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The Contact Underground is the worldwide community of activists who are staging Human Initiated Contact Events. (HICE) with the non-human intelligences associated with the flying saucer phenomenon.

This effort is based on the following beliefs:

1. The unity of all conscious intelligent beings throughout creation.

2. The ideal of sisterhood and brotherhood made large and embodied in the slogan,
“One Mind, one creation, one planet, one people!”

3. The primacy of consciousness, not matter/energy, as the wellspring of creation.

It is necessary to acknowledge that the crises of our civilization, climate change from global warming, ceaseless national, ethnic and racial conflicts and wars, the obscene disparities of wealth and power across our planet, can only be properly addressed by peacefully establishing a planetary government based on environmental and social justice.  This can only be achieved by a radical transformation of human consciousness. This expansion of human consciousness will require individuals as well as collectives to overcome the most pernicious aspects of the mind structure known as the ego. In this context ego means a near total identification with form, both of objects (material wealth) and thought forms (extreme nationalism, classism, sexism, and racism). 

This transformation of the mass consciousness is already in the process of being realized. Planetary unity will be a necessity because the problems that our civilization is facing, such as climate change and nuclear weapons proliferation, can only be properly addressed by a level of international cooperation that has never existed before on our planet. 

Those who are interacting with the Non-Human Intelligences (NHIs) associated with flying saucers, the “contact experiencers” for seven decades have been reporting warnings from these NHIs about unsafe nuclear technologies and environmental pollution. Although UFO intelligences have demonstrated their capability to interfere with nuclear weapons systems, it is unreasonable to expect that they will solve our problems. This is humanity’s responsibility. 

It is clear that flying saucers are not using fossil fuels when they outperform the most advanced military jets. It has been speculated that their propulsion systems are using a non-polluting energy system, perhaps derived from the vacuum of space. It is unlikely that advanced technologies will be shared with humanity as long as we are forever making war upon one another. However, if humanity were able to unite on the basis of environmental and social justice, then perhaps we might be able to safely download into our technological culture the secrets of the saucers. 

Only worldwide social movements that are spiritually based and committed to achieving peaceful change can prevent our civilization from being harmed to the breaking point. If we don’t limit global warming, the resultant climate change will cause rising sea levels, uncontrollable forest fires, and increased floods and droughts. These disasters will lead to inevitable crop failures and famines. More wars will likely be fought over dwindling material resources. 

Young people the world round are excited about the prospects of contact and communication with the flying saucer intelligences. Youth across the planet have demanded urgent measures be taken to prevent runaway global warming. These two hopeful developments, cooperative contacts with flying saucer intelligences and environmental protection, might someday be combined to create a more secure, just and peaceful planet.