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Case Study #2 Alina Del Castillo: Orb Reportedly Heals Probable Acute Bacterial Cellulitis

Joseph Burkes MD 2023

Medical healing reports appear to be quite common among UAP contact experiencers.  Case Study# 2: Alina Del Castillo.  A violet-colored orb cures symptoms consistent with a diagnosis of acute bacterial cellulitis. (Interview by Joseph Burkes MD)

With the permission of our editor, Reinerio Hernandez and my co-author Preston Dennett, I will be posting case histories drawn from Chapter 6 of “Beyond UFOs.” Chapter 6 is titled “Medical Healings Reported by UAP Contact Experiencers: An Analysis of the FREE Data.” 

The Free Experiencer Survey was a large multinational study of over 4000 self-described UAP Contact witnesses. To date, it is the only large comprehensive academically designed investigation of individuals claiming that they have had contact with UAP associated non-human intelligences. The findings of this investigation can be found in “Beyond UFOs” published by the Doctor Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Encounters (FREE)


A medical UAP healing can be defined as a physiological improvement as the result of an encounter with non-human intelligence (NHI.) These types of cases have appeared regularly since the modern age of UAPs and continue to be reported today. While most major researchers have uncovered cases of healings, due to their fantastic nature, such events have not received much attention.

In 1996, researcher Preston Dennett released his book, UFO Healings, which presented more than 100 cases, showing beyond any reasonable doubt the veracity of healings cases. While researchers now agree that these cases exist, little is known about how common they are. The data from the FREE Experiencer Research Study surveys, however, reveal some surprising answers and settles the controversy once and for all. Fully 50% of the respondents of the FREE surveys report UAP related medical healings.

The purpose of this article is to use the data from the FREE survey to shine a spotlight on CE (contact experience) healing cases, to show how these healings take place, and to answer the many questions these cases raise. Who is being healed and why? What conditions are being healed? Is there any proof?

The authors of this chapter reviewed hundreds of the reported healing cases from the FREE surveys and chose ten promising cases to study in more depth. These cases are presented below and represent only the tip of the iceberg of the actual number of healings uncovered by the FREE survey.

Case Study# 2: Alina Del Castillo.  A violet-colored orb cures symptoms consistent with a diagnosis of acute bacterial cellulitis. (Interview by Joseph Burkes MD)

This contact experiencer, Alina Del Castillo, is a forty-year-old married Cuban American homemaker. Alina’s earliest memory of contact occurred when she was about three years old. One night she awoke to see a three foot-tall, non-human being sitting on the floor next to her crib. Years later she realized that this being was similar in appearance to the typical grey alien stereotype. She stated that she is absolutely convinced that this was no dream. Alina described the experience as follows:

 “…it was a small child (toddler) itself like me. It had flesh-colored translucent skin that glowed, and I remember being able to see the heart which also appeared to glow. It wasn’t like seeing the shadow of a dark organ under the skin but rather a glowing red heart in the chest. I don’t recall if I could see the beating though. I was too startled by its unusual appearance…I was completely scared by the sight of this…The little being had large eyes and head with a very small mouth and nose…it was glowing and reflected on my wall. In hindsight, there was absolutely nothing scary about it at all…it seemed innocent and curious but because I didn’t understand what it was and how it got there and the fact that I knew that it was alive…is what scared me. After that, for the rest of my life, whenever I have this recollection, I think of it fondly and with pure curiosity but never fear at all.”

This powerful contact experience presaged a lifelong interest in the paranormal. Alina explained its impact as follows: “The topic of aliens and UAPs held my interest for as far back as I can remember as a small child, I was always fascinated with the paranormal in general…As a child I was always an empath, had a very heightened ability to detect deceit where even adults seemed to be clueless of this…and sometimes seem to just know things and would often read my twin sister’s mind…I consider myself an indigo child…My identical twin sister has none of this.” 

Alina had her first UAP sighting in the summer of 2012. She was stuck in traffic in broad daylight with a close friend when she saw a silver flying saucer. There was not a cloud in the sky. The object’s size approximated that of a dime when held at full arm’s extension. It was hard for her to estimate its distance that she guessed was several hundred yards away and at an altitude of about 250 feet. Alina stated that she could not understand why people in other vehicles around her did not pay any attention to the flying saucer that she and her companion could plainly see through the windshield. She rolled down her window to get a better look. The encounter lasted approximately thirty seconds during which the object repeatedly dematerialized by collapsing “into its center.”

“This craft must have done that about five times in total where it would literally appear and disappear in different and random parts of the sky that were nowhere near each other. The impression that I had was that this disc was doing a show, a spectacle for…me and my friend who is also an experiencer…” 

Immediately after the silver object disappeared, Alina and her friend saw a black helicopter that “appeared out of nowhere and started flying erratically…” Although it was just a few hundred feet away at an altitude of less than 100 feet, the typical roar of a chopper was absent. There were no markings on its black surface, and it had a bizarre almost “insectoid” appearance. The helicopter silently maneuvered in the same section of the sky where the metallic disc was last seen. “It…. seemed obvious that this helicopter was searching for this unidentified object…” The black helicopter was present just a few hundred yards away from them for about thirty seconds. Alina and her friend looked away for a moment and suddenly the chopper was gone. 

Two years later, on July 13, 2014, Alina injured her left third toe while giving herself a pedicure. She accidently cut deeply into the skin with resultant pain and bleeding. She washed the wound but did not apply any protective dressing. Later that day she took a walk wearing sandals, and on the way back it started raining furiously, quickly creating muddy puddles. She ran through several stretches of the filthy water to get shelter from the downpour. At home Alina showered and later while watching TV in the living room noted that her left third toe began to throb slightly. On the living room couch she fell into a restless sleep. The throbbing increased to the point where she was fully awake. Suddenly the pain became excruciating. It hurt even more when anything touched her left foot. She did not turn on the light to examine the toe, but it felt very hot. 

Alina became alarmed thinking that she might have to go to the ER immediately because of a serious infection. She then prayed for assistance. Alina described herself as “not a churchgoer or believer in any kind of religion since I was a child and forced to go to church schools every summer. I’ve never connected to the concept of organized religion…For me the connection is to an angelic realm or beings of light that are there to guide and protect us whatever they may be called.”

At this point she noticed a glowing violet-colored orb floating about twenty feet away. It was about the size of a grapefruit and hovered five feet above the floor. Alina stated that once she acknowledged its presence the orb silently began to float towards her. She was not alarmed. As the object approached, it left behind in its wake a sort of violet-colored energy trail that looked like a tunnel made of purple light. 

The orb then just stopped right in front of my face and hovered over my right shoulder as if waiting for me to acknowledge…its presence. I then felt and saw the orb enter my shoulder and I felt the sensation of warm energy trickle down my body and reach my toe. It was the most incredible feeling of instantaneous relief and comfort from this horrible pain and just like that, it was gone. I never witnessed the orb leave but I knew that it had healed me. I was left with the feeling of peace and comfort and then I just rolled over and dozed off again…”

The next morning her left foot looked perfectly normal and felt fine. There was no redness, swelling or tenderness of the third toe. Alina described having recurrent paranormal experiences for many years, but none were as dramatic as the healing encounter of July 2014. 

“…This is not the first time that I have had energy enter my body when I have asked to be replenished of depleted energy… It usually can happen during traumatic or particularly emotional experiences like I’ve had with my sister or best friend etc. and in those moments, I have never actually witnessed the orb, but I have felt it enter my body and restore me like an electrical current or battery recharge. The difference with this instance was that I actually saw the orb and energy as it entered my body. I asked her how she dealt with this healing experience.” 

“I was excited about it and basically saved it as a mental file since I pretty much don’t tell anyone these types of experiences except for maybe my best friend who is also an experiencer… I did briefly mention it to my husband but as usual he just looked at me with a funny face like I’m an imaginative person…He never seems terribly interested in my stories, so I’ve learned to just mostly keep it to myself.” 

I then asked Alina del Castillo why is she now willing to come forward publicly using her real name? “I am willing to come forward with these experiences…because I feel like people are starting to open up their minds more to these types of experiences…it can help others like me who have been having inexplicable experiences.”


Joseph Burkes MD: The history above is consistent with a diagnosis of acute bacterial cellulitis of the left foot. Alina described how over a dozen or so hours she experienced increasing pain, warmth, and tenderness at the site of a contaminated laceration. If at this point she had been examined by a health worker, that individual would have probably seen a red swollen third toe with the redness extending up the foot. If the presumed diagnosis of rapidly progressing acute bacterial cellulitis is accurate, then the conventional treatment would have required a several-day course of antibiotics. Nevertheless, she felt immediate relief of her pain after the orb entered her and the next morning there was no sign of infection. In this case only one body part was the focus of treatment. It is significant to note that she doesn’t recall being taken aboard what is often described as an “ET spacecraft” where conceivably more complex treatments might be administered. 

Preston Dennett:  Alina’s case is, in most respects, typical of CE healings. My research has shown that the healing of a flesh-wound is the most commonly reported type of healing. Glowing orbs are also often reported in conjunction with healings. What is unusual about Alina’s healing is that she asked for a healing and received it. Among healing accounts, this is rare; most cases are on the ETs’ terms and not our own. This is not unusual, though many cases do exist in which doctors and researchers are able to verify the healing. 

One thing that fascinates me about Alina’s healing is the nature of the healing. A cut on a toe is a rather minor injury, and even if infected can be treated effectively with antibiotics. Why did the intelligence behind the phenomenon deem Alina’s injury to be worthy of being healed? A clue may lie with Alina’s assertion that she has experienced similar episodes where she felt that the ET’s have “restored” or “recharged” her energy. This is something I have heard before and shows that the ETs are not only healing specific injuries but are providing something akin to health maintenance. End of case report.

For those interested in reading other chapters in “Beyond UFOs”, it is available for purchase in both digital and soft bound editions. The topic of UAP associated medical healings is further discussed in Preston Dennett’s 2019 book “The Healing Power of UFOs: 300 True Accounts of People Healed by Extraterrestrials.

An expanded introduction to healing cases from Chapter 6 of “Beyond UFOs” is included in the first article in this Contact Underground Series. Case 1 Hemorrhagic Shock in an ER Physician Following Dental Surgery. To read this document please click on the link below



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