnesses will be for the contact events THAT THEY CONTROL! Given these parameters, science is not the best paradigm to study UFO phenomena
  5. Thus CE5/HICE are staged events and are not random. This is reflected in the Spanish term used by Rahma “encuentros programados” (programmed encounters).

Shifting to another topic, I explored with James Iandoli what I call the “Virtual Experience Model” for contact with flying saucer intelligences. This theory describes how UAP intelligences use illusory mechanisms to engage specifically targeted human subjects. I describe several sighting events that led me to formulating the Virtual Experience Model. This initially included a sighting of a bizarre, winged aircraft with short stubby wings and an empty open canopy. Painted red with yellow lightning bolts on its fuselage, it was flying far too slowly to create sufficient lift for powered flight. This strange sighting during my first month of leading a contact team set me on the path that would eventually lead to my postulating the Virtual Experience Model for UFO investigations. 

All in all, it was a pleasurable experience reporting on these and other High Strangeness Events. The extraordinary physical as well as psychic capabilities of UFO intelligences are, and will continue to be, a challenge to terrestrial science as the worldwide contact drama unfolds. 

To view interview, click on the link below.–8q_m7A


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