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A Global Power Structure Analysis is Superior to Conspiracy Theories: Working for Planetary Transformation

Joseph Burkes MD 2023 

In 2019 prior to the onslaught of Covid, Richard Dolan posted a YouTube a video linked below titled “The Inevitable End of UFO Secrecy.” In dialoging with another UAP contact activist concerning the points raised by Richard Dolan, I discussed the revolutionary implications of conducting a more thorough power structure analysis, one that goes beyond conspiracy theories. Here is my edited comment that I hope it will resonate with others working for positive change in the flying saucer arena.   

“It is critical that contact/disclosure activists recognize the limitations of conspiracy theories versus a more global power structure analysis. Yes, indeed conspiracies exist, but as an explanation for how elites oppress the rest of society, such notions fail to give activists an understanding of the true tools  of elite power used in maintaining the flying saucer coverup.

A conspiracy is a criminal endeavor conducted by a small group of people. Traditionally this has involved almost exclusively men. To maintain security for their machinations, the number of “ringleaders” must be kept small. Otherwise, the word might get out to others about their secret organization, their plans and actions. This model of elite control suggests that if only we could get the police or say investigative reporters to expose these men and then “lock them up” for their ongoing manipulations and crimes, all would be well. 

In my judgment, such explanations are, to put it bluntly, childishly naive. Elite power is exercised by an entire social system. This means that the police, the courts, the army, the politicians, the media, academia and most importantly banks and corporations, are all controlled by elite power. If there is a “conspiracy”, it is one that is hiding in plain view and is not the product of a small group of evil people. 

For these reasons, I oppose using the term “the Cabal” to designate ruling class forces that have engineered what has been called the “UFO truth embargo.” In addition, the term “cabal” is considered by many to have an antisemitic connotation and should be avoided. I prefer an older designation employed by CE-5/disclosure activists in the 1990s. We spoke back then of “the control groups” who are a network of operatives working to protect elite power by engineering and maintaining the flying saucer coverup.” These groups operate in the media, the armed forces, academia. However, the most important networks are in the US Executive Branch intelligence services.. They consistently have put out the lie that when it comes to UFOs, that “there is nothing to them.” Credible witnesses have been smeared and careers ruined by the standard techniques of ridicule, deceit, and denial. 

To understand the reasons why a long-standing de facto policy of ridicule and denial was instituted by the control groups eight decades ago, one should first acknowledge that flying saucers threaten all terrestrial elites, but not necessarily the Earth’s people:  

1. For the military, recurrent sightings over sensitive military facilities have been a source of consternation. Even more serious has been the numerous instances of flying saucers damaging nuclear weapons systems. This has been well documented by Robert Hastings in his book and video documentary “UFOs and Nukes.” The inability of the military to stop such incursions runs the risk that they will be perceived of as impotent, incompetent or both. Thus, it served the interests of the military industrial intelligence complex to maintain a regime of secrecy when it comes to flying saucers and avoid acknowledging that “we are not alone.” 

2. For political elites what are now being called “UAPs” are also a challenge. This is because political power is organized around the modern nation state. If the masses became aware of the continuous presence of technologically and psychically advanced non-human cultures, differences based on national origin would seem insignificant when compared to the non-human “Others.” Over time, this could lead to the realization that humanity is truly one family, and the power of nationalism would be eroded. This could very well accelerate a peaceful economic and political unification of our planet. But what would happen to nationalist politicians who base their power on manipulating the masses through fear of real and imagined foreign and domestic enemies? I imagine that such politicians might have to start looking for other jobs. Thus, flying saucers threaten political elites.

3. Mainstream religion would also have to adapt to a world in which UFOs are not only real but are seen as really important. If non-human intelligences associated with flying saucers were thought to have  played a role in establishing major terrestrial faiths, substantial theological revisions would be required. Fundamentalist forces in both Christianity and Islam that view flying saucer intelligences as demonic would violently reject any revision of their most cherished traditions. We can now understand how Unidentified Aerial Phenomena threaten religious establishments by their potential for creating strife among their followers. 

4. For academic establishments that promote a scientific materialist ideology, flying saucers are a threat because they appear to be able to manipulate spacetime as noted researcher Jacques Vallee has suggested. If the wellspring of creation is not matter/energy, but instead is consciousness, i.e., mind, then the seemingly “inexplicable” high strangeness aspects of many contact events could become understandable as manipulations of consciousness. If this radical model is shown to be true, then the present generation of established academicians would have to admit that much of what they have taught about the nature of reality has been at best incomplete, if not frankly wrong.  Therefor scientific leaders and institutions intent on maintaining the status quo have refused to study flying saucer phenomena as well as what are called the other Contact Modalities including Near Death and Out of Body Experiences, (NDEs and OBEs, ghosts etc.).

It might be tempting to speculate that the advanced energy generating systems propelling UFOs could be integrated into our technological culture in the short run. Given humanity’s proclivity for “tribal warfare”, such an integration could not be safely done until an enduring world peace were established. Without a robust planetary security system preventing the causes of war, advanced technology’s first application would be for the creation of even more deadly weapons of mass destruction. The race to back engineer such technology by the military industrial complex has indeed been listed by researchers as an additional reason for the UFO coverup. 

From this brief analysis, it becomes clear that the flying saucer coverup is not the result of a conspiracy by some small “evil Cabal” that works clandestinely. Instead, what is called “the UFO Truth Embargo” has been the result of ruling elites protecting their self-interests by having their control groups maintain a far-reaching program of deception and denial. 

Contact activists who are engaged in staging Human Initiated Contact Events have a special role to play. As the result of our limited positive interactions with UAP intelligences, we are in a unique position to say to the larger society that contact is  too important to leave to the generals, politicians and the aerospace companies involved in reverse engineering efforts. Our staging Human Initiated Contact Events reflects a desire for peace and cooperation and should be viewed as fulfilling the ideal of sisterhood and brotherhood made large. To set the stage for higher levels of contact, I imagine that a world-wide peace movement will be required. Such a campaign will acknowledge that a precondition for open contact will be the establishment of  a world government based on social and environmental justice. 

Only radical planetary reforms on a sweeping scale will save our civilization from the most destructive effects of global climate change and the resultant wars fought over diminishing material resources. The enormity of such a proposal and the colossal power of the opposition, are indeed sobering. I write of nothing less than creating a worldwide peaceful revolutionary movement that will link flying saucers with possible solutions for the seemingly insurmountable challenges confronting humanity. These are global warming, endless “tribal warfare” promoted by extreme nationalism, the oppression of women, gay people, and those of us with dark skin.

Such a movement if it is to succeed, will need to be coordinated by activists that have undergone a profound spiritual transformation. This can only occur by both a personal and collective struggle against the archaic mental structure often referred to as “the ego.” I imagine that powerfully liberating concepts promoted by Eastern mystical traditions will play a major role in helping peaceful revolutionaries “stay the course” and not be corrupted by egoic mind structures. Can we accomplish this in one generation? I doubt it. But what we can do is lay the foundation for a historic struggle in which we will acquire the spiritual and political skills to create a better world. I end with guidance that I endeavor to follow. 

We look inwards, into the formless realms of consciousness, to become the change we want to see in the world. We look outwards, to find kindred activist souls to make those changes in the world of form. 

One Mind, one creation, one planet, one people!

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Link to Richard Dolan’s video presentation, “The Inevitable End of UFO Secrecy.”


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