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My name is Joseph Burkes. I am a lifelong volunteer peace and social justice activist as well as a retired internal medicine physician having completed 30 years of service for the Kaiser Health Plan. I have been married to Yael Bentovim since 1975 and we live 250 miles north of San Francisco in a small university town called Arcata in Humboldt County. We also maintain a residence in Los Angeles. I have volunteered as a UFO investigator since 1992 working with, the Center for the Study of ET Intelligence (CSETI), MUFON, the Peruvian network of contact workers known as Rahma, the Foundation for Research into ET and Extraordinary Experiences (FREE) and the newly formed Consciousness and Contact Research Institute (CCRI).

For five years in the 1990s, I volunteered as a Working Group Coordinator for the Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind Initiative and have continued to promote the worldwide efforts of activists that I call “The Contact Underground.” My writings focus on the mechanisms of contact. These include the Virtual Experience Hypothesis that describes the role of illusion as a mechanism of contact during close encounters, as well as the intelligence-counterintelligence model for UFO investigations. Most importantly, I believe that in order to establish full direct relations with the non-human intelligences associated with the flying saucer phenomenon, humankind needs to create a sustainable world peace based on social and environmental justice. This will require a spiritual transformation of humanity’s mass consciousness that will likely unfold over generations, or perhaps more likely over centuries. In my view, UFO intelligences are assisting humanity during this period of rapid change for Earth civilization.

I am co-author of three compendiums with the flying saucer theme:

  1. In “Paths to Contact” edited by Jeff Becker, I describe the field investigations that I participated in during the 1990s.
  2. In “Beyond UFOs” edited by Rey Hernandez with co-author Preston Dennett, I report in detail several cases of alleged UAP associated medical healings drawn from the FREE Experiencer Survey.
  3. In the CCRI compendium “A Greater Reality” edited by Rey Hernandez scheduled to be published in 2022, I describe the consciousness connection present during HICE (Human Initiated Contact Events). In addition, I discuss how UAP intelligences use illusions as mechanisms of contact. These mechanisms can be understood within the hypothesis that I call the “Virtual Experience Model” for contact experiences.

Most of my narratives about UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) can be found on the community Facebook page, “Contact Underground” and on my personal FB page.

On a more personal note, I welcome you to visit my home by viewing a brief video about my wife’s in-house gallery “Yael’s House of Art.