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Two Dramatic UAP Healing Cases in a Retired DEA Special Agent

Joseph Burkes MD 2023

With the permission of our editor, Reinerio Hernandez and my co-author Preston Dennett, I am posting case histories drawn from Chapter 6 of “Beyond UFOs.” The chapter is titled “Medical Healings Reported by UAP Contact Experiencers: An Analysis of the FREE Data.” 

The Free Experiencer Survey was a large multinational study of over 4000 self-described UAP Contact witnesses. To date, it is the only large comprehensive academically designed investigation of individuals claiming that they have had contact with UAP associated non-human intelligences. The findings of this investigation can be found in “Beyond UFOs” published by the Doctor Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Encounters (FREE).

Case Study# 5: Alberto Fernandez Part 1, Healing of Traumatic Avulsion of Right Eye (Interview by Joseph Burkes MD) 

Mr. Alberto Fernandez is a retired Federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agent and his wife, Rebeca Fernandez, is a Ph.D. psychologist.  Both have a history of seeing UAPs up close and close contact experiences with non-human intelligence.  Alberto was born in 1945 in Santiago, Cuba. Orphaned soon after birth, he was raised by his maternal grand aunt. They lived in the Sierra Maestra Mountains of eastern Cuba. There he had what he described as his first paranormal experience. It reportedly happened when he was about three years old. He recalled seeing a man sitting on his bed wearing a white robe. This stranger was filled with light. The being watched as Alberto played and tenderly patted him on the head. Years later after seeing a painting of Jesus, he thought that this was the man that had seen sitting on his bed. Alberto wrote, “I felt a deep connection with him.”

Strange encounters continued during his childhood. Mr. Fernandez described another experience as follows. One evening, when I was six years old, I was in my bedroom by myself when suddenly the lights went off. It was pitch black. Suddenly, a bright light appeared in front of me out of nowhere. This light had an ignited heart within it. The light was hovering approximately a foot from my chest. This ignited red heart slowly got closer and closer to my chest, when [it] entered my chest, I started to convulse. Sometime later, I saw a drawing of Jesus depicting the ignition inside of the sacred heart of Jesus Christ. This intense image gave me a ‘déjà vu’ of the experience I had as a child. I have not witnessed anything like that again in my life.” 

At age fourteen he had a near-death experience while swimming alone at a Havana Beach. He was caught in a strong rip current and could not make it back to shore. He became totally exhausted. “I just gave up. I was drowning, I would see myself going down under the water. Flashes of my entire life went through my mind, thoughts of my deceased mother Lydia and of God. I knew this was the end of my life. I remember I said, ‘Mother! God! Help me!’ Suddenly, almost in a flash, I felt a tremendous force, like an immense energy, that pulled me out of the depths and gently placed me on the concrete sidewalk across the street from the pier. I did not have a scratch, nor did I even cough up any water! I was in such a state of shock.  I was soaking wet with water. I stood up immediately and walked home. I did not tell anyone about this incident.”

In 1961 at age sixteen, Fernandez left communist Cuba for the USA as a part of Operation Peter Pan in which thousands of children were flown to the States without their families.7 At that time many Cubans were frightened by rumors that the Castro regime might take custody of their children and send them to the former Soviet Union. At age eighteen, Mr. Fernandez joined the U.S. Army in a program to train young Cuban men to combat the Castro dictatorship. The operation however was discontinued following the President Kennedy assassination. Several years after completing his military service Fernandez joined the Metro-Dade Police Department. 

His first UAP sighting was in 1973. One night at 11:30 p.m., Officer Fernandez had just come off a shift and was standing in front of his home. Suddenly a bright beam of light flashed down from the sky. He looked up and at first, he thought he was seeing a helicopter, but it didn’t have the typical roar of a chopper. The object hovered directly above his house, clearing the roof by only five feet. It was forty feet wide, shaped like a hamburger and had a bright blue light that rotated counterclockwise. A yellow light shined through the windows. Alberto Fernandez stated, “This phenomenon tampered with my brain. I wasn’t the same individual after this encounter.”

A few days later Mr. Fernandez experienced a frightful encounter in which he felt the presence of a non-human intelligence in his bedroom. He then became completely paralyzed. For the next 10 years he was plagued by recurrent terrifying contact experiences that occurred two to three times per month. “I would wake up in the middle of the night sensing the presence of an entity in my bedroom. This energy would start paralyzing me from my feet to my head. This unknown energy possessed my body and my mind. I had no control over it. I was in terror every night because I couldn’t scream….” It is difficult for Alberto to estimate how long these agonizing experiences typically lasted. His guess was that they went on for less than one minute, but he is not certain. Each time as they ended, he described feeling totally drained as if he had engaged in prolonged sexual activity. And then he would lose consciousness and awake the next morning feeling exhausted.

After working five years for the Metro-Dade Police Department in 1975 Officer Fernandez changed jobs and joined the Drug Enforcement Administration. He was trained to be a Special Agent and worked first in Miami and then in Puerto Rico. In 1984 he was given diplomatic status as a DEA officer attached to the U.S. Embassy in the Dominican Republic. Injured on the job he returned to Miami and was given temporary housing in the penthouse of Hotel Sofitel. There he had a Close Encounter of the Third Kind in which he was given an explanation as to why he had been subjected to 10 years of recurrent visitations. 

“One evening (approximately 11:00 p.m.) the fire alarm of the hotel went off. At first, many hotel guests came out of their rooms. The management explained it was a false alarm, when we returned to our room my beeper started to shake and randomly vibrate; the electricity flickered on and off and the super thick, glass windows started to shake intensely as if they were made from plastic. This all happened while I was laying on the bed wide awake with my wife (my one-year-old infant daughter slept quietly in the crib while all this was happening.) Suddenly, an unknown creature appeared floating in front of my bed. (My wife was apparently hypnotized and fell asleep suddenly without witnessing my encounter. I saw a solid, three-dimensional, grey, dolphin-skinned creature approximately three feet tall with a big head, no hair, huge black eyes, (no pupils no sclera), tiny black nose and mouth, no ears, a long neck, long skinny arms to her side, long hands and fingers and nails, her facial expression was flat, no emotions. I was not scared but calm. This unknown creature talked to me telepathically telling me it was a female. She proceeded to explain that they have been collecting semen from me for years to help them in the procreation of their dying race and that my helping mission was completed with them. (In fact, she kept her promise, and I was never bothered again.)”

Mr. Fernandez stated that prior to this dramatic event he had little interest in the subject of extraterrestrials. He considered his one flying saucer sighting and the earlier bizarre encounters as simply “paranormal” events of his youth. After his encounter with the female alien being, however, he became very interested in the subject of flying saucers. He joined in the activities of the Peruvian contact network known now as Rahma. He became friends with Sixto Paz Wells, one of the founders of that group. On three occasions, he travelled to the Peruvian desert to participate in fieldwork with Rahma. In one incident at a remote location called Chilca, he, his wife, and the other witnesses saw up close UAP crafts, and Alberto reportedly entered a dimensional portal that the Peruvians call a “Xendra.” After retiring from the DEA, he has publicly spoken about his contact experiences.

In 2001 he experienced a serious traumatic injury and reportedly had a subsequent healing encounter. A heavy-set elderly woman fainted while standing next to him. He caught her in his arms but was unable to sustain their combined weight. Together they fell. While still holding on to her he smashed the right side of his face against the edge of a chair. His right eye was severely damaged. Prior to this injury his visual acuity was reportedly “20/20” following prior corrective Lasik surgery. In the ER, X-rays showed multiple fractures to the right eye orbit (socket) and right maxilla (cheek bone). The soft tissue swelling around the right eye was so great that the eyelids could not be opened to allow for an eye exam. He was advised to see an ophthalmologist as soon as possible. This was not done. 

According to Alberto and his wife, an expensive multi-week ocean cruise had been purchased for them and several other members of his family. They were scheduled to leave the day after his injury. Mrs. Fernandez advised her husband that they should stay in Miami so that he could get continued treatment for his injuries. He stubbornly insisted however that they go on the cruise. Three days into the voyage, the ship’s doctor examined him. Mrs. Fernandez stated that the injuries were deemed so severe that this physician wanted to order an emergency helicopter evacuation to the mainland. Her husband refused to have this done. Once the swelling was reduced and he could open his right eye, the vision in this eye was extremely impaired. He could not read and only recognized the blurred shapes of objects. 

Three weeks after the injury he was finally seen by Dr. Kurstein, a Miami ophthalmologist eye doctor. Alberto stated that he was told that the cornea had been torn off the surface of his right eye and that it was “very dry.” Mrs. Fernandez stated that the cornea looked like a piece of dry cardboard. (The cornea is a tough transparent protective membrane on the surface of the eye that requires moisture to function properly. The absence of sufficient moisture for several weeks would definitely impede the healing process.) The eye doctor reportedly used tweezers to drag the torn cornea onto the surface of his right eye. He advised Mr. Fernandez and his wife that the patient would likely have some permanent loss of vision in that eye. It was probable that he would develop glaucoma as well. Close medical follow-up with the doctor was advised. This did not occur. Instead, five or six nights later Mr. Fernandez had another contact encounter. 

He awoke in bed and sensed an alien presence. During many previous visitations he experienced extreme panic attacks when he was rendered paralyzed by a non-human intelligence. In contrast, this time he was extremely calm and cooperative. He voluntarily kept his left eye closed. A very bright green light shined into his right eye that Fernandez believes was a laser surgical instrument. With machine like precision the brilliant light flashed striking his injured cornea. There was no pain associated with the procedure. The bursts of green light were rapid, several per second, and in retrospect he realized that they were suturing the torn cornea to his injured right eye. The Fernandezes stated that the next morning to their amazement he was able to see perfectly with his right eye. He never followed up with Dr. Kurstein, but several months later visited an associate physician, Dr. Companioni, examined Mr. Fernandez. According to him, this physician was shocked to find that Alberto’s eye was perfectly normal. Mr. Fernandez and his wife stated that he never developed glaucoma.

Case Study 6: Alberto Fernandez Part 2, Healing of Large Right Lung Mass deemed likely to be malignant (Interview by Joseph Burkes MD) 

According to the Fernandezes, in 2005 another high strangeness event occurred when he visited a prominent Miami physician, Dr. Ralph G. Nader. Mr. Fernandez has a history of prostate cancer and a routine follow-up chest X-ray was done at this appointment. After looking at the films his doctor notified Mr. Fernandez that he had some very bad news. The X-ray showed a baseball-sized mass in his right lung that was very likely cancer. According to Mr. Fernandez his physician insisted that he be immediately admitted to Mount Sinai Medical Center for evaluation and treatment. He was told not to go home and that his wife should meet him at a lung specialist’s office that Dr. Nader was referring Alberto to. The pulmonologist ordered another chest X-ray. 

Mrs. Fernandez accompanied her husband into the X-ray department. There a curtain separated her from him as she waited a short distance away for the technician to do the repeat study. Alberto stated that suddenly his entire body started vibrating. He said that he was shaking as if he had severe chills. There was no loss of consciousness. He denied being in pain. According to his wife he started shouting to her repeatedly in Spanish “Ellos están aqui!”  “They are here! They are here!” and then, “They cured me!” Mrs. Fernandez stated that as she rushed towards her husband, she noticed that the curtain was moving in a most bizarre manner. A rhythmic, orderly, perfect sine-wave pattern moved across its surface as if her husband located behind the curtain had been enveloped in some kind of energy field. The patient stated that although he remembered his violent shaking, he did not recall crying out to his wife. Mrs. Fernandez reported that she observed the shaking of his body. The entire episode lasted less than a minute. The test was then done, and they brought the X-rays to the pulmonologist for review. When the specialist looked at the films, he became angry saying that the X-rays were “perfectly normal” and that he could not understand why the patient had been sent to his office to “waste his time.” Dr. Nader was reportedly shocked when he found out that the repeat chest X-ray showed no evidence of the right lung mass. 


Joseph Burkes MD: The question arises is there a connection between where a healing takes place and the type of illness that is addressed by non-human intelligences. In Mr. Fernandez’ traumatic eye injury, only one body part was treated, and the healing reportedly took place in his bedroom. It is important to note that the doctor told him some permanent impairment of his vision was likely. Nevertheless, the next morning his vision was reportedly perfectly normal. In addition, he never developed post traumatic glaucoma that is often seen in such cases. Obviously, the current level of medical science has no explanation for how these amazing cures are accomplished so quickly. Under ordinary circumstances a minimum of several weeks should be required for healing. Yet the Fernandezes reported that he was fully recovered the morning after his encounter with a green laser. 

The lung mass seen in the X-ray ordered by Dr. Nader was described as being approximately the size of baseball (about 3 inches in diameter). Lung nodules are abnormalities in chest films of three centimeters in size (about 1.2 inches) or less and are far less likely to be malignant than lung masses which are defined as being larger than three centimeters across. In general, the larger the abnormality is, the more likely it will be malignant. Although bacterial and fungal infections can cause lung masses, patients with these illnesses are usually symptomatic at time of diagnosis, especially if on X-ray the abnormality is the size of a baseball. Mr. Fernandez did not have symptoms indicating infection. There was no history of fevers or coughing up phlegm or blood and the high probability that he had cancer prompted his physician to order an immediate work up. Whether this large mass was caused by cancer or infection, its rapid disappearance is truly astonishing. For discussion purposes, I feel obliged to make some radical speculations in an attempt to understand what might be the technological challenges involved in such amazing cures. From these bizarre cases, it appears that non-human intelligence has a technology that carries out extensive tissue repairs very rapidly. One can posit that the same rules of time and space in our plane of existence might not apply to non-human intelligence. This is the opinion of the prominent scientist and contact researcher Dr. Jacques Vallee who has observed that the intelligence behind the phenomenon doesn’t behave like visitors from other planets, but rather more like visitors from another dimension.8

Perhaps contact experiencers are engulfed in some kind field, or they are taken to a place, where time elapses far more rapidly than in our dimensional plane. Once the prolonged treatment is completed then the experiencer is returned to our dimensional plane where presumably time passes more slowly. This mechanism might explain how Alberto’s lung mass apparently was cured instantaneously while in the X-ray suite. This speculative theme will be further discussed in the concluding remarks of this article.  

Preston Dennett: Fernandez’s case of an eye-healing provides an extraordinary example of medical healing from non-human intelligence. Both the injury of the eye, and its repair were verified by the witness and his wife, and by an amazed doctor. Fernandez with his career in military and law enforcement is an outstanding witness. The description given by Fernandez of his eye healing is reminiscent of other cases. The use of lasers-like lights seems to be pretty much standard in healing cases. Interestingly, today we can cure detached retina with laser therapy. Fernandez’s healing shows that the ETs and humans are using similar methods.

Fernandez, like many other UAP related contact experiencers, reports having multiple healing events. His second healing event occurred in a hospital-room. While this may sound unusual, my own research found that nine percent of known CE healing cases took place in hospital rooms. Again, the healing was verified not only by his wife, a Ph.D. Psychologist, but by X-rays, leaving an upset and confused doctor. In most cases, witnesses do not tell their doctors about their encounters. The extraordinary sine-wave pattern witnessed by Mrs. Fernandez is compelling. Could it be that some strange beam of energy was causing this pattern? In any event, it appears that Mrs. Fernandez witnessed the healing take place, or very nearly so.

The question remains, why was Fernandez healed? It appears that his cooperation with the ETs in their alleged attempts to replenish the genetics of their race may be a factor. It’s a simple conclusion that the ETs are particularly interested in healing people who are important to them. While not always the case, NHI medical healing events are far more common among those who exhibit a lifelong history of extensive contact. Here-in may lie the answer as to who is healed and why. It is interesting to note that Alberto and his wife Rebeca have visited with contactee, Sixto Paz Wells, on multiple occasions and have had many up close UAP contact sightings and contact with NHI during these trips to Peru and Chile. Fernandez describes entering a “Xendra,” or energetic portal. There is another account of a CE healing which comes from a gentleman who received a healing to his swollen legs after visiting with Wells and going through a “Xendra” experience.9


8. Vallee, Jacques. The Invisible College. New York: E.P. Dutton, 1976

9. Randazzo, Joseph. Contactees: The Manuscript. Studio City, CA: The UFO Library, Limited, 1993. (See Chapter 3) 

For more information on this topic read Preston Dennett’s book “The Healing Power of UFOs: 300 True Cases of People Healed by Extraterrestrials” published in 2019

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The astounding UAP healing cases experienced by retired DEA Special Agent Alberto Fernandez from Chapter Six of “Beyond UFOs” are described in detail. The First was repair of his cornea that had been torn off from a fall. The second case was the healing of a large chest mass that almost certainly was malignant. Remarkably this healing occurred while in the X-ray suite of a Miami Hospital.  


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